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Hunt For Children is Over: Michael London Ross

The Boy in a Bubble
Michael London Ross
Born, on October 18, 1979

- 1980 10 months old. Michael was seen at the Alvin Buckwold Centre at ten months of age, at which time he was somewhat developmentally delayed.

- Twins sisters born in March, 1982

MacNeill Clinic. Child Psychiatry Saskatoon

- 1982 Michael - 3 years old. Psychological assessment in 1982 showed significant delay in both receptive and expressive language. At the time, he presented with a very short attention span and independent, stubborn and non-compliant behaviour. He had very little spontaneous oral language. He was seen by the speech therapist at MacNeill Clinic in November, 1982.

- 1983 Department of Social Services was contacted in 1983, one of the twin girls was admitted to hospital and appeared to be suffering from malnutrition.

- 1986 September. Michael started school in September 1986. He was "acting out sexually" and demonstrating "inappropriate sexual behaviour". He had to be placed in a special program at school. There he came under the supervision of a Mrs. Garnet Francis, who soon noticed that the boy, though just seven years old, was given to some unusual sexual behaviour.

- 1986 December. Psychological assessment was attempted in December, 1986 but not completed because of lack of attention and cooperation.

- 1987 February. All three children apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services in February of 1987 and placed into foster care.

- 1987 February 13. Within a short time of their arrival, foster parent observed the children engaging in behaviours of a sexual nature.

- 1987 August. Karen Clarke of the Sexual Assault Centre and Corporal Marv Hanson visited with Michael. He refused to talk about a incident of sexual play with his sister. He behaved as if he thought he was in a lot of trouble and tried to distract them from the issue. He indicated that he had never been sexually assaulted by anyone himself.

Foster parent principal concern is, touching girls. After the initial incident with his sister, he again initiated sexual touching with her in April, and with another girl in the neighbourhood in June. He also took his pants down a couple of times with other children, the last time being in June.

- 1987 September. The twins started kindergarten, Mrs. Francis noticed that the twins were given to some unusual sexual behaviour as was their older brother.

- 1987-88 school term. - The children were found together from time to time in the girl's bathroom, in the same stall, engaged in sexualized behaviours. And, though only eight or nine at the time, Michael became "very verbal in sexual comment," continually suggesting to one of the female volunteer teachers, for example, that they have sex, and go to bed, and the like.

- 1989 June. By the time Michael left school in June of 1989, his behaviour was so abnormal the school system was unable to cope with him. Michael could not be left alone with young children.

- 1989 Sept. Saskatoon Police Corporal Brian Dueck and Lyle and Marilyn Thompson talk with the three children at their school.

The hunt is over.The sick perverted abuse of three Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) children by the Saskatoon Police Service, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services begins.

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michael l ross said...

the thompsons were paid $3,500/child/month, and they were there aprox. 4 years each so that comes to: $504,000.00