Friday, May 20, 2005

Saskatchewan: A culture of injustice

I will not be posting for a week as my mother is in the hospital. There is a meeting next week at the hospital with homecare and the hospital social worker to decide if it is best for my mother to go to a seniors home.

I have obtained the form from the Kinsman Organisation for financial assistance so I can get to Vancouver for my appointment with a Dystonia Specialist at the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre at the UBC Hospital.

I have never been in a situation like this before. When I was doing the Kinsman form it became clear that it has not just been my health that has been so badly effected by over 4 years of being forced to live like an animal by the Hrabinsky Gang. It has left me unable to continue to support myself.

The hospital social worker asked me “how can they do that” after I told her what was being done to me was sick and inhuman. The injusticebusters blogspot post by Sheila Steele titled Saskatchewan: A culture of injustice is the answer. A Saskatoon home owner found out in Justice G A Smith’s chambers that the lawyers blackmailing him do so with the protection of Justice G A Smith, Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell. Justice Hrabinsky doing a favour for Audrey Brent and Justice Dovell cooking up a court order for Audrey Brent is nothing new for this bunch. The homeowners lawyer Brent Gough who is the president of Saskatchewan Law Society protected the lawyers blackmailing the homeowner. Mr Gough will receive his reward for protecting a corrupt administration of justice, he will be appointed to the bench and like the Hrabinsky Gang he will continue to protect Saskatoon Court of Queens Bench’s culture of injustice so well documented on injusticebusters from before the days of David Milgaard.

I have some mystery man following me taking pictures of me when I ride my bike to the hospital. My friend wrote a letter to my lawyer informing him of this and the up comming trip to Vancouver. Riding that bike has kept me out of my wheelchair and along with the odd jobs over the past 20 years I have keep myself off welfare. It would seem that these four man hating misfits, Justice Dovell, G A Smith, Audrey Brent and Lynne G Greenhorn are again out to put me into the hospital. They give a whole new meaning to the phrase: “Working For Women“. My lawyer is afraid of Justice Dovell and has stated “I do not want Justice Dovell after me” with good reason. As John Lucas found out there is no point in seeking justice in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon, Mr Lucas’s NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT COURT OF APPEAL FILE 464. There is nothing honourable about the Hrabinsky, Kyle Gang.

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