Friday, October 22, 2010

R v. John Kelly- are you really going to proceed with this case

The Alberta, R v. John Kelly, Defame or Embarrass page has some interesting reading about the past history and the ongoing R v. Kelly case in Calgary.

The first article is about Kerry Thomas Diotte and police commission chairman Martin Ignasiak who were both targeted by the Edmonton Police Service after Mr Diotte wrote newspaper columns that were critical of policing in Edmonton. Mr Diotte was elected as a Edmonton City Councillor on October 18, 1010.

A special prosecutor in Edmonton was appointed by Alberta Justice in the Calgary case of R v. John Kelly who has been critical of policing in Calgary. Both cases are abuse of process. A similar Saskatoon case the judge kept asking the Crown, "are you really going to proceed with this case?" This special prosecutor and Mr Diotte should have a meeting and save some embarrassment for the Calgary Police Service by withdrawing the charges against John Kelly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Calgary Police officers involved in R v. John Kelly are Detective Reid MERCER and Detective Spencer FRIZZELL.

The online website Rural Crime Watch Association is posting information about R v. Kelly.


Talk about defamatory libel. The Rural Crime Watch website is not judge and jury. I have read John Kelly's website. Most people will only bother to read the above Rural Crime Watch headline. The Rural Crime Watch website published five counts that Mr John Kelly was charged with. The names of the police officers were changed to (named sworn member).
The Rural Crime Watch website is saying that the RCMP investigation commenced in March, 2010 and "has centered around a male individual who is alleged to have created and operated a website which makes false statements against two Calgary Police Service members."
I do not know when Mr Kelly created his website. I do know it was before March, 2010. A quick look at Mr. Kelly's website I found a post dated March 20th, 2009. The dates on the charges are, "Between the 1st day of November, A.D. 2009".
What John Kelly has had to say on his website before the 1st day of November, A.D. 2009 about the Calgary Police Service , The Calgary Soccer Federation - The Bowness Community Association - The Rosscarrock Community Association must be true as the charges have nothing to do with that information or the named people on his website that he says are involved. If it is true then I can see why people would want to shutdown his website.
The charges are: "did publish defamatory libel, knowing that it was false, by setting up an Internet website" and "did publish a defamatory libel, by setting up an Internet website".
The police officers names have been published on what must be the official Alberta Crown information website, Rural Crime Watch Association. It looks more like a propaganda site but as far as I know it is the only way of getting any information from the Crown about this case. The officers are Detective Reid MERCER and Detective Spencer FRIZZELL.
Anyone who feels they have information about the actions of these two police detectives are invited to contact Star Chamber Proceedings at
John Kelly website

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Made in Canada or the USA. - What happened?

The Acer Aspire AM5910 computer advertised at Staples was hard to ignore. When I set up the computer at home it would not boot-up. I used another computer and discovered on the internet that Acer may as well not have a support site. It was useless. I did discover on the net the lack of quality control at Acer.

I have helped children under 10 assemble their own computers and this computer was most likely assembled by a child. Children have trouble tightening the screws, pushing the cards into the slots and have to be reminded to plug in the power cords etc.

I searched Google for Acer child labour. Shocking results. The problem of child labour is not limited to computers.

Microsoft promises investigation into child labour
abuses - We ...
15 Apr 2010 ... Microsoft promises investigation into child labour abuses ... Best Buy, Samsung, Acer and Asus knew exactly what was going on. ...

The National Labor Committee
Putting a human face on the global economy.
China's Youth Meet Microsoft
KYE Factory in China Produces for Microsoft and other U.S. Companies..
"We are like prisoners... We do not have a life, only work."

Buying made in Canada or made in the USA is very difficult, not much made here in Canada any longer. About fifteen years ago people were moving to Alberta as there was no future for their children here in Saskatchewan. Millions of people in the USA are unemployed. There are no jobs, no future for their children and they have no place to go.

I am going to read the labels and buy made in the USA before buying made in Canada. I will no longer buy made in China. We need to stop shipping raw resources and restart the manufacturing in Canada now when the economy is still doing better then the rest of the world. The USA is and has been our best customer. If the economy in the USA does not get going again our grandchildren are not going to have a future, a job or a place to go.

I can remember when computers were made and assembled in the USA and Canada. Those computers cost a little more but the lower prices we pay today I do not think are just a result of cheaper overseas manufacturing costs. Computers are like ass holes, everyone has at least one. Demand has lowered the cost. Child labour does not lower the cost, it increases the profit.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The justice idiots are at it again.

G20 defendant ‘coerced’ into signing strict bail conditions.
Guelph Mercury

Drop the charges before these idiots further destroy what's left of the Canadian publics image of justice and the courts. Is anyone in charge of these idiots?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

R v John Kelly - What's up with the John Kelly case in Calgary?

Reading the news reports one would get the impression that the John Kelly case has been before the courts with a finding of guilt. Inflammatory headlines of his guilt and he has only just been charged.

The information has been posted at Mr Kelly has been charged with five counts under the criminal code. For some reason the name(s) of the police officer(s) has been removed and replaced with (named sworn member). The Calgary police and the RCMP have no problem publishing Mr Kelly's name. I would think that this case may end up being a great embarrassment for the Calgary Police Service. I would like to see the names. Lots of time for embarrassment later.

I have notice that none of the news articles include Mr Kelly's website address and not one word about the missing money. Is Mr Kelly the only one concerned about this? A letter dated March 19, 2004 posted at and detail serious problems.

Mr Kelly is also saying that there is $421,080.00 missing from a ATM at the soccer centre. If this is true then why would Mr Kelly be having a problem with a police service investigating?

Police Chief Rick Hanson said:
"The lengthy ordeal and investigation took a toll on many officers who were named on the website"

RCMP Supt. Randy McGinnis said:
"What makes Kelly's site libellous, said McGinnis, are the false allegations made against two city homicide investigators."

"Kelly was also charged with obstructing a peace officer in the execution of his duty by interfering with potential witnesses in a homicide investigation.

A special prosecutor has been appointed and has been working with the RCMP investigators, who are handling the case so that it is kept at arm's length from the Calgary Police Service, officials said."

Kevin Brookwell, a spokesman for the Calgary Police Service, said people have a right to state their opinions about police, but there are limits to what they can say.

"You can't hide in cyberspace and make comments or allegations when they cross that line where they are starting to interfere with criminal investigations," Brookwell said.
"He had to be held accountable. That is where the line in the sand was drawn and that is where these charges are resulting from."

So the charges have nothing to do with Mr Kelly's former complaints about missing money or the RCMP and Calgary Police officers involved with the investigation or lack of a investigation, or the RCMP and Calgary Police Officers involved with the Calgary soccer centre or The Calgary Soccer Federation - The Bowness Community Association - The Rosscarrock Community Association.

As stated above the charges are because Mr Kelly started interfering with a ongoing criminal investigation. The information:

Count #5
Between the 1st day of June, A.D. 2008 and the 18th day of February, A.D. 2010, at or near Calgary, in the Province of Alberta, did willfully obstruct (named sworn member), a peace officer for the City of Calgary Police Service, in the execution of his duty, by interfering with potential witnesses, contrary to Section 129(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada.
If I am reading this right Mr Kelly was wilfully obstructing a Calgary police officer for a full twenty-one (21) months before he was charged.

The other counts are publishing defamatory libel and are dated the same. Between the 1st day of November, A.D. 2009 and the 4th day of September, A.D. 2010.

The other counts the wording is similar, count 1 and 2. "did publish defamatory libel" Section 300 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Count 3 and 4: "did publish a defamatory libel" Section 301 of the Criminal Code of Canada

I have no idea why the names of the two city homicide investigators are not being published. Are they undercover? I am assuming that nothing else on Mr Kelly's site is under investigation apart from what he has said about these two homicide investigators.

Why not request that the names of these officers on the website be changed to (named sworn member). I am interested in reading what Mr Kelly has to say about the missing money and the cover-up.

