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Satanic ritual abuse (SRA)

Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) is the name given to the allegedly systematic abuse of children by Satanists.
F.B.I. Special Agent Kenneth Lanning (who has a master's degree in behavioral science and whose published work on the sexual victimization of children is well-known in the law-enforcement and psychology fields).

"I started out believing this stuff [about ritual murders of children and adults by organized satanic-cults]. I mean, I had been dealing with bizarre crimes for many years and I knew from experience that almost anything is possible...But I can't find one documented case [of satanic-cult victimization], and I've been looking for seven years or more. I personally have investigated some 300 cases - and there is not a shred of evidence of a crime."
"More crime and child abuse has been committed by zealots in the name of God, Jesus, and Muhammad than has ever been committed in the name of Satan." F.B.I. Special Agent Kenneth Lanning

The modern "Satanic cult hysteria" only began in 1981 with the publication of the best-seller, Michelle Remembers. "Prior to 1981 there were no reports of 'satanic-cult torture and murder.'

Another "Satan seller" is Dr. Rebecca Brown. Her tales of "Satanic cult abuse" (He Came To Set The Captives Free) were printed by Jack Chick publications that specialize in mini-comic books portraying demons and hellfire. "Dr. Rebecca Brown" was originally "an Indiana physician named Ruth Bailey, who had her license removed by the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana for a number of reasons. Among the board's seventeen findings are: Bailey knowingly misdiagnosed serious illnesses, including brain tumors and leukemia, as 'caused by demons, devils, and other evil spirits;' she told her patients that doctors at Ball Memorial Hospital and St. John's Medical Center were 'demons, devils, and other evil spirits' themselves; and she falsified patient charts and hospital records.
An NBC Dateline program that aired October 22, 2004, interviewed several adults who, as children, had been coerced into testifying that they had been abused by their parents, and who have come forth to tell the court that they lied as kids. It was clear from watching these people that their lives have been seriously and adversely affected. They most certainly had been social workers, law enforcement interviewers, and prosecutors.
Is There a Place for a Demonic Perspective in Contemporary Criminology?
Media Involvement
Those claiming to have been victimized or victimizers (and sometimes both) in satanic groups included the following:
1. Children at daycare centers.
2. Teens who said they were satanists.
3. Middle aged women who in therapy (and often under hypnosis) stated they had recovered repressed memories of childhood satanic abuse.
4. Ex-members of satanic covens who since had been converted to evangelical Christianity.
5. Members of organized satanic churches like The Church of Satan or Temple of Set.
Those claiming to have uncovered satanic crimes included:
1. Cult cops.
2. Child interviewers, social workers and psychologists.
3. Psychiatrists interviewing middle-aged women.
4. Parents of allegedly abused children.
The Claims


Anonymous said...

Could it be because those of us with physical evidance don't feel like making the past decade(s) of our lives public knowledge with the process of a trial?

It makes me physically ill (literally) to think there are people out there who feel the need to invalidate MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH LEGAL DOCUMENTATION because it goes against their own defination of reality. I have no doubt 9 out of 10 SRA claims are staged, fake, hypnosis induced or otherwise a crock of crap. However, there ARE those of us who fall into the other 10% who are usually the silent percentage as well. The scars on my body are real. THE MEN WHO ARE IN JAIL RIGHT NOW (because of testimony and facts other than my own yet related) ARE REAL. My LIFE as a disabled person because of SRA is REAL. This is wrong. It makes me even more steadfast in my silence. I hope you choke on your own reality, because it is crap.

exWitch Australia said...

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Hope these are of interest...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, there needs to be a study done on these people to see what’s wrong with them.