Saturday, February 17, 2007

Updates on Star Chamber Main Web Site: February 2007

The Act of Pretending

James Driskell - Justice Hrabinsky - Nazism and the KKK

R v. Ross, Ross & White
Saskatchewan’s first satanic ritual child abuse case
Index - Information - Page 1 to 9 - Page 10 to 19
Transcript Preliminary Hearing

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
A baby cooked, de-boned, eaten and the remains buried in a back yard in Saskatoon????

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
The Honourable Donald K. MacPherson
Gag Letter

Wilfred Hathway
There is news on the Hathway case posted on injusticebusters.

Court Cases
Hendricks v. Swan
Legal Child Abduction In Saskatchewan

A Public Whipping

The Satanic Ritual Hysteria
The experts on dead baby remains buried in a Saskatoon backyard
Exorcisms Not For Amateurs

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
The Ross Children
Perverted Sick Child Abuse

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
There are only two options, order a new trial, or resign from the court.

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Transcripts
Matthew Miazga did not want to proceed with the charges

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Transcripts
Disclosures: Killing, eating, cooking and de-boning babies.
Marilyn Thompson - X-Exam Page 792 - 796

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
Hunt For Children is Over
The Boy in a Bubble
Michael London Ross

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse- Transcript
Trial - Cross Kergoat - Dueck P719

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
The hunt for children was on in Saskatchewan

The trick to doing something illegal is to mislabel it as legal.
The Witch Letter

Slanderers Junk Journalism. One half of the story
Attention custody case critics

Satanic Ritual Child Abuse
Rev. Colin Clay: Committee Against Ritual Abuse of Children

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