Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Saskatoon StarPhoenix: Its Jack Grover’s turn.

There is one thing that is clear in Saskatoon. The populations willingness to judge, sells newspapers. There are serious problems in Saskatoon, a corrupt administration of justice and racism tops the list.

The StarPhoenix refuses to print news that could leave a negative viewpoint on the community. We have seen many media fuelled witch hunts in Saskatoon in the past. Jack Grover has been charged with obstructing justice. He is not responsible for the death of two children, we all are.

Mr Grover has a right to due process, an unbiased and fair trial. The head line on page C8 in Wednesday June 29 StarPhoenix said: “He’s the last resort”. The article detailed a lack of safe and adequate housing in Saskatoon for the poor. The article detailed years of fire and police responses, fines and court costs. Why is Jack Grover the “last resort”?

Send a reporter with firemen being sent to a house fire, take a close-up picture of a fireman’s face when he first hears that there are children in the house. Take another close-up picture of his face as he exists the house with a dead child in his arms. We can do what is needed to ensure that Saskatoon firefights are greeted by children safely outside a burning house when they arrive, or we can lynch Jack Grover, and pray that it does not happen again. Payers for Jordynn and Isabelle have been answered, we have the resources, use them.

Monday, June 27, 2005

My response to: Victims join Richard Klassen for ending corruption in the courts.

My response to: Victims join Richard Klassen for ending corruption in the courts.

We all have to stop thinking we are victims of injustice in Canada. We are survivors. Join together. You help yourselves by helping others. There are web pages from one end of this country to the other detailing Charter Rights violations. Labour laws, tax laws, family law, criminal law, the list is extensive. There is a root cause, a corrupt administration of justice that protects corrupt provincial and federal governments. The laws in Canada are being used to defraud Canadians and silence them.

"The Supreme Court is removing the constitutional guarantee of free speech — on the installment plan," said CCLA General Counsel Alan Borovoy.

Here are some Canadians sites, people with a belief in freedom of expression willing to risk their future for Canadians, you, your children, your grandchildren. Support them for a better Canada.
Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) - Canada’s civil liberties watchdog.

Democracy Watch

Canadian Justice Review Board

Corruption within Saskatchewan Justice and the government of Saskatchewan is responsible for the persecution of Richard Klassen and his family. The same judges are responsible for the persecution of John Lucas and his wife. The same judges are responsible for protecting corrupt lawyers who blackmailed a disabled homeowner in Saskatoon. The same judges are responsible for persecuting a disabled man with a movement disorder and putting him into a wheelchair in retaliation for reporting their former law partner to the Saskatoon police. They assault the innocent and disabled. Are you next?

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Star Chambers Proceedings

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The Persecution of John Lucas 1993 - 2005

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Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Justice M. L. Dovell and Justice G. A. Smith are corrupt judges in a corrupt court. Demand their removal from the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

About this Blog

I started this Blog after discovering the extent of corruption within the legal community and The Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It started with a lawyer named Nicolas Stooshinoff filing a false claim of lien and commencing fraudulent court proceeding under the Saskatchewan Builders Lien Act and blackmailing a disabled friend on behalf of Windsor Plywood and Excalibur Construction. Just another Saskatoon lawyer’s scam. I was amazed to discover how well protected these lawyers are by lawyers, judges, politicians, crown prosecutors, Brent Gough, the president of the Saskatchewan Law Society and Justice G A Smith, Court of Queens Bench.

When I first went on a search of the web I was inspired by the courage of other Canadians exposing corrupt courts and politicians and a failed administration of justice in Canada that protects blackmailers and thieves. Canadians from coast to coast are demanding justice in a country corrupted by politicians and the courts. Richard Klassen, Sheila Steele, John Lucas, Ms. Joyce Milgaard, Boni Prokopetz and internet sites like and Holly's Fight for Justice and just in the news 63 year old Willi Chapman up a tree in BC. They and many others are an inspiration for all Canadians fighting for justice. My disabled friends determination to expose corrupt lawyers ended in Justice G A Smiths court room in Saskatoon, he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Lawyers and Judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith in Saskatoon who assault the disabled and persecute innocent people are protected by citizens who have a belief in the courts, truth and fairness.

