Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Cooked Up Court Order

I had to attend a pre-trial against my doctors wishes. There had been no discoveries, disclosure of documents, appraisals, medical reports or any of the court proceedings that proceed a pre-trial. Justice Hrabinsky was aware of this. Justice Hrabinsky refused my request to speak with him at the pre-trial and ordered me to pay $350.00 court costs. He asked me if I could pay it and I told him that I would have to borrow it. I think he was prepared to put me in jail if I said no. For $350.00 you would think that I would be allowed to have my say. He left the room in the manner of an angry sulking 10 year old. A trial date was set knowing that none of the normal court proceedings had taken place. This is not normal for a judge to ignore a doctors letter or to ignore the rules of court. I at first did not know what to think of this angry fool. He ignored the rules of court and he denied me due process deliberately.

I borrowed money for legal fees to have the trial postponed and discover my wife. The lawyer made an application to the court and had the trial date postponed and he discovered my wife. I was again charged court costs. He obtained undertakings to produce documents that Audrey Brent was refusing to disclose at the discovery. He withdrew before I obtained the documents, $8,000.00 I paid lawyers and there was still no documents. I signed releases giving my lawyers permission to obtain medical information and this was never done. My doctor was asking my why he was not contacted by my lawyer.

A new trial date was set and like so many others I was without a lawyer. I intended to appear and ask the court for a court appointed lawyer. I attended court for the trial on February 24th without a lawyer. I was accosted soon after my arrival by Audrey Brent, my wife’s lawyer, who again started with the threats, accept this offer or we will put your 86 year old mother out on to the street. My disability does not allow me to cope with threats. This left me blinded and falling hitting my head against an elevator door in the court.

I was beginning to wonder how many times I going to be assaulted and put in the hospital before Justice Hrabinsky and a gang of thieves realised that I will not be blackmailed by gold diggers, lawyers or Justice Hrabinsky’s dysfunction court. They could deny me legal aid, assault and threaten me, put me into the hospital, insult me, lie about me, force me to live like an animal, break me and my family and friends financially, cripple me and put me into a wheelchair, but I was not going to be blackmailed.

I received a letter from the court soon after court that says in part: "Mr. Hunter, the court understands you had a bit of a medical problem on February 24th, 2004 which prevented you attending the first day of the trial. I was on the floor in full view of the court registry for twenty minutes, a court officer was going to call an ambulance for me, this left me unable to walk, of course I could not attend on the following two days. The letter went on to say that the trial had been adjourned to May 13th and 14th and " you are required to show up at 10:00 a.m. on May 13th, 2004 to proceed with the trial. The only excuse the court will take for your non-appearance is a medical certificate by a qualified medical doctor that your health would be in jeopardy if you were to attend the trial. Otherwise, if you should choose not to attend, the trial will proceed in your absence". What is the court talking about, the court and Justice Hrabinsky ignored a letter from my doctor, what good would it do for my doctor to write another letter when the court does not understand a letter from my doctor that clearly said: "The court events before the treatment will seriously effect his health and must be delayed." The treatment was a Botox injection to relieve neck pain and muscle spasms. I did not get a Botox injection. I was at emergency getting a morphine injection for executing pain caused by the stupidly of a judge and two lawyers.

When I was on the floor of the court house flopping around like a fish out of water a security person was going to call an ambulance and I asked him not to, I cannot afford an ambulance. I asked him to bring me a chair so I could get off the floor and told him that my eyes would open and I would get limited use of my legs if I could just relax for awhile. I thank him for this. A better use of his time would have been to keep a sadistic threatening lawyer away from me so I could have asked a Judge for a lawyer. Court was postponed until May 13th because of my "bit of a medical problem". I found the letter disturbing as it said that I did not attend the trial and goes on to say that if I don‘t attend on May 13th the trial will proceed in my absence.

On May 10 I received a letter from my wife’s lawyer saying that the trial set for May 13th was adjourned. The letter said that the Registrar would be contacting me to reschedule the trial at another time. I was not told why the trial was adjourned.

I did nor receive a letter from the registrar, I received a court order delivered by my wife’s lawyer on May 26th ordered by Justice Dovell on May 13th. The order says "BEFORE THE HONOURABLE MADAM JUSTICE M.L. DOVELL AT PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE" dated May 13th. What pre-trial conference? Is this Audrey Brent’s way of avoiding a pre-trial? The order also says: "UPON this action coming before a Trial before Madam Justice M.L. Dovell". What trial, is it the trial that my wife’s lawyer told me was adjourned? Justice Dovell ordered the following: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED AS FOLLOWS: "Trial set peremptorily for September 9th, and 10th, 2004, and the Respondent is to be personally served with the order and he is advised that Trial will proceed in his absence if he chooses not to attend".

Peremptorily means final, putting an end to all debate or action and not admitting of question. I have a lot of questions, most of them are about what happened to due process and the abuse of the process of the court?

Section 193 of the rules say: “when a trial date has been assigned to any proceedings, it shall only be adjourned on the order of a judge upon application by a party and supported by affidavit. R. 193, Gaz. Jan. 18/91.

It would seem that Audrey Brent and Justice Dovell have their own set of court rules. All it took for Audrey Brent to have the trial postponed was a phone call to her former law partner Justice Dovell. The two of them cooked up a court order to support the letter I received from the court. They were not going to take a chance on having another judge hear the trial and this is why Justice Dovell lied in her court order.

Determination by a single judge: Queen’s Bench Act section 18 (b): all proceedings in an action or matter that are subsequent to a hearing or trial, down to and including the final judgement or order, shell be heard, determined and disposed of before the judge before whom the trial or hearing took place.

Justice Dovell’s order said: "BEFORE THE HONOURABLE MADAM JUSTICE M.L. DOVELL AT PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE" and "UPON this action coming before a Trial before Madam Justice M.L. Dovell". There was no pre-trial or trial. This was nothing more than a lawyer and a judge conspiring to keep their illegal actions from being heard by a different judge at trial.

This angry, man hating, borderline personality disorder Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is masquerading as a judge and she assaulted me in her court room. When she looks to the right she is angry, when she looks to the left she is sweet as pie. There must be a switch in her neck that instantly turns the anger on and off. This pathetic woman along with Justice Hrabinsky and Audrey Brent are responsible for my being in a wheelchair. How did this sick woman get an appointment to the bench? Look up any case over the past 15 years that would discredit the court, Government of Saskatchewan, police, officers of the court and you will find these two robed buffoons issuing gag orders and orders to seal documents. They are NDP political hacks. In Justice Dovell’s case it is hard to tell who is pulling her strings, she seems to be anyone’s puppet.

Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and Audrey Brent are nothing more than common thieves, they are blackmailing a disabled man and abusing their power.

There was now a letter and a court order saying that I just did not attend pre-trials or a trial and the trial set for September 9th and 10th was final. Over $8,000.00 and there was nothing before the court on my behalf and I did not have the documents required to be produced by the rules and there was no pre-trial as required by the rules.

Justice Dovell and Audrey Brent were law partners for years and the lawyer I reported to the police joined the firm in 1990. This is a nice way to get back at someone that reports lawyers to the police. This is nothing more than legal blackmail by two judges of the Court of Queen’s Bench and two sick man hating lawyers. It is nothing more than one big happy family of corruption.

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