Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Calgary Police officers involved in R v. John Kelly are Detective Reid MERCER and Detective Spencer FRIZZELL.

The online website Rural Crime Watch Association is posting information about R v. Kelly.


Talk about defamatory libel. The Rural Crime Watch website is not judge and jury. I have read John Kelly's website. Most people will only bother to read the above Rural Crime Watch headline. The Rural Crime Watch website published five counts that Mr John Kelly was charged with. The names of the police officers were changed to (named sworn member).
The Rural Crime Watch website is saying that the RCMP investigation commenced in March, 2010 and "has centered around a male individual who is alleged to have created and operated a website which makes false statements against two Calgary Police Service members."
I do not know when Mr Kelly created his website. I do know it was before March, 2010. A quick look at Mr. Kelly's website I found a post dated March 20th, 2009. The dates on the charges are, "Between the 1st day of November, A.D. 2009".
What John Kelly has had to say on his website before the 1st day of November, A.D. 2009 about the Calgary Police Service , The Calgary Soccer Federation - The Bowness Community Association - The Rosscarrock Community Association must be true as the charges have nothing to do with that information or the named people on his website that he says are involved. If it is true then I can see why people would want to shutdown his website.
The charges are: "did publish defamatory libel, knowing that it was false, by setting up an Internet website" and "did publish a defamatory libel, by setting up an Internet website".
The police officers names have been published on what must be the official Alberta Crown information website, Rural Crime Watch Association. It looks more like a propaganda site but as far as I know it is the only way of getting any information from the Crown about this case. The officers are Detective Reid MERCER and Detective Spencer FRIZZELL.
Anyone who feels they have information about the actions of these two police detectives are invited to contact Star Chamber Proceedings at
John Kelly website

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