Friday, February 09, 2007

Rev. Colin Clay: Committee Against Ritual Abuse of Children

In the late eighties a small group of people in Saskatoon were suckered in by Rev. Colin Clay (Anglican), Chaplin at the University Of Saskatchewan, into believing there was a satanic cult that was sexually abusing and sacrificing children in Saskatoon and surrounding area.

Colin Clay was considered by the students at the University to be an expert on cults. He had a collection of hate lecture for the asking. One of his favourite targets was the Mormon Church. A post office box at the main post office in Saskatoon had a increasing number of Canadians from across Canada writing. Parents and grandparents were writing with their concerns that their children/grandchildren were joining the Mormon Church or about to be married to a member of the church.

The Mormon church was not alone in taking advantage of the fact that Canadians were turning their backs on the established Christian churches. The established churches were no longer teaching the Gospel, they were in damage control. The number of people filing legal claims for damages as a result of the sexual abuse of children in facilities run and controlled by the churches would have resulted in the selling of the churches to pay for the damage they caused to thousands of helpless children in Canada.

Canadians abandoned their churches to die hard religious extremists and con-men pedophiles. Bingo was out, fear, control, Satan and the Devil became the churches main source of income. In a just society the churches would have been closed, sold and rebuild by Canadians based on Christian values that children must be protected, not pedophiles must be protected.

Rev. Colin Clay’s “Committee Against Ritual Abuse of Children” will go down in Saskatchewan history. The damage caused by a small hand full of crazy people within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services is nothing when compared to the damage done to Saskatchewan by a small hand full of judges in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

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