Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who will be next to have their life destroyed in Saskatoon?

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My Appeal was dismissed on Tuesday. I can not hear in court but heard bits and pieces and it looked like it came down to my not supplying medical documents to support my inability to represent myself. I heard statements from the judge like "he just walked out". It should have been “he was just wheeled out.” I was unable to walk or get into my wheelchair for three days after being wheeled out of justice Dovell’s sick court. I have my past lawyers notes where I am asking the lawyer to contact my doctors, I have signed release forms for the lawyers and not one of my doctors were contacted or medical document or another documents that would be to my advantage was filed with the court after a legal bill in total of approximately $25.000.00.

Everyone insisted that I stay in the court room for as long as I could, when I start twisting up it causes pain, the only way I can avoid it is if I get out of the court room and relax as best I can. I had taken my limit of morphine and had to again increase my dosage. The morphine leaves me with nausea and vomiting. When my eyes close I lose complete control of my muscles. I flop around like a fish out of water. I have no choice, I have to take morphine for pain relief.

When waiting for transportation after court I fell out of my wheelchair vomiting and my friend grabbed me preventing me hitting my head. My head is always twisted up and to the left. He kept rolling me off my back when the muscle spasms twisted me on to my back. Someone called an ambulance as I was unable to get back up or get into my wheelchair. I never got to thank the other people who helped, the women who held my head up off the cement with her hand and the others who helped to keep me warm until the ambulance arrived. Thank you.

I have been this way before but this is the first time I vomited laying on my back in the ambulance, it was frightening. The attendants quickly rolled me on to my side. It is my greatest worry when I am in bed and wake up knowing that I am going to vomit and have no control over my muscles and not be able to roll over on my own or get out of bed. I take medication to prevent the nausea but just vomit it right back up.

Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell ignored three of my doctors letters, dismissed two letters from my doctors as hearsay. Two of the letters clearly stated that I was unable to represent myself. In the appeal court an affidavit from my doctor stating that I can not be placed under stress and can not testify was not even considered.

Part of the affidavit from my doctor.

3. Mr. Hunter suffers from neurological disorder known as idiopathic torsion dystonia.

4. Mr. Hunter's condition has not responded to a wide variety of treatments.

5. The condition manifests itself as asymmetric contractures of the neck, spine and
limbs which cause impairment to Mr. Hunter's posture and movement. These contractures are frequently very painful. The severity of the contractures is variable and is exacerbated by psychological stress.

6. I am able to provide the opinion that while Mr. Hunter may be able to attend at Court,the stress of the proceedings can cause Mr. Hunter painful contractures which will render him incapable of testifying.

The appeal court judges were Sherstobitoff, Vancise and Richards. There were three cases before mine, like usual I was left to last. In all the cases the three judges were asking questions and in my case Sherstobitoff was the only judge that said anything, not one word from the other two.

I am being assaulted because I reported Nicholas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon Police. Mr Stooshinoff was blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner. I was railroaded to a pre-trial conducted by Justice Hrabinsky by my x wife’s lawyer, Audrey Brent who was Justice Dovell’s and Nicholas Stooshinoff’s former law partner. These corrupt judges and lawyers are using my divorce proceedings as a pretence to assault me. My lawyers did not have the balls to stand up to them. They did not have the balls to even talk to one of my doctors for fear of reprisals from this gang of robed thieves and blackmailers.

Nicholas Sherstobitoff is justice Hrabinsky’s former law partner, Hrabinsky and judicial friends including Justice Vancise have persecuted Johanna and John Lucas for 12 years. I have been posting about this injustice for over a year. What are these two judges doing hearing my case. You should be ashamed of yourself Justice Richards. You sit silently as have other judges for over 20 years in Saskatchewan as corrupt judges have destroyed the lives of innocent people in the Court of Queens Bench.

I sent my friend the following email today. I received the following email from him. He has stood by me for the past 5 years.

I am not going to be able to get to the doctor today. I would have to take my chair and have no way to get there. I did not phone the handicap bus, or the doctor. I am exhausted Gerry. I have started back on the meds, I need to spend today getting my vomit soaked clothing off and get into the tub. I need to wash my coat before I can go anywhere. I can not go out with vomit on my coat and smelling like something the cat dragged home. My arm pain is easing and I was able to get into bed last night and into my chair without the aid of the pole beside the bed this morning. I am off the floor and walking this AM. My left calf muscle is still seized but it is easing off. It has taken three days in the past for it to ease off and if I go anywhere to day my leg will just seize up again.

I know I can call for a volunteer ride but do not know who to phone, I also do not know if they will take my chair or if in fact I will need my chair tomorrow or if I should call and arrange a ride first or the doctor for an appointment time. I miss being able to ride my bike. My two wheeled antidepressant pill. I do not like the thought of losing my last bit of independence. I have avoided the need for an ambulance in the past because of the cost, I have no idea how I am going to pay for the ambulance. I can not afford to eat or pay my meals on wheels bill and can not spend what little money I have on another taxi.
I am in a understandable, for me depression. I can not talk to anyone about the last five years as I just twist up in pain and lose my ability to communicate and walk. I can no longer cope with the pain or the vomiting. I am going to get into the tub and read the paper. This seeing the doctor will have to wait until I can make arrangements for a ride. I will need some kind of ramp or something so I can get into the house and other help if I am to continue living here.

Hello James,
I know how passionate you feel about the injustice being done to you and others. There are causes worth dying for. This is not one of them. End this now. I cannot stand seeing my best friend dying a slow and painful death.

I am not dead yet. I am going to take a few days and get back on my feet.

I spent the afternoon at emergency after court. It will take me three days to get back on my feet. The pictures were taken the following day. This is Torsion Dystonia.

I use the pole to get into my wheelchair. I have another pole beside my bed. The pole turns as I move over the chair. At times I can not let go of the pole as my muscles are seized leaving me in a hanging no mans land. When I ride my bike my feet are not effected. I can ride my bike when I can not walk. Others with Torsion Dystonia cannot walk forward and have no signs of Dystonia when walking backwards. Others can run and not walk.

Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell are corrupt judges protecting a corrupt administration of justice in Saskatchewan. I am just another one of their victims. Are you next?

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Admin said...

Dear James,
Suffering, pain and disappointment is difficult. I can not begin to understand your suffering. In hopes of justice! Reading about your personal pain James, I feel helpless. I wish more could be done to assist. YOU will be in my prayers James. I am at a loss for words. Take care and rest from Holly