Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Public Whipping

Reading the sealed transcripts of the Ross, Ross & White Ritual Satanic Child Abuse case in Saskatchewan would leave anyone wondering about the mental capacity of the people responsible. Supposedly intelligent people within the religious community, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services to ministers of the Crown, all in the name of the Queen, were intrigued by their own creation of scandals regarding sex with children.

I can not continue to read the transcripts of the Ross, Ross & White case. What was done to the Ross children in Saskatchewan leaves this old fart feeling sick and vomiting.

The cover-up by Saskatchewan judges also leaves me wondering about the mental stability of these judges. Proud intelligent judges with a history of sound judgements over the years were reduced to writing judgements that are nothing more then well planed and executed hogwash dribble. After reading the sealed transcripts, a read of the written judgements not sealed in the Ross, Ross & White case and the Johanna Lucas case has left this old fart feeling sick and vomiting again.

These people should not be allowed to continue working within government or the Saskatchewan courts. Jail is not good enough for them, what was done to the Ross children and Johanna Lucas deserves a public whipping on the steps of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

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