Friday, April 15, 2005

I'll Run Again Says Skelton

The Gomery Inquiry is the first time that corruption in Canada has been taken seriously by the government of Canada. Its Hysteria time again. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.

I had high hopes for the Conservative Party after the last election. That ended when the first thing Mr Harper did was to go off on his own personal campaign about same sex marriage without consulting his party members. He does not only have a duty to the people who supported his campaign, he has a duty to represent all Canadians.

Some politicians know when their actions or inaction have cost them votes. A Saskatchewan politician who walked into an elevator and refused to talk to a Fifth Estate reporter knew he would not be re-elected as a result. Has the Conservative party taken into account how many votes they may have lost from the last election by voters who expected Mr Harper and the Conservative Party to deal with the issues and concerns of the majority of Canadians.

Political corruption and accountability is a major concern for Canadians. Mr Harper is considering spending millions of dollars on an election. Mr Harper feels he will become prime minister of Canada as the result of a media hysteria and the resulting anger of Canadians. This money would be better spent by the Gomery Inquiry uncovering corruption and bringing those responsible to justice, based on innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. An election based on a media fuelled hysteria and resulting anger, is not the way to decide guilt or innocence. This is a matter for a court of law, after Justice Gomery has heard all the testimony and reported on his findings.

Call an election if there is no action taken after the Gomery Inquiry. The list of inquires in Canada is longer then any action taken by government as a result of inquires. How many wrongful convictions and charges based on malice in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan does it take before action is taken by the Government of Canada. How many 8 year old children in Saskatoon denied help for medical conditions are going to be left by people entrusted with their care to be raped and tortured for 43 months before action is taken. How long is John Lucas going to be persecuted by Saskatchewan Justice for exposing the rape and torture of children in Saskatoon? How long are lawyers who blackmail going to be protected by the Saskatchewan Law Society and Justices of the Court of Queen’s Bench before action is taken? How long is Saskatchewan Justice going to be allowed to persecute a disabled man in Saskatoon before action is taken.

I contacted Carol Skelton and other MP’s before the last election informing them about a Saskatoon homeowner blackmailed by lawyers and a disabled man with an income of $340.00 per month forced to live like an animal in retaliation for reporting two lawyers to the police. I am being persecuted by Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell and lawyers because I reported two Saskatoon lawyers to the Saskatoon police. Carol Shelton’s office responded with the following: “We recognise the difficult situation that you are experiencing. We are, however, not qualified to intervene in these legal matters. Our strong suggestion is that you discuss this with your lawyer.”
Over fifteen thousand dollars I have borrowed and paid to lawyers. The last lawyer said “I do not want Justice Dovell after me“.

Carol Shelton’s office further responded with the following: “At this moment, our office will ask that we be kept up to date regarding the outcomes of this situation and we will monitor the manner in which it is dealt with by the provincial government and courts.”

Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell and Justice G A Smith are federally appointed Judges paid by the government of Canada. They have been openly stomping on the Charter rights of Canadians who were wrongfully charged and prosecuted with malice in Saskatoon. For over 15 years the provincial government with the help of these federal judges have protected three people found guilty of malicious prosecution. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a federal Act, when federally appointed judges abuse their power by protecting a corrupt provincial administration of justice it is the responsibility of the federal government to protect the Charter Rights of Canadians.

John Lucas is being persecuted by Justice Hrabinsky and Saskatchewan Justice because he and his wife picketed to help two 8 year old girls who were being used and abused by Saskatchewan Social Services and Saskatchewan Justice. The children were left to be raped and tortured with the full knowledge of the very people entrusted with their care. The cover-up of the satanic child abuse trials in Saskatoon has cost millions, three people have been sacrificed and found guilty of malicious prosecution. They have not been held accountable for their actions because any charges and resulting court trials would cause further embarrassment for Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Exposing the sick and perverted reason children were left to be raped would have a serious downside for the NDP in the next provincial election. Not charging those who were found guilty by Justice Baynton of malicious prosecution is an abuse of power and an affront to the provisions of the criminal code of Canada.

I received a response from the Honourable Scott Brison, Minister of Public Works and Government Services. He was the only MP I contacted with a concern about lawyers blackmailing homeowners and lawyers and judges persecuting a disabled man. Mr Brison is a Liberal MP. Mr Marten, our Prime Minister has been saying that he is going to find and charge all found responsible for the sponsorship scandal. He is doing what he said he would do during the last election. If the Gomery inquiry hears any more testimony implicating the former prime minister, Justice Gomery needs to recall the former prime minister to re-testify, and order that he leave his balls at home. Corruption within government, federal or provincial and corrupt federally appointed judges are a federal responsibility.

Carol Skelton is a elected MP who seems to think that she can shrug off her responsibly to her constituents by passing the buck claiming provincial corruption, within the administration of justice in Saskatchewan, is the responsibility of a corrupt provincial administration of justice. My charter rights and rights as a disabled Canadian are guaranteed and protected by an act of the government of Canada. Has Carol Skelton not read a Saskatchewan newspaper for the past 20 years, or has she just chosen to take the safe path of not rocking the boat?

The new Liberal government is exposing corruption in government. It is not Liberal corruption, or Conservative or NDP corruption. Government corruption, provincial and federal has been allowed to spread like a bad virus in Canada. The Liberal MP’s who have abandoned their party and the people who voted for them have one concern only, their re-election. For years I know of only two Canadians who has been speaking for Canadians, the editor of, Sheila Steele, and the Honourable Senator for Toronto-Centre-York, Anne C. Cools. Senator Cools is deserving of her title, Honourable, and so is our Prime Minister, the Honourable Paul Martin.

The day after a federal election is called I will be picketing Carol Skelton’s Saskatoon office. My sign is going to ask for the removal of the federal appointed corrupt rot from the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. I will be asking for a inquiry into the persecution of John Lucas and for the removal of Justice Kyle’s gag order. Justice Kyle’s gag order is an abuse of process with one objective, protect his friend Justice Hrabinsky and a corrupt prosecutors office. The persecution of a disabled man by Justice Dovell is sick and perverted. Three people found guilty by Justice Baynton have not been held accountable for acts of malice. They destroyed the lives of Canadians, are they not to be held accountable because they live in Saskatchewan? Judges, lawyers, police officers and politicians are not above the law. I will be voting Liberal for the first time, the Liberal Party has taken action against corruption as promised, the Conservatives have shown their only interest is Mr Harper’s obsession with same sex marriage.

I understand that Canadian citizens and politicians have no where to report government and judicial corruption. This needs to change, the Gomery Inquiry is a start, the next step is a credible body empowered to investigate and police judicial and government corruption, including lawyers and police services. Revoke the laws that protect a lawyer’s office from a search warrant and lawyers trust funds from laws that prevent money laundering. Branding Liberal MPs as corrupt and dishonest is wrong, changing the political party in power will do nothing to prevent government corruption. Mr Martin is investing our money towards a corrupt free Canada for our children. He need to dust off Senator Cools Act to amend the criminal code. End the policing of lawyers by Canadian Law Societies and have a good look at how the Canadian Judicial Council conducts its business.

Mr Martin has stuck by his promise to Canadians to find and jail those responsible for the sponsorship scandal in spite of the damage and fallout, this is a leadership quality that has been lacking in Canada and will result in his re-election.

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