Friday, October 22, 2010

R v. John Kelly- are you really going to proceed with this case

The Alberta, R v. John Kelly, Defame or Embarrass page has some interesting reading about the past history and the ongoing R v. Kelly case in Calgary.

The first article is about Kerry Thomas Diotte and police commission chairman Martin Ignasiak who were both targeted by the Edmonton Police Service after Mr Diotte wrote newspaper columns that were critical of policing in Edmonton. Mr Diotte was elected as a Edmonton City Councillor on October 18, 1010.

A special prosecutor in Edmonton was appointed by Alberta Justice in the Calgary case of R v. John Kelly who has been critical of policing in Calgary. Both cases are abuse of process. A similar Saskatoon case the judge kept asking the Crown, "are you really going to proceed with this case?" This special prosecutor and Mr Diotte should have a meeting and save some embarrassment for the Calgary Police Service by withdrawing the charges against John Kelly.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Kelly,

During the process of rectification, it may be appropriate for you to deploy the tort of Misfeance in Public Office.

Be sure to research

Misfeance in Public Office, A Very Peculiar Tort by Mark Aronson

May the force be with you!