Friday, December 23, 2005

The Church at work party

I have been asked to explain the Church at Work Party. This will be a difficult task for me without offending some people or raising the level of the stupidly of remote controlled sheep.

Not everyone will agree with my views, in fact I may be alone with my life time observations of slowing watching the annihilation in Canada of the reason my grandfather got on a boat in Halifax with thousands of volunteers with a rifle, not a bible, a rifle, slung over his shoulder and why my uncle, who I never got to know, his two sons never got to know, is buried in the solders cemetery in Regina.

Contrary to popular belief south of the boarder and in Canada WW2 started in September 1939. Shortly after Americans started to cross the Canadian boarder to join the volunteer Canadian forces. Americans hand pulled war supplies and aircraft across the neutral border between the US and Canada with them.

Men and women of all ethnic backgrounds, religious backgrounds including the oppressed people in Canada and the USA were preparing for war in Europe. It is not only the American Continent we share with the people of the USA. The reasons I think are still remembered by many Canadian and US citizens. They must be explained to our children and grandchildren forever, not only on November 11.

The children in liberated countries are not told they have a duty every November 11 to wave the flag of foreign nations. Children everywhere ask questions. Who are all these people buried row after row? Why white crosses row after row? Why not a tombstone like granddads grave? Why are all the people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds buried together in the same grave yard? Did they kill other people, where are they buried? Why did they all die here?

The only childhood memory I have of WW2 is when a man knocked on our door late at night in Vancouver. He told my mother she had to black out the windows or turn the lights off. This would have happened at the same time the Canadian air base on the west coast of Vancouver Island was being shelled from a boat off the coast.

I also remember the day that my cousin, with his shiny boots, left for Korea to follow in the foot steps of his father that he never got to know. I was young. I could not understand why he did not have a gun. I discovered later that his gun was made in the USA, heavy and attached to steel tracks. I also discovered later that unlike WW1 and WW2 I was not one of the reasons he went off to war. Young men could be led off to war for the wrong reasons.

I believe that the people of Canada and the USA are being led down the wrong path, for the wrong reasons, and away from a proud and historic past that my grandfather went off to war with a gun on his shoulder to protect.

The separation of church and state. The separation of church and Courts of Law, Liberties and Privacy. Fundamentalists have no respect for the separation of church and state. Religious and political forces have joined. This is a great threat to Canadian moral values, the churches and family values in Canada.

The satanic child abuse cases in Saskatchewan and what happened to the Ross children and Johanna Lucas are a window on Canada’s future? One only has to look at what has been done to my mother and I for the answer.

People may get the wrong impression reading my Blog and think that I have no respect for the court. I have the highest respect for the courts and the law and from a very young age. I can remember the “Follow John” and white foot prints painted on sidewalks in downtown Vancouver. I can remember a comment made to a great Canadian writer of Jewish heritage and how I felt to lose a mentor and someone I looked up too.

One of the past judges of the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon treated me when representing myself in his court with the highest dignity and respect. This judge would parachute behind enemy lines during WW2, without a uniform on, he would have been executed as a spy had he been caught. In all the time he was a judge there was not one appeal of his judgements to the higher court. This was not because lawyers were afraid he would parachute into their back yard on a dark moonless night if they dared file an appeal, it was not his religious values, it was his moral values that resulted in fair and just judgements.

If you are a politician or justice in Canada with fundamentalists or extremist views, or your head is stuck up the Popes ass you may not like what I have to say. Don’t read any further.

To be continued:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mr Hathway needs to start eating

I find it very disturbing when I read about the Wilfred Hathway case in Saskatoon. There has been excellent media coverage of the preliminary hearing by the Saskatoon StarPhoenix. The well balanced reporting of the antics of the prosecution and defence team left a clear picture that the actions of Wilfred Hathway by speaking up and yelling for justice were the actions of an innocent man demanding justice. Mr Hathway’s quick wit and responses in court left me with the impression that this is his way, that he is most comfortable with in expressing himself, just as it is with the prosecutor. Quick witted banter can diffuse a short wick to anger. All the participants seem to have a very short wick.

The StarPhoenix article by Janet French, was a one sided accounting of the proceeding in court that left the impression that Mr Hathway was just a trouble maker with no respect for the court. This view is reinforced when the only time that the judge walked out of the court was when Mr Hathway engaged in demanding justice.

