Friday, October 08, 2010

John Kelly

There is a rotten stink in Saskatoon coming from the south west. Many people in Saskatchewan will remember this stink. The smell is similar to the smell that was coming from the Saskatoon Police Service for over four years and continued on at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada for another 15 years.

In the late eighties a small group of religious nut cases in Saskatoon created a sick story of sex with children. Three Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder children were in a special foster home for child victims of ritual abuse in Saskatoon. Their parents and a war hero were jailed in Saskatchewan’s first ritual satanic child abuse case. Gag and seal was the order of the day in Saskatchewan courts. People who tried to help the children were arrested and charged with criminal offences. This was the only way that the administration of justice could keep the public from finding out what was happening in the courts and the foster home.

The rule of law became, rule by law. The abuse of process could have ended as quickly as it started if someone within Saskatchewan Justice or the Supreme Court of Canada did what they get paid to do. Protect the public and the children.

The rotten stink will never go away in Saskatoon. You can smell it when walking past Justice Paul Hrabinsky’s Court of Queens Bench and Brian Dueck’s Saskatoon Police Service.

The rotten stink is coming from Calgary, Alberta this time.

John Kelly from Calgary has a web site that reminds me of The RCMP have charged Mr Kelly under the criminal code with libel and defamation. This reminds me of R v Lucas in Saskatoon.

The RCMP are saying that the charges are very rare. That’s true. The past cases that I know of involved corrupt cops and justice officials using the criminal code to protect corrupt judges, lawyers and cops.

The police will talk up how rare the charges are in a attempt to deceive the public into believing that the charges are very serious and not a run of the mill civil case. What Mr Kelly has been saying he has been saying for years. Why were civil proceedings not commenced years ago?

Civil proceeding are public. Criminal proceedings are controlled by the police and the Crown. The abuse of power has been well documented in past cases in Saskatoon. Add a few corrupt cops, lawyers and judges and you end up with a corrupt police service and administration of justice. The Crown will delay, withhold documents and do everything within its power to increase the defendants legal costs.

Some people are saying that this will be a good thing. The case could end up in the Supreme Court and these unjust laws will be removed from the criminal code. The Supreme Court of Canada is not interested in protecting the public from corrupt officers of the court. Look at the past cases, the court is only interested in protecting the publics image of the court. The result is a public that hold its nose when walking past a police station or court house.

It will not be the Supreme Court of Canada that ends the persecution of innocent people by corrupt court proceeding in Canada. This will only end when honest cops, lawyers and judges know they will have the support of the general public when they speak out about the corruption within our rotting administration of justice. End the silence.

John Kelly has a web site here:

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