Sunday, June 26, 2005

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I started this Blog after discovering the extent of corruption within the legal community and The Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It started with a lawyer named Nicolas Stooshinoff filing a false claim of lien and commencing fraudulent court proceeding under the Saskatchewan Builders Lien Act and blackmailing a disabled friend on behalf of Windsor Plywood and Excalibur Construction. Just another Saskatoon lawyer’s scam. I was amazed to discover how well protected these lawyers are by lawyers, judges, politicians, crown prosecutors, Brent Gough, the president of the Saskatchewan Law Society and Justice G A Smith, Court of Queens Bench.

When I first went on a search of the web I was inspired by the courage of other Canadians exposing corrupt courts and politicians and a failed administration of justice in Canada that protects blackmailers and thieves. Canadians from coast to coast are demanding justice in a country corrupted by politicians and the courts. Richard Klassen, Sheila Steele, John Lucas, Ms. Joyce Milgaard, Boni Prokopetz and internet sites like and Holly's Fight for Justice and just in the news 63 year old Willi Chapman up a tree in BC. They and many others are an inspiration for all Canadians fighting for justice. My disabled friends determination to expose corrupt lawyers ended in Justice G A Smiths court room in Saskatoon, he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Lawyers and Judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith in Saskatoon who assault the disabled and persecute innocent people are protected by citizens who have a belief in the courts, truth and fairness.

Democracies rely on the trust people have in the administration of justice. The stronger their trust is, the stronger the democratic society is, and the more likely it is that the citizens will be deceived and betrayed by corrupt judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith.

The court corruption in Saskatoon is protected by the silence of law professors, lawyers, politicians, editors and most of all by their brother and sister judges within the Court of Queen’s Bench. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith are corrupt judges within the court and the judges within the court know this.

An independent judiciary is essential to confidence in the integrity of our justice system. Judicial independence protects the public, democratic process and the Charter Rights of Canadians. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith have abused the trust of Canadians, they assault the disabled, “fix” the outcome of court proceeding, jail innocent people and protect corruption within the legal community in Saskatoon.

The greatest threat to judicial independence and the Charter Rights of Canadians is the continued silence of brother and sister judges within the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith are a court embarrassment and a embarrassment for the University of Saskatchewan College of Law. The continued silence by the other judges of the court is an abuse of the trust that Canadians have in an independent judiciary.

I am a disabled Canadian with Torsion Dystonia, photos of my feet (1) (2), I may not be able to sit on top of a tree until I have to have a B/M, but I will continue to expose justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith on the internet. I will exercise my Charter Rights of freedom of expression until such time as there is a creditable way for Canadians to report corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatoon, or until a justice of the Court of Queen‘s Bench, a lawyer, a law professor, editor or writer finds the courage to climb a tree.

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This from Holly's Fight for Justice,
Dear James, "Star Chamber Proceedings"
I am proud to be know as a individual who seek's the truth in justice. To know I am not afaid to fight for justice!
I am personally honored that you mentioned me in "About this Blog" Thank you
Sincerely Holly Desimone