Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Judges or Political Hacks

Is it just me? In any case that may embarrass the Attorney General, Social Services, the administration of justice or the Government of Saskatchewan it seems that it is the same judges over and over that hear the cases. Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell are involved in most of them. The other judges that hear these cases are also the same. They proceed to issue gag orders, publication bans and to me it seems like they are just out to keep the people of Saskatchewan in the dark. They make defamatory remarks about innocent people to leave the impression that they are guilty and discredit them in the eyes of the public. I look up the case law and no one has a name, not even the Saskatoon Police Service. People have names, not M.L.R., P.K. Sr., M.L., R., M.R. 1, M.R. 2, K.R. and B. S.

It is not just high profile cases, Quint is without question the next embarrassment for the NDP, and again, the first case of many to follow that I could find was heard by Hrabinsky. What did it take in my case for Audrey Brent to have Hrabinsky as the pre-trial judge, a call to the attorney general or a call to Justice Dovell. It is not by chance that I ended up with these two political hacks.

John Lucas has been charged again and he is under a gag order that belongs in the old communist Russia. John Diefenbaker would turn over in has grave if he knew what has happened to John Lucas and his wife. I do not care what was on his sign. I do not care about his past. The fact is that he protested peacefully to bring to the attention of the public that two 8 year old girls were being sexually assaulted. He was exercising his right to free speech. Most of the information was public at the time he protested and this has been supported by the judgement of Justice Baynton in KVELLO V. MIAZGA.

Every time he exercises his right to free speech, he has his Charter Rights stomped on, charged, and a gag order crammed down his throat. I have a right to hear what John Lucas has to say and John Lucas has a Charter Right to say it. He has a Charter Right of equally, is the court going to cram a gag order down everyone’s throat that exercises their Right to free speech. It has worked with the StarPhoenix, the protectors of freedom of speech, are silent. He has a Right not be subjected to any cruel or unusual punishment. He has his phone calls and emails monitored and other conditions ordered that any Canadian would find offensive, cruel and unusual.

I would like to know what John Lucas has been charged with. I would like to know when his case is going to be heard. I would like to know if his case is going to be heard by one of the attorney general’s puppet judges again. I would like to know if he has been charged with defamatory libel again and who he is alleged to have defamed. John Lucas can not tell me or he will be in violation of his gag order. If it is Justice Hrabinsky I am going to oil up my wheelchair and picket the court at the time of his trial. Hrabinsky and Dovell are not going to be happy about my picket sign. It will be the truth and I do not have a gag order stomping on my Rights of free speech. I did nothing in the past but write letters and email. My days of watching and doing nothing like I did when Mr Lucas and others picketed the police station to protect children are over. If he pickets again I am going to picket with him, and if anyone doesn’t like it they can blogger off.

My name is James Hunter.

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