Democracies rely on the trust people have in the administration of justice. The stronger their trust is, the stronger the democratic society is, and the more likely it is that the citizens will be deceived and betrayed by corrupt judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith.

The court corruption in Saskatoon is protected by the silence of law professors, lawyers, politicians, editors and most of all by their brother and sister judges within the Court of Queen’s Bench. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith are corrupt judges within the court and the judges within the court know this.

An independent judiciary is essential to confidence in the integrity of our justice system. Judicial independence protects the public, democratic process and the Charter Rights of Canadians. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith have abused the trust of Canadians, they assault the disabled, “fix” the outcome of court proceeding, jail innocent people and protect corruption within the legal community in Saskatoon.

The greatest threat to judicial independence and the Charter Rights of Canadians is the continued silence of brother and sister judges within the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith are a court embarrassment and a embarrassment for the University of Saskatchewan College of Law. The continued silence by the other judges of the court is an abuse of the trust that Canadians have in an independent judiciary.

I am a disabled Canadian with Torsion Dystonia, photos of my feet (1) (2), I may not be able to sit on top of a tree until I have to have a B/M, but I will continue to expose justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith on the internet. I will exercise my Charter Rights of freedom of expression until such time as there is a creditable way for Canadians to report corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatoon, or until a justice of the Court of Queen‘s Bench, a lawyer, a law professor, editor or writer finds the courage to climb a tree.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

You are still ignoring me Justice Hrabinsky

It is possible that you can not read? My doctors letter that you ignored said: "The court events before the treatments will seriously affect his health and must be delayed." He was referring to the pre-trial that you and Audrey Brent cooked up so she could avoid a disclosure of documents, appraisals and discoveries. You were into your angry act and out to intimidate me when you entered the room. Without hearing a word from anyone you started insulting me, do you remember the angry “get a job”, and the threats, you are very good at threatening a disabled man, did you not see the muscles sticking out on the side of my neck and my head on my right shoulder. Do you know the risk to my health by my having to increase my regular dosage of Oxycontin so I could attend your cooked up farce. I ended up in the hospital you fool. Your threats to put an 86 year old stroke victim out of her home based on lies was sick and discussing. You continued with your threats by telling me what would happen at trial if I did not agree to what you were proposing. Do you abuse your power as a justice on a regular bases or only when Justice Dovell and Audrey Brent request your help to cripple a disabled man and put him into a wheelchair for reporting their former law partner Nicolas Stooshinoff to the police for blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner.

I thought the dumbest act by a lawyer was when Mr Stooshinoff told a Saskatoon Police Officer that he had never seen any cash sales slips for building materials when the police officer had a Statement As To Documents listing the cash sale slips with his signature on it. It did not surprise me when I discovered that Audrey Brent, Justice Dovell and Stooshinoff were former law partners.

When I first searched on the internet I discovered that you, justice Dovell and G A Smith have a history of “fixing” the out come of trials and court proceedings. The over ten year cover-up you engaged in with the Klassen case came to an end when a man with a grade 7 education left you in his dust. It was clear when Justice Dovell made her statement: "its imperative that this matter proceed.", that the now famous statement by Serge Kujawa, “The whole judicial system is at issue -- it's worth more than one person” was placed into action and there were going to be sacrifices made by Saskatchewan Justice, as the whole judicial system is at issue and its worth more than a cult cop, child therapist and a crown prosecutor.

The following is from the Baynton Judgement in reference to the Ross, Ross and White case.

[424] Third, Miazga was successful in keeping the videotaped interviews of the [R.] children's "disclosures" from the scrutiny of the trial judge. This was the most damaging evidence respecting the credibility of the [R.] children. Yet the trial judge did not have the benefit of this evidence in assessing the credibility of the [R.] children. I am convinced that had she reviewed these videotapes, her conclusions and findings respecting the [R.] children would have been vastly different.

