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Kathleen Ross: Update

I have received an email from Kathleen Ross. She asked that I let everyone know what happened in court in BC on September 28, 2005. For those of you who do not know who Kathleen Ross is I will give you a short background.

She was apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services in 1987 along with her twin 5 year old sister and 8 year old brother. The best way to describe their lives up until this time could be best described as horrendous. What happened to the girls and their brother in Saskatchewan after they were apprehended is best described as sick and perverted.

Their parents were alcoholics. The girls brother when just seven years old, was given to some unusual inappropriate sexual behaviour. The children were apprehended at the height of the Christian satanic child abuse hysteria in Saskatchewan. Christian extremists were out to convince everyone that there were satanic cults operating in Saskatchewan that were skinning babies and eating their eye balls in some sort of ritual child sex abuse.

The children because of the unusual sexual behaviour were thought to be victims of satanic child abusers. Social Services employees caught up in this hysteria advertised for a special foster home. The twins brother was the first to be moved in to a foster home hand picked by Social Services and run by foster parents who without question were so caught up in the satanic hysteria that they were unable to think for themselves. They were joined by a social worker, police officer and Crown prosecutor equally caught up in the hysteria and under great pressure from their bosses to find and prosecute the people responsible. By the time the twins brother left school in June of 1989, his behaviour was so abnormal the school system was unable to cope with him. He was permitted to attend school on a half-time basis, but only on condition he be continuously accompanied by a foster parent. At school he had to be supervised at all times and could not be left alone with small children. He was caught sexually assaulting a three-year old in January 1990.

The twin girls were moved into the foster home with their brother in May of 1990. It was not long before the children were making accusations of satanic rural abuse similar to the teaching of the churches and books being published at the time. The same thing happened in Martinsville Saskatchewan just a short time later. All the people involved with the children knew that the girls were being raped and assaulted by their brother and they were left to be raped and assaulted for four years.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Grant Devine was in power in Saskatchewan at the time. The party was a mixture of former members of Justice Ted Malone’s Liberal Party who had previously lost 15 seats in the legislature.

The Attorney General when the Ross twins were moved to the Thompson foster home was John Gary Lane. The Social Services Minister when the twin girls were moved to the Thompson foster home was William Z. Neudorf. Mr Neudorf was a member of the Hague Mennonite Conference Church. The police officer was also a strong Mennonite.

This had nothing to do with religion. These extremists are no different then extremists that fly airplanes into tall buildings. This stupidly resulted in the parents of the children and their friend being found guilty in the Court of Queens Bench by a group of politically appointed idiots who would have had a hard time finding gainful employment.

Kathleen’s child was placed in an adoption home. Her husbands younger brother is trying to get custody and this case is to be heard on January 20, 2006. Legal aid turned her request for a lawyer down saying that they did not see any reason to interfere in the judges decision. Kathleen’s x husband has a full time job and with help from his family they have hired a lawyer. Kathleen goes back to court on December 23, 2005. Social Services in BC is still trying to have her sisters child placed into an adoption home.

The twin girls were separated, one moved to a BC foster home and the other to a Manitoba foster home when people started filing court actions for damages in Saskatoon. The girls were used, abused, raped and discarded in British Columbia and Manitoba by the Government of Saskatchewan.


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Hi James,
Thank you for the update about the situation. take care from Holly

Anonymous said...

"Mr Neudorf was a member of the Hague Mennonite Conference Church. The police officer was also a strong Mennonite."

Any Mennonites I know would be the last sort of person to subscribe to the sort of paranoia you are outlining. Do you have any proof Mr. Neudorf, or the unnamed police officer, believed in the ritual abuse of children in Saskatchewan?

Anonymous said...

The Saskatoon police officers name was Brian Dueck. I did not include his name because he is being set-up by Saskatchewan Justice to take the full blame for the satanic ritual hysteria in Saskatoon. No one has been held accountable for the Martinsville satanic hysteria. I in no way condone or agree with what Dueck did but he is not the only one responsible for the malice he was found guilty of by Justice Baynton. There is always the hope that he will speak up along with the others pressured into continuing with the cases because of the intense pressure from Regina and Social Services. The truth of the matter is that a large percentage of the people in Saskatoon and area were overcome by the satanic child abuse hysteria but you won‘t find anyone who will admit it.

This has nothing to do with individuals of any religion or ethnic origin? The satanic child abuse hysteria was universal. An experienced FBI agent was a believer until he started investigating. I know people who were the last persons that I would have thought would subscribe to this sort of paranoia. Their was no way that they would listen to anyone. The same as officer Dueck would not listen to a Crown prosecutor who asked him “where are the dead babies” I can not explain why people would lose their ability to think for themselves except that they wanted to believe. If I had asked them before the hysteria got going in their church if there were women brood mares having children so they could be sacrificed in a satanic ritual they would have told me to go to church more often.