Justice delayed is justice denied. How long has Mr Hathway been held in remand? Is it not a waste of time and money when a justice of the courts only way of keeping order in the court is to spend as much time in, as out of the court room? Mr Hathway is not someone out to disrupt the court, just so he can watch the judge walk out. The judge does this when Mr Hathway opens his mouth without the permission of the court.

Mr Hathway speaking out has been done clearly when witness and the prosecutor have entered evidence respecting documents and evidence withheld by the Crown that are documents and evidence that could be know to Mr Hathway, but not to his defence team.

Withholding documents and evidence by the Crown, from the defence, has been found by the Supreme Court of Canada to infringe on the right of an accused person to a fair trial. The rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada with respect to the Crown disclosure of documents are regularly ignored by the Crown who depend on the publics perception that if a preliminary court judge finds enough evidence to send the accused person to trial, there must be evidence of guilt. Documents and evidence that are deliberately withheld by the Crown, that may show that the accused person is innocent, is an act of malice.

It is an affront to justice and fairness. This practice is an insult to Canadians who have paid for the many inquires into wrongful convictions in Canada. The Inquires have found withholding documents and evidence by the Crown, that would support a plea of innocence is one of the main contributing factors in wrongful convictions.

The Hathway case is a slap in the face for past Inquiry Commissioners into wrongful convictions, the members of the Association for the Wrongfully Convicted, the Canadian Justice Review Board, for lawyers like Kennedy in Newfoundland and the many others who have and are working hard to expose the causes and the injustice of wrongful convictions in Canada.

The Hathway case is a window of opportunity for Canadians to witness an injustice in the making. I have no idea if Mr Hathway is guilty or innocent. I am prevented from making an informed decision based on a one sided preliminary proceedings that only allows the Crown to present a minimal amount of evidence of guilt and to withhold evidence of innocent. I only get one side of the story, the other side of the story is illegal for anyone to know about.

I became very worried when reading Justice Laing's fiat. Justice Laing made referred to the R v Lucas case. There was not anything, nothing from the time of arrest in the R v Lucas case that was not politically motivated, pre-planed and decided before hand by Saskatchewan Justice.

Justice Laing made reference to Johanna Lucas appeal and the statement by Justice Vancise who stated in his oral judgement “While it is not necessary for the resolution of this matter to comment”. The statement by Justice Vancise was made to pave the way for a future motion asking for the removal of Richard Klassen from his civil case. It is a travesty of justice for a judge to make any kind of reference to any of the Lucas case law after the Baynton judgement. Jailing Johanna Lucas was an act of malice.

The people in Saskatchewan were witness to the political interference in the administration of justice in Saskatchewan and the open bending and abusing of the process of the court, and the law, in what the justice system believed was justified to protect a police officer, officers of the court, and the public image of the court in the Lucas and satanic ritual child abuse cases in Saskatoon. Is the Hathway case a repeat?

Was the deception and corruption worth it only to have the Baynton judgement 10 years later that clearly showed parents that they need to tell their children that they can no longer trust a police officer or ask a police officer for help. Was the deception and corruption worth it when citizens of Saskatoon were yelling “baby **ckers” at Saskatoon Police Officers marching in a parade in downtown Saskatoon.

There needs to be a public inquiry into the satanic child abuse cases and what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan. Do it for Saskatoon Police Officers, and all police officers who daily put their lives in jeopardy for Canadians, their children and grandchildren. Children need to be able to trust a police officer, when a police officer violates that trust he should not receive a gold watch and pension, he should be held accountable for his actions.

I do not think that the hunger strike by Mr Hathway will help his cause. It may gain some much needed publicity but when the slanted news articles always start out by telling Canadians, who believe in the court process that Mr Hathway is accused of killing an 84 year old, and go on to describe his actions in court and at the same time not be able to say one word about the evidence then Canadians may perceive Mr Hathway to be guilty, not just another possible victim of injustice in a Saskatchewan court room.

The Hathway case is violating the trust Canadians have in the administration of justice and another example of why Canadians accused of a criminal offence need to go directly to trial and forget about their rights to a preliminary hearing.