Mr Lucas sent the videotaped interviews and transcript to a large number of people before they picketed. Mr Lucas informed the police, the local Saskatoon prosecutors, his M.P., the Dean of Law, several senior persons within the Child Protective Service and a multitude of others including the Court of Appeal. He did this after the Ross, Ross and White trial and before the Ross, Ross and White Appeal. Mr Lucas and his wife picketed to let the public know that two twin 8 year old girls were in danger and were being raped by their brother with the full knowledge of officers of the court and social workers after receiving no help for the children. It was not just a police officer and social workers that left these girls to be raped. If the truth were to be told the vast majority of the people of Saskatoon were overcome by the satanic child abuse hysteria. Your persecution of Mr Lucas and his wife had nothing to do with defaming a police officer, it was done to protect the administration of justice as a result of the greatest judicial fraud I have ever heard of, the Saskatchewan Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry, the trial, the appeal and the Klassen preliminary inquiry and last, but not least, the rape of 8 year old children.

Democracies rely on the trust people have in the administration of justice. The stronger their trust is, the stronger the democratic society is, and the more likely it is that the citizens will be deceived and betrayed by corrupt judges.

The allegations of fact presented to the Supreme Court of Canada in the Ross, Ross and White appeal and the R v Lucas appeal must have been assumed to be correct by the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. The people of Saskatchewan’s trust was betrayed and the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada were deceived and lied to by Saskatchewan Justice.

You Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell and G A Smith, are corrupt judges. You assault the disabled, you do it in a complete vacuum of any accountability. You protect yourselves and corrupt lawyers who blackmail citizens who placed their trust in your court. You have the power to destroy lives, it is the shame of a community that allows you to continue.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Injusticebusters Blog post about Johnna Lucas and my response.

I googled the name Johnna Lucas as she was my Dr. in the states. I am wondering if it is the same Johnna Lucas you have in an article about their arrest in Canada.
# posted by Anonymous : 7:22 AM

You have the wrong Johanna Lucas. John David Lucas and Johanna Erna Lucas were given documents and tapes that showed that two twin 8 year old girls in the control of Christian Fundamental Extremists on a witch hunt that overtook Saskatchewan Justice in the Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry and trial were in danger and being raped by their brother with the full knowledge of the authorities. They wrote letters and sent copies of the information not only to the authorities, Mr Lucas wrote and informed anyone in their attempt to help the children.

No one they contacted did anything to help the children. There was an attempt at this time that has continued to this day by the authorities to keep the public from finding out about the Satanic child abuse cases in Saskatoon. Mr Lucas and his wife picketed and distributed posters in Saskatoon in an attempt to help the children. They named a Saskatoon Police officer who was later found guilty of malice by Justice Baynton in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA case, this was the same cult cop that made a disabled women in a wheelchair crawl to his police car when he arrested her and who in part had the children in his control.

Mr Lucas and his wife were arrested and charged with defaming this police officer. Mr Lucas had a past criminal record and he was an easy target for the police and Saskatchewan Justice to discredit. He was made out to be a child molester and a threat to the public and courts and his wife was made to look like his follower. It would not look good if the public found out that a women had to take to the streets in Saskatchewan to get help for 8 year old girls left to be raped by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Mr Lucas and his wife were jailed by Justice Hrabinsky for protecting children. Justice Hrabinsky, madam Justice Dovell and G A Smith then engaged in a ten year cover-up in an attempt to protect the judiciary from embarrassment as a result of their allowing prosecutors and police officers to deceive them.

If you are searching the internet for Johnna Lucas and find that she has a criminal record in Canada. This is the result of an administration of Justice in Canada that is collapsing in a morass of corruption. We could do with a lot more Johnna Lucas in Canada. Until the time come when Canadians get off their asses and demand the removal of judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith Canadian women are in danger, just like the children left to be raped by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

John Lucas has been charged with defaming Justice Hrabinsky. He has been placed under a gag order designed to discredit him and protect Justice Hrabinsky. Canadian women should be hanging their heads in shame. It should not just be Johnna Lucas husband John Lucas picketing and demanding justice for his wife who was jailed along with him for attempting to protect children.
# posted by James Hunter : 12:08 PM

Injusticebusters Blog post

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

An open letter to Justice Paul Hrabinsky

An open letter to Justice Paul Hrabinsky - Court of Queen’s Bench Saskatoon.