JUDGMENT BAYNTON J. December 30, 2003

[1] In July 1991, 16 individuals were arrested and charged with over 70 counts of sexual assault against eight foster children. Many of the children's allegations of sexual abuse were bizarre and revolting because they involved group and ritualistic sex with satanic overtones, the sexual abuse and killing of babies and animals, the ingestion of human flesh, feces, urine, blood and other horrible, perverted and incredible acts.

[339] Dueck and Bunko-Ruys and various Social Services officials and personnel attended one or two ritual and satanic abuse seminars in Saskatoon. No one had any explanation as to why a topic of this nature would merit at least two seminars. Hinz testified that in 1991 there was a perception about satanic abuse. This might explain the seminars. But it might also explain what the perceptions of Dueck, Bunko-Ruys and certain Social Services personnel may have been about the case they were developing.

[395] Hinz testified that prosecutors were under intense pressure from Social Services and the police not to stay charges on the basis of lack of corroboration. He said that he likely would not have had the backbone to tell this huge constituency to stay the charges that followed in this case. He says he was never a member of the camp that held to the ideological view that children never lie and strongly maintained that to proceed with criminal charges on this basis was not in accordance with the law. He said that to stay charges in the face of having to answer to Regina and the small "p" political pressure was not feasible. But failing to do so only makes it worse. Nor will it get any better if all the Crown has are wild allegations and inconsistencies.

He joined the prosecutor's office two years after Terry Hinz. When Dueck took to him the case Hinz had rejected, he eagerly took it on. Was it the brood mares which grabbed his attention? Did he really believe that the Klassen family was part of an intergenerational Satanix cult? Did Dueck use his insider Mennonite heritage to persuade this prosecutor, who many acknowledge is at least normally intelligent, to pursue this case which has

June, 1991, as the Foster Families had moved through their preliminary inquiries (with only one conviction) and nine people --includng members of the Saskatoon City Police and the R.C.M.P. --were very publically arrested as being part of a Satanic Cult which had been diddling children and taking porn flicks out in Mennonite Martensville, Roy Romanow knew very well that this was hysteria, generated by questionable entities with even more questionable credentials.

Nightmare in Martensville
By Dan Zakreski, Senior Reporter Hollinger Saskatchewan, March 24, 2001
Full story here:

It's Easter 1992 and Const. Mike Swan, armed with a riot shotgun, revolver and assault rifle, is dispatched to the streets of Martensville to confront and do battle with a busload full of bloodthirsty Satanists. Chief's orders, issued directly. Martensville police chief Mike Johnston had summoned Swan and Const. Mel Neufeld to an emergency meeting earlier that same day. Johnston had it on a tip from a source that Satanists from Weyburn and Estevan were driving up to hunt humans in the town of 3,500.

Unusual orders, yes, but not unprecedented. Johnston had the devil on his mind a lot that spring. Martensville police reports from the time are cluttered with his references to Eohippus Draconis, Elderbeast, the Clan, Star of Seven and scarab beetle tattoos.

In a report dated April 16, 1992, Johnston writes how "the indications were that tonight was a very important night with the Occult in the preparation of potential victims." He believed there were two independent groups of Satanists living in the area.

"The group in town is known as The Brotherhood of the Ram, with the Ram being a reference to Satan," he wrote.

"The other group operating around Mennon is also Satanic in nature, however, is a separate Sect known as The Temple of Seth and is generally the upper class types. The two groups use different types of rituals however both can and do offer human sacrafices."

Johnston believed the out-of-towners were coming to "take out" a local family. Swan swallowed his incredulity, "he's our chief and we had to do what he told us," and suited up.

"He called us in and armed us to the teeth. I had a riot shotgun and an FN assault rifle with 30-shot clips, taped back to back. He wanted us to get whatever we could," Swan said in an interview.

"He had us on the lookout, he made it out as if, like, these guys are coming and we're going to be in the fight of our lives that night."

The busload of gun-toting Satanists never did materialize on the streets of Martensville that Easter night.

Const. Mike Swan recalls becoming increasingly skeptical of his orders as he patrolled the empty town.
"And then as the night went on, if we're in such a fight, where's our backup? Where's he (Johnston)? Shouldn't the RCMP be in on this? Saskatoon city police? What are two guys going to do against 30 or 40 coming, armed, in a school bus?"
Within months, disillusioned, Swan and Neufeld concluded the investigation and hysteria over Satanic cults was "a crock of shit" and took their concerns to Martensville mayor Rob Friesen.

The mayor was unswayed.
"Once we made our stand, said this isn't happening, it never did happen, and we can prove a lot of it, disprove a lot of it, they just blocked us. We weren't allowed to see any reports, we weren't allowed to have nothing to do with it because we could blow a lot of it apart," Swan said.

June, 1991, as the Foster Families had moved through their preliminary inquiries (with only one conviction) and nine people --includng members of the Saskatoon City Police and the R.C.M.P. --were very publically arrested as being part of a Satanic Cult which had been diddling children and taking porn flicks out in Mennonite Martensville, Roy Romanow knew very well that this was hysteria, generated by questionable entities with even more questionable credentials.