Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Tax Payers Held Accountable Again: Martensville, Ritual Sex Abuse

The cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice continues in the Satanic child abuse cases. Another victim of Saskatchewan Justice has accepted a settlement of $150,000.00 for his malicious prosecution. I have not included his name. I would be insulting him by including his name along with Saskatchewan Justice Minister, Frank Quennell. What has it cost the tax payers for the 14 year Saskatchewan Justice cover-up and make work project for lawyers.

The bottom line is that Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services are starving the claimants into accepting a settlement. The only ones making any money are the lawyers. Mr Quennell is offering his sympathy, not an apology. An apology should have been forth coming from the government of Saskatchewan for all of the people wrongful charged 14 years ago. What about all the other people who were subjected to malice and jailed. They did not have the resources or opportunity to subject themselves to a 10 year nightmare for compensation.

Mr Quennell in an article in the April 19, 2005 StarPhoenix said, “The justice system’s knowledge and ability to deal effectively with child witnesses continues to develop. Knowing what we know now about child victims and witnesses, a case with the same circumstances as this case would have been handled differently.” He needs to explain the destruction of the Vopni family that started on September 19, 2001. The circumstances are the same, the only thing difference is that Saskatchewan Social Services and Saskatchewan Justice have learned not to include the motive for charging innocent people. There is no mention of satanic child abuse.

There is a cult in Saskatchewan, its members enjoy hearing about the satanic sexual abuse of children and children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders are their victims. There are other victims of this cult, like the patients of a doctor at City Hospital emergency in Saskatoon who tells them that they do not need their medications if they will only let Jesus into their lives.

An order-in-council has set aside $450,000 for potential settlements with the three remaining plaintiff’s in the Martensville case. Why has there been no money set aside for a potential settlement of the Ross twins case? These two twin 8 year old girls were left to be raped by officers of the court who enjoyed and encouraged their horror stories of being raped for 43 months. Is Justice Hrabinsky , Justice G A Smith or Justice Dovell going to be allowed to protect Saskatchewan Justice like they did in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA case or can the twins look forward to Justice Dovell dismissing their case like she did in the malicious prosecution claims of John Lucas, Johanna Lucas, Michael Ross and Peter Klassen. There are other victims, until there is a public inquiry into the satanic child abuse cases and the 14 year cover-up the words of a child victim in the Vopni case will echo in the Saskatchewan Legislature for the next 100 years, “its an evil place”.

There needs to be another order-in-council setting aside some money if Saskatchewan Justice proceeds with the persecution of John Lucas. The arrogant fools proceeded with the KVELLO V. MIAZGA case because their was no way that a man with a grade 7 education could win. What the hell are they going to do if John Lucas has grade 10 or better?

The rule of law broke down in Saskatchewan at the Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry that commenced on November 21, 1991 and ended on December 2, 1991. The result was the destruction of three peoples lives and the start of the other two Ritual Sex Abuse cases commonly referred to as “Martensville” and the “Scandal of the Century“.

The following is taken from Justice Baynton’s judgement in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA case where 3 people were found guilty of malice. Hinz is a prosecutor who refused to proceed with charges when shown a file by “cult cop” Dueck.

393] Hinz testified that in 1991 there was a public perception respecting satanic abuse. He observed that this case was the only case in Saskatchewan, until the Martensville case, that involved such allegations. He told Dueck that he was investigating murders, not just sexual assaults and he advised him to investigate further to try and locate the bodies of the babies which supposedly had been killed, partially eaten and buried.

[394] Dueck's response to Hinz was that these cultists were "far too clever for that and would have already disposed of the body". Hinz then suggested that Dueck investigate to see if any children were missing. Dueck responded that this would be fruitless because "these cultists have brood mares who are willing to bear children". Hinz was dismayed at this response as he had never heard such a comment before. He said the conversation ended then because he had run out of ideas. Dueck took back his file and Hinz had no further contact with him.

[395] Hinz testified that prosecutors were under intense pressure from Social Services and the police not to stay charges on the basis of lack of corroboration. He said that he likely would not have had the backbone to tell this huge constituency to stay the charges that followed in this case. He says he was never a member of the camp that held to the ideological view that children never lie and strongly maintained that to proceed with criminal charges on this basis was not in accordance with the law. He said that to stay charges in the face of having to answer to Regina and the small "p" political pressure was not feasible. But failing to do so only makes it worse. Nor will it get any better if all the Crown has are wild allegations and inconsistencies.

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