You conducted a per-trial conference at the request of Audrey Brent to help Audrey Brent avoided disclosure of documents, discoveries and the other normal procedures of the court. I was being railroaded directly from the filing of original documents to a trial and you Justice Hrabinsky were fully aware of this. I had initially thought you did this in retaliation for my reporting Saskatoon lawyer Nicolas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon police. Mr Stooshinoff was blackmailing a disabled Saskatoon Homeowner along with David Hilash the manager of Windsor Plywood and they were doing this with the help of Brent Gough the President of the Saskatchewan Law Society. You were prepared to put two disabled people out on the street based on the lies from Audrey Brent. When I told you that my disabled mother could not have agreed to move out of her house because of her disability you visibly reacted to this information. As I have stated in previous posts I could not understand why you reacted as you did. I know now why you reacted, this is when you realised that you had been lied to. When did you realise that the police and prosecutes were lying to you in the Lucas case, was it before you sentenced John Lucas and his wife, or after?

You continued with the pre-trial and ignored a letter from my doctor that clearly said that proceeding with the pre-trial before my Botox injection would have a serious effect on my health. You put me into the hospital and are responsible for my being in a wheelchair Justice Hrabinsky. Justice Dovell continued refusing to accept my doctors advice and letters resulting in my being hospitalised.

I have a neurological movement disorder that effects my muscles and a degenerated spine. I live a life of pain and morphine. You two not only put me into the hospital and into a wheelchair by ignoring my doctors letters, you ended my ability to support myself.

People keep telling me that it is my pride that prevents me from accepting help, its not pride that prevents me from going on welfare, it is something that you and Justice Dovell do not have and would not understand, dignity and self respect.

I am not the first disabled man to fall pray to a gold digging women and as long as the law allows these women to take advantage of the disabled I will not be the last. Had I not registered a caveat giving my mother a legal right to live in her house for as long as she lived when we paid cash for our home we would have both been out on the street. Her investment in our house was my inheritance for looking after her for over forty years. Had I not borrowed over $16,000.00 over the past four years to pay lawyers for doing nothing we would both have been out on the street.

My mother and I have been forced to live like animals by Audrey Brent, with the help of Nicolas Stooshinoff, Justice G A Smith and Brent and Stooshinoff’s former law partner, Justice Dovell. They forced us to survive on one meals on wheels per day for over three years. My mother found me unconscious on the floor one morning, I was unable to get into my wheelchair, I was laying in my piss and yellow vomit. My mother is like a small child, she likes to do enjoyable things, like watch children playing and she enjoys colouring with crayons. I looked after her under horrendous painful conditions for the past four years. You know what kept me going. Something else you would not understand Justice Hrabinsky.

I found my mother on the floor the other day. I was unable to help her and I called for help. She is in the hospital waiting for a seniors home. My health has deteriorated to the point of not being able to care for her any longer. Her $5000.00 that she saved for years for her funeral that Audrey Brent claimed belonged to my ex, I have used to per-pay her funeral and the remainder I will buy her a rocking chair and new clothing when she moves from the hospital to the seniors home. Of all the despicable lies told by you, Audrey Brent and Justice Dovell about my mother and I, this one had to be the sickest.

The persecution of a disabled homeowner, my mother and I by you, justice G A Smith, Justice Dovell, Audrey Brent, Brent Gough, and Nicolas Stooshinoff are the result of corruption within your court.

I have tried to visit at the hospital every day. I had to take my wheelchair about three times and I used a wheelchair at the hospital a few times. I rode my old one speed bike and I had someone following me, at first two people in a red car and then a man in a small white car taking my picture. I can not ride the bike in a strong wind and took the bus one day, I walked home. Send the man with the camera, I am going to cut my grass, read my affidavit, you and Justice Dovell have stolen everything that I worked for and put my mother and me in the hospital, I am going to have you two removed from the court. You are both human waste.

There are times when I need the chair. I fully expect that you will put me into the hospital again, and back into my chair, but I will continue to tell people what you and your judicial idiot friends have done to three disabled people. As you know I picketed your court in the past. I am going to the hospital in Vancouver in July, when I get back you will find me handing out information about you and your sick misfit friends. I am going to put your name on a barf bag Justice Hrabinsky. People will need it after reading about you, Justice Dovell and G A Smith. The Justices of the Court of Queen’s Bench need to know what you sick misfits have done, it bothers me to think that they already know.