A special prosecutor has been appointed. Who appointed this special prosecutor? Why is a special prosecutor needed? Is the specialty cover-up? Is a special judge going to be appointed?

There are going to be a lot more questions asked about this case.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ottawa, we have a problem

I searched Google for: Calgary Police Corruption
I then searched for: RCMP corruption
and for: Vancouver Police corruption

There are honest cops speaking out about the corruption within police forces across this country. Spend some of the jail building budget and clean this mess up before these honest cops find a job with a reputable employer.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

R. v. John Kelly

John Kelly has a web site here:

Other sites: Police lay charges of libel, obstruction against Calgary website operator:

The case against John Kelly: Canada's unconstitutional Defamatory Libel law has no place in a democracy
By David J. Climenhaga | September 20, 2010

Google News

R v. Kelly Calgary

I have read some of the material Mr Kelly has published on his web site and for the life of me I cannot see how, or why anyone could claim that he has committed a criminal offence. There are hundreds of similar web sites in Canada documenting our corrupt administration of justice. Mr Kelly’s site is well organized, easy to read and he offers to supply documents in support of what he is saying.

If what Mr Kelly is saying is true, there is nothing he can do about it in Canada. His only recourse is doing what he is doing.

The fact that he has been charged should be ringing alarm bells. Being charged under a section of the Criminal Code ruled unconstitutional should be automatic grounds for a Crown abuse of process hearing. Someone needs to stop these idiots.

Friday, October 08, 2010

John Kelly

There is a rotten stink in Saskatoon coming from the south west. Many people in Saskatchewan will remember this stink. The smell is similar to the smell that was coming from the Saskatoon Police Service for over four years and continued on at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada for another 15 years.

In the late eighties a small group of religious nut cases in Saskatoon created a sick story of sex with children. Three Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder children were in a special foster home for child victims of ritual abuse in Saskatoon. Their parents and a war hero were jailed in Saskatchewan’s first ritual satanic child abuse case. Gag and seal was the order of the day in Saskatchewan courts. People who tried to help the children were arrested and charged with criminal offences. This was the only way that the administration of justice could keep the public from finding out what was happening in the courts and the foster home.

The rule of law became, rule by law. The abuse of process could have ended as quickly as it started if someone within Saskatchewan Justice or the Supreme Court of Canada did what they get paid to do. Protect the public and the children.

The rotten stink will never go away in Saskatoon. You can smell it when walking past Justice Paul Hrabinsky’s Court of Queens Bench and Brian Dueck’s Saskatoon Police Service.

The rotten stink is coming from Calgary, Alberta this time.

John Kelly from Calgary has a web site that reminds me of The RCMP have charged Mr Kelly under the criminal code with libel and defamation. This reminds me of R v Lucas in Saskatoon.

The RCMP are saying that the charges are very rare. That’s true. The past cases that I know of involved corrupt cops and justice officials using the criminal code to protect corrupt judges, lawyers and cops.

The police will talk up how rare the charges are in a attempt to deceive the public into believing that the charges are very serious and not a run of the mill civil case. What Mr Kelly has been saying he has been saying for years. Why were civil proceedings not commenced years ago?

Civil proceeding are public. Criminal proceedings are controlled by the police and the Crown. The abuse of power has been well documented in past cases in Saskatoon. Add a few corrupt cops, lawyers and judges and you end up with a corrupt police service and administration of justice. The Crown will delay, withhold documents and do everything within its power to increase the defendants legal costs.

Some people are saying that this will be a good thing. The case could end up in the Supreme Court and these unjust laws will be removed from the criminal code. The Supreme Court of Canada is not interested in protecting the public from corrupt officers of the court. Look at the past cases, the court is only interested in protecting the publics image of the court. The result is a public that hold its nose when walking past a police station or court house.

It will not be the Supreme Court of Canada that ends the persecution of innocent people by corrupt court proceeding in Canada. This will only end when honest cops, lawyers and judges know they will have the support of the general public when they speak out about the corruption within our rotting administration of justice. End the silence.

John Kelly has a web site here:

Other sites: Police lay charges of libel, obstruction against Calgary website operator: