Monday, October 18, 2004

This is not rule of law, it is rule by law.

I received the letter from the court dated February 24, 2004 after I collapsed in the court house. I was on the floor just by the court registry for twenty minutes. This resulted in a morphine injection at emergency. This is what can happen to men in family court who have a neurological movement disorder and are required to represent themselves. This was after a letter from my doctor was ignored by the court that said, “The court events before the treatments will seriously affect his health and must be delayed". The court proceedings were not delayed, again resulting in a morphine injection at emergency.

I received the letter dated May 10, 2004 from Audrey Brent. I did not attend at the trial three days later as I was told it had been adjourned.

I received the court order made by Justice Dovell on May 13, 2004. There was no application under Section 193 of the rules: “when a trial date has been assigned to any proceedings, it shall only be adjourned on the order of a judge upon application by a party and supported by affidavit. R. 193, Gaz. Jan. 18/91.

"UPON this action coming before a Trial before Madam Justice M.L. Dovell"

The court order committed Justice Dovell as the trial judge under Queen’s Bench Act section 18 (b): all proceedings in an action or matter that are subsequent to a hearing or trial, down to and including the final judgement or order, shell be heard, determined and disposed of before the judge before whom the trial or hearing took place.

There was no pre-trial or trial, I was being set-up by Justice Dovell and Audrey Brent. This is not rule of law, it is rule by law. Audrey Brent’s and Justice Dovell’s law.

These two sick angry women have conspired to assault and blackmail a disabled man. It gives a new meaning to “working for women”. This is in retaliation for reporting two lawyers to the Saskatoon police for filling a false claim of lien under The Builders Lien Act. Audrey Brent and Justice Dovell were law partners for years in the late eighties. The lawyer I reported to the police joined the firm in 1990.

I helped a homeowner with a Motion to have a lien removed from his property. He detailed the scam in his affidavit. The chambers judge and lawyer verbally attacked the homeowner in chambers and he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition three hours later, he was in the hospital for three weeks.

Lawyers are using The Builders Lien Act to blackmail home owners in Saskatoon. They do it with the protection of the justices of the Court of Queen’s Bench. This is not just corruption, it is a perverted idea of justice.

James Hunter

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