Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What is this anger?

What is this anger? Justice Dovell turns it on and off like turning a light switch on and off. Audrey Brent is the same way and her law partner Lynne Greenhorn. My X wife is the same way and so is her mother and daughter. Is it inherited, it seems to runs in her family. I have been told that the anger is their way of keeping control.

In the late sixties I read a book by an Irish author and play right. He said in his book that men within the church in Ireland were gay and that this was known by the people and accepted. Gay men had found a safe haven within the churches in Ireland.

In Canada children were being raped in the churches across the country, wards of the court were warehoused on the third floor of the YMCA and selling themselves on the streets in Vancouver. It was and still is legal to rape a fourteen year old child in Canada. This seemed to be accepted by the people in Canada. It was not gay men that found a safe haven in the churches in Canada, it was pedophiles.

Family courts, social services and other agencies changed in Canada in the fifties and sixties. At that time men worked in family court registries, social services and other agencies. How many men work in family court registries and social services and other family based agencies now? There are no men in the family court registry in Saskatoon except for the registrar whose name appears on the form letters signed by a women. There are no male social workers in Saskatoon. There is only one male counsellor at family services in Saskatoon.

I look on the internet and the casualties of the family courts in Canada and around the world are waging a war. The courts have damaged and scared for life not just men, or women, but children, grandparents, brothers, sisters and other family members. I have looked a family law Acts and I have to ask, what is wrong with the laws that we have now? Why is Canada rewriting family laws? Is it because the law is not being applied equality? How is rewriting them going to help?

Most women know that there are women who have this anger about men. Men and women can not work with them. If they do they are in constant fear of being stabbed in the back. Excellent caring men and women have left the court registries, social services and other family based agencies. Those that have stayed live in fear of reprisals if they speak out about these angry women. Anyone that has lived with a Border Line Personality Disorder women will know what it is like. The anger is a means of control and they will go to any lengths to maintain that control.

I have many comments like this from women about Justice Dovell: “It's people like the female judge who make me very disappointed in our sex at times. Women are supposed to be smarter and more compassionate than this”.

I do not think it is just Border Line Personality Disorder. I think it is heterophobia. het·er·o·pho·bi·a -- n. The fear of straight people. Another definition is Heterophobia- Fear of the opposite sex. (Sexophobia). I believe that these sick women have found a safe haven in the family courts, social services and other family based services. Would it not be wise to get these angry sick women away from families and out of places where they can abuse their power and put disabled men into hospitals and wheelchairs? The biggest deception of all in Justice Dovell’s court is that it is said that the interests of the children comes first.

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