You have been ignoring me Justice Hrabinsky. What I have been saying about you and your gang of legal blackmailers and thieves on the web for the past year is true. You rely on the respect that Canadians have for the courts and their belief that justices of the court would never lower themselves to the level of sewer rats. What you, Justice Dovell and G A Smith have done is drag the names of Honourable Judges through the sewer with you and disgraced your court in the eyes of the public. You, Justice Dovell and Justice G A Smith have abused your power by assaulting the disabled. What are you going to do Hrabinsky? Have me charged and ask your friends to cook up some crap like you did to John Lucas and Richard Klassen? I feel sorry for you bunch of misfits.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia

A short history as I research for the John Lucas Blog, this is the most bizarre story of Christian zealots and the Saskatchewan courts and Social Services. I am having a hard time believing what I am reading about Saskatchewan Justice, no one could be that stupid?

Three Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) children, twin girls aged 5 and their brother aged 8 are apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services in 1987.

The children were showing signs of unusual sexual activity known to be a symptoms of FASD. There was abnormal sexual behaviour before the children were apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services and it was known that the twin girls brother was molesting his sisters.

Three seriously dysfunctional children with FASD, desperate for help, were in the control of Christian fundamental religious extremists. These fanatically committed Christian zealots were on a witch hunt fuelled by the local media and Christian fundamental extremists who were claiming that there was a cult sexually assaulting and scarifying babies.

The three children were kept together in a foster home run by religious sick nut cases, these nut cases were supported by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Service who were out to educate the court and public about the satanic ritual abuse of children. The boy was interviewed and he disclosed that he was sexually abused, a week later his sisters after being molested and abused for another week disclosed that they were also sexually abused and that they also witnessed killing and eating babies. The sexual abuse of the twin girls continued for 43 months with the full knowledge of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. The twin 8 year old girls were asking for help because they were being raped by their brother and told the people in charge of them that they were not telling the truth and the nightmare still continued. Terror in the Name of God.

Three people were charged with assaulting and sexually assaulting the children. The evidence was non-existent and consisted of the bazaar stupidly being preached by religious nut cases about the satanic ritual abuse of children. The two deaf natural parents and their friend were found guilty after a hearing and trial. This rubbish made it to a hearing and trial bewildering everyone involved except for the witch hunters within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

John Lucas and his wife picketed in Saskatoon in an attempt to get some help for the children after sending copies of documents and tapes of the interviews conducted to the authorities and others including the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal who did nothing to help the children. They were left to be raped and assaulted as a means to obtain more disclosures about sacrificing babies and the other assorted stupidly of the people in charge of the children. The nut cases continued charging innocent people and no one was going to stop them. The same delusional judge who heard the first hearing was enlisted to hear the following hearing. There is only one reason for a guilty verdict, they were all nuts, they were all witch hunting.

The appeal was the greatest exercise in twisting the law and cover-up in Canadian history. It is unbelievable that grown men would stoop to the depths bordering on insanity to protect the Christian fundamental extremists responsible for the rape of children.

People who leave 8 year old girls to be raped are guilty of child abuse. It does not matter that they are delusional idiot, judges, lawyers, newspaper editors, police officers, social workers, officers of the court and ministers of the crown. Own court system of justice, anyone knowing that an illegal act was taking place and did nothing is as guilty as those who committed the horrendous act of rape and child abuse.

The names of some of the people responsibly is interesting because of past Saskatchewan history and the so called Saskatchewan elite society. The names of the judges and prosecutors involved in the 12 year cover-up is in itself very revelling. The same judges protected Nicolas Stooshinoff when he was caught blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner by using the Builders Lien Act. Own court system of justice, anyone knowing that an illegal act was taking place and did nothing is as guilty as those who committed the act and are blackmailers and thieves. Could it be that there are just too many Pissmeoffs and Jackoffs within Saskatchewan Justice? The Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia. It is no wonder that the Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench is the laughing stock of the nation.