Sunday, October 17, 2010

Made in Canada or the USA. - What happened?

The Acer Aspire AM5910 computer advertised at Staples was hard to ignore. When I set up the computer at home it would not boot-up. I used another computer and discovered on the internet that Acer may as well not have a support site. It was useless. I did discover on the net the lack of quality control at Acer.

I have helped children under 10 assemble their own computers and this computer was most likely assembled by a child. Children have trouble tightening the screws, pushing the cards into the slots and have to be reminded to plug in the power cords etc.

I searched Google for Acer child labour. Shocking results. The problem of child labour is not limited to computers.

Microsoft promises investigation into child labour
abuses - We ...
15 Apr 2010 ... Microsoft promises investigation into child labour abuses ... Best Buy, Samsung, Acer and Asus knew exactly what was going on. ...

The National Labor Committee
Putting a human face on the global economy.
China's Youth Meet Microsoft
KYE Factory in China Produces for Microsoft and other U.S. Companies..
"We are like prisoners... We do not have a life, only work."

Buying made in Canada or made in the USA is very difficult, not much made here in Canada any longer. About fifteen years ago people were moving to Alberta as there was no future for their children here in Saskatchewan. Millions of people in the USA are unemployed. There are no jobs, no future for their children and they have no place to go.

I am going to read the labels and buy made in the USA before buying made in Canada. I will no longer buy made in China. We need to stop shipping raw resources and restart the manufacturing in Canada now when the economy is still doing better then the rest of the world. The USA is and has been our best customer. If the economy in the USA does not get going again our grandchildren are not going to have a future, a job or a place to go.

I can remember when computers were made and assembled in the USA and Canada. Those computers cost a little more but the lower prices we pay today I do not think are just a result of cheaper overseas manufacturing costs. Computers are like ass holes, everyone has at least one. Demand has lowered the cost. Child labour does not lower the cost, it increases the profit.

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