Thursday, November 25, 2004

How soon we forget

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix fuelled a hysterical religious satanic child abuse nightmare in Saskatoon. It resulted in innocent people being charged and jailed. Innocent people had their lives destroyed and the StarPhoenix was stunningly silent. The rule of law broke down and the cover-up has cost the tax payers in Saskatchewan millions. Justices of the Court of Queen’s Bench have been stomping on the Charter Rights of these people for over ten years and the StarPhoenix again has been silent. For the past ten years the officers of the Saskatoon Police Service have been demoralized by editorials and citizens shouting outrageous accusations at them when marching in a parade in downtown Saskatoon.

Two officers paid the price and were jailed for a starlight ride that most, if not all police departments across Canada had been doing for years. I would think that the starlight rides have ended across Canada, lives have been saved as a result of a Saskatoon police officer taking a report that resulted in the two officers being charged. Do any of you know his name?

A police officer, therapist and prosecutor were found guilty of malicious prosecution. They are still receiving their pay cheques and the tax payers have again paid the price for the break down of the administration of justice. The StarPhoenix, in an article on the front page wanted to know what the settlement amount was in the Klassen case. I would like to know what it cost the tax payers for the court proceedings, the cover up, the jailing of innocent people, the medical costs to treat these people, their children and future medical costs.

The attorney general had no problem telling the people what the lawyer was paid in the Sterling settlement. Why is he not telling the tax payers what it cost them to starve these people into a settlement? Saskatoon police officers are saying that they are paying the price for a dysfunction administration of justice. The StarPhoenix is selling papers again, just like the editors did at the start of the satanic child abuse nightmare. Have a good look in the mirror, do you remember the devils church?

Before anyone judges the two police officers might it be best to hear them out. They have appealed their dismissals. It is my understanding that the hearings are independent from the Court of Queen’s Bench. They are entitled to due process just like anyone else in this country. Receiving due process in the Court of Queen’s Bench is next to impossible, not just for a police officer, but anyone. I do not understand why a report by any justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench would have any credibility with anyone. The international disgrace of this court is well known and documented. A march to the police station in support of the mayor and chief of police will not change anything. The rule of law has collapsed in Saskatoon. Officers of the Saskatoon Police Service are not responsible. If you are going to march, then march to the Court of Queen’s Bench and demand a public inquiry into the administration of justice.

Justice Wright recommended that the police hire more native officers. Any young native man or women that said that they were interested in joining the Saskatoon Police Service would have family and friends calling 911 and rushing them off to the nearest hospital. The same thing would happen to anyone that said they were going to open a foster home in Saskatchewan.

Next up, The Milgaard Inquiry. The commissioner is an Alberta judge. It is clear that a report by a Saskatchewan judge would have no credibility. David Milgaard was wrongly convicted 36 years ago and spent 23 years in jail. What about Travis Sterling and all the others wrongly convicted. This inquiry will not change anything in Saskatoon. Include the Milgaard Inquiry with a full public inquiry into the Saskatoon Court of Queen‘s Bench. Restore the credibility of this court and the rule of law. Until this is done the citizens of Saskatoon will continue to be subjected to Justice Hrabinsky’s and Madam Justice Dovell’s law.

In Saskatoon if you picket the court, report a lawyer to the police or say anything about a corrupt justice system you will be assaulted, jailed, hospitalised or put into a wheelchair. That’s Saskatchewan Justice.

Nothing is going to change in Saskatoon until the rot is removed from the Court of Queens Bench. Once the rot is removed from the court, lawyers will be able to remove the rot from their Law Society. The RCMP do not leave a officer in one community for any length of time. This prevents corruption from getting a foothold. Corruption in the legal community in Saskatoon has a solid foothold. Saskatoon police officers need a working environment where they can speak out about corruption within the police service without fear of reprisals. Lawyers in Saskatoon need to be able to speak out about corruption in the legal community without fear of reprisals from their law society or a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench.

At the bottom of editorials in the StarPhoenix is a quote: “Democracy cannot be maintained without its foundation: Free public opinion and free discussion throughout the nation of all matters affecting the state within the limits set by the criminal code and the common law”. The Saskatoon StarPhoenix is a dismal failure, “all maters affecting the state” includes people unjustly charged and jailed by the state. It includes people who have had their lives destroyed by a dysfunction administration of justice. It includes homeowners blackmailed by lawyers using The Builders Lien Act. It includes a disabled man put into a wheelchair by the actions of the justices of the court of Queen’s Bench. You will not read about it in the StarPhoenix.

In the November 11, 2004 post by Sheila Steele she says: “It is not that we want credit or glory”. They deserve the respect of everyone that believes in a democratic state and free speech. If not for Sheila Steele and injusticebusters the atrocities of Saskatchewan justice would have been swept under the rug. The movie being made should not be a work of fiction. It is saddening to read on the web site about the differences developed over the years between people who once stood with a common goal. It shows the importance of stating the truth and putting ones signature on it.
James Hunter

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