Thursday, December 15, 2005

Progressive Conservative Party and The Doukhobor Mafia

The more I research the more it becomes clear that Saskatchewan Justice is in the control of a pack of gangsters. The political appointments to The Court of Queen’s Bench and Court of Appeal during the time the Progressive Conservative Party was in power was a safe way to protect corrupt politicians from being investigated and charged along with the 14 Conservative members of the legislature and two caucus workers who were convicted of fraud and breach of trust.

When I reported Nicholas Stooshinoff, his law partner and David Hilash, manager of Windsor Plywood to the Saskatoon police I would never have believed that a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench was corrupt. I would never have believed that his political pals within the administration of justice would abuse their power and retaliate against me for reporting this corrupt lawyer and past president of the Progressive Conservative Party to the Saskatoon Police.

I am a little sick of these robed Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia jackasses putting me into the hospital. I am going to restrict my future postings to the Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia , the Progressive Conservative Party, the Ross children and Johanna and John Lucas.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Grant Devine was a mixture of former members of Justice Ted Malone’s Liberal Party who had previously lost 15 liberal seats in the legislature.

All the people involved with my case are also involved with the old Progressive Conservative Party. Nicholas Stooshinoff, Justice Dovell, Audrey Brent, Justice G A Smith, Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff, Justice Vancise, Justice Hrabinsky, Brent Gough, Shelley Sutherland, Sheryl Hilash, Don Morgan and Terrance S. Chinn.

Shelley Sutherland is just another example of a corrupt employee of the City of Saskatoon lying and perjuring themselves. Hilash and Chinn are just lying and perjuring themselves for the good of the Progressive Conservative Party. I will have a few future posts about these jackasses.

Justice Hrabinsky is the only one that that I can not figure out. He walked into a pre-trial and started insulting me, he was prepared to put an eighty six year old out of her own house because I reported his Doukhobor Mafia friend to the police. This was a favour for Nicholas Stooshinoff, or his former law partner, Audrey Brent, or Stooshinoff’s other former law partner, the sick man hating middle sexed (Ms) misfit, Justice Dovell.

Justice Hrabinsky is a disgrace. This fool left two eight year old girls to be raped for four year and his sick Progressive Conservative Party jackass judicial friends only had to pull his strings. He does favours for his sick friends who blackmailed a disabled Saskatoon homeowner and put him into the hospital. He steals money from a disabled man. He steals money from a eighty eight year old stroke victim and forced her to live like an animal. This jackass and his friends can put me into the hospital anytime they want. This last time was by far the worst yet. As long as I am able I am going to post about this sick bunch of judicial misfits.

The government of Saskatchewan is corrupt, it has lost control of Saskatchewan Justice to idiots who leave children to be raped.


Anonymous said...

don't get mad at me for asking this, but are you sure all these people are Doukhobors?

Anonymous said...

I never get mad, do I? No, they are not all Doukhobors. Some of them are Liberals and Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

When I was researching I discovered a proud Doukhobor past history in Saskatchewan. I have posted some of the sites.
Doukhobor Saskatchewan Genealogy Roots

Researchers may be interested to know about an upcoming Doukhobor episode of the television series "100 Saskatchewan Stories". It will air on the SCN network on the following dates: January 25/06 at 7:30 pm: January 26/06 at 11:30 pm: March 12/06 at 12:30 noon. More information here.

A brief history of Peter, The Lordly, Verigin

Some Doukhobor families changed their last names from Veregin or Verigin to Lane.

Search Google: Doukhobor Saskatchewan
There are over 13,000 hits.

Howard McConnell in his book Prairie Justice detailed some of the Saskatchewan history of Peter Makaroff. Peter Makaroff refused to back down from what he thought was right. He was the first student of non-Anglo-Saxon parentage to graduate from the University of Saskatchewan and the first Doukhobor in the world to receive a university degree. (Bachelor of Laws) I believe that it is Howard McConnell’s book Prairie Justice that has a thank you to Johanna and John Lucas.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me, and may occur to others, that you are using the ethnic grouping of Doukhobor in a negative connotation. Some may take offense to this. If you don't know that these people are indeed Doukhobor it may be more suitable to refer to them as the politcal mafia or the Liberal/Conservative mafia. The intricacies and negative connotations of organized crime may not be appropriate to associate with an ethnic group. Most don't even refer to the mafia as Italians. They are criminal thugs that have nothing specifically to do with their ethnic origin.

Anonymous said...

I agree that they are criminal thugs. When I reported Nicholas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon Police I did not report that his ethnic origin was Doukhobor. When Justice Hrabinsky conducted a pre-trial ignoring the rule of law and my doctors advice he did this in retaliation for my reporting a lawyer to the police with the same ethnic origin as his ethnic origin. My appeal was dominated by Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff, again with the same ethnic origin as Nicholas Stooshinoff and Justice Paul Hrabinsky. Justice Sherstobitoff judgement was based on retaliation for my reporting a lawyer to the Saskatoon Police with the same ethnic origin as his. I have been persecuted for the past 5 years, not because I reported a lawyer to the Saskatoon Police. I have been persecuted because I reported a lawyer to the police whose ethnic origin is Doukhobor.

Anonymous said...

How can you be sure that these 3 individuals are Doukhobors? Simply because the suffixes of their names is "sky" or "off" does not mean they are ethnically connected. Even if they are connected ethnically how can you be sure they are using that connection to conspire against you. I think you are making a mistake.

Anonymous said...

By researching.

“how can you be sure they are using that connection to conspire against you”

There is no other possible reason for their actions. My documents support what I am saying. I have been saying it for over 5 years. Their past speaks for itself. I have picketed the court and for a little over a year I have been posting on the internet. I can do nothing about these corrupt judges and lawyers putting me into the hospital and they will succeed in stealing my processions and my mothers investment in her house. I have been telling the truth, do you think if I was not telling the truth that I would have been allowed to continue posting and emailing information to the news media, MP’S and MLA’s. How about if I describe them as a tightly knit group of trusted associates with the same or closely related nationality who have dragged the names of their forefathers who have a proud history in Saskatchewan through the mud.