Mr Hathway needs to start eating, his case is not lost and a long way from over, not eating is self destructive and one can not demand and continue yelling for justice on an empty stomach, shrunken and wrinkled up like a prune.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Saskatchewan Fetal Alcohol Support Network Training Workshops

The Supported Housing Project of the Saskatchewan Fetal Alcohol Support Network has been advertising a series of four training workshops on various aspects of FASD. With funding from the Homelessness Initiative and the provincial government, these workshops target specific issues surrounding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as they relate to various segments of society, providing vital tools for program managers, front-line staff, and others working with those affected by FASD.

Plan now to attend one or more of the following:

Understanding and Working with Youth and Adults with FASD within the Justice System
January 16-17, 2006 - Saskatoon and area participants
January 18-19, 2006 - other Saskatchewan participants
Effective Mental Health and Addictions Interventions for Persons with FASD

January 19 - 20, 2006
Supported Employment and Education for Persons with FASD

Feb. 7 & 8, 2006 - Saskatoon and area participants
Feb. 6, 2006 - other Saskatchewan participants
Understanding and Working with Persons with FASD within Social Services

Feb. 9 & 10/06 - Saskatoon and area participants
Feb. 7 & 8/06 - other Saskatchewan participants
For locations, registration and fee information, please see attached posters, or call 975-0896. Please register early, as space is limited.

For further information, contact the Saskatchewan Fetal Alcohol Support Network.
Connie Jones, Office Coordinator, SFASN
Eunice Bergstrom Project Developer,
Supported Housing Project for Persons with FASD
#212-510 Cynthia Street
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7L 7K7
Phone: (306) 975-0896
Toll Free Number: 1-866-673-(FASN) 3276
Saskatchewan Fetal Alcohol Support Network

Monday, December 19, 2005

The danger of patronage appointments to the courts

The danger of patronage appointments to the courts could not be any clearer then in Saskatchewan. Years of governments appointing their friends to high places and the patronage appointments to the bench has resulted in a corrupt administration of justice in Saskatchewan. Over the years there has been a steady downgrading of the quality of Saskatchewan judges.

There is also a danger in electing Christian extremists to the Legislature. This is what happened in Saskatchewan when the Progressive Conservative Party of Grant Devine was elected in 1982.

Add the patronage appointments of Christian extremists to Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services and the result is the Saskatchewan Coalition Church at Work Party and a satanic ritual child abuse hysteria.

The NDP party may be elected as the party in power in Saskatchewan but it is the coalition of the Saskatchewan Judicial Doukhobor Mafia and the Saskatchewan Church at Work Party that controls the power. When researching I was looking for a copy of the Honourable Justice Donald K. MacPherson’s famous gag order. This gag order is a source of great laughter and jokes within the legal community in Saskatchewan. When someone tell me a racist joke, very common in Saskatoon, I do not laugh, as the laughter fills the empty heads of jackasses, I just stare at the joker until they get out of my line of vision. The laughter is a good indicator of what the legal community thinks about the so called order of this so called Honourable Judge. Two 8 year old girls were let to be raped for four years, I see nothing about that to laugh about.

The opposing party during the Devine era in the Legislature was questioning the patronage appointments to the court and the government contracts handed out to Progressive Conservative Party supporters. The Progressive Conservative Party responded with a list of patronage appointments and contracts handed out to supporters of the opposition members when they were in power. Over the years in Saskatchewan this practice of patronage appointments of people who are not the best qualified for the position and lacking in professional ethics was best described by Sheila Steele, the publisher of She called it the Saskatchewan culture of injustice.

The patronage appointments were not limited to former members of the Legislature and the courts. The wife’s and family members of corrupt former Progressive Conservative Party members and former patronage appointments by all the parties can be found to this day within government departments, the courts and Crown corporations. Family tradition’s of years of lining up at the tax money pit.

This culture of injustice could not be any clearer then within Saskatchewan Health, Social Services and the open corruption within Saskatchewan Justice. I say open as there is no attempt to hide the fact that Saskatchewan Justice has been corrupted by political favouritism and incompetence. One only has to look at the inquiry into the wrongful conviction of David Milgaard, the Stonechild Inquiry, the malicious prosecution of the Klassen family, the Vopni family and the many others persecuted in Saskatchewan, including Wilfred Hathway who is the latest new victim of our corrupt justice system in Saskatchewan.

One of the worst cases of malicious prosecution in Saskatchewan is the Justice Hrabinsky Doukhobor Mafia malicious prosecution and persecution of Johanna and John Lucas. With the help of the former Liberal and Progressive Conservative Party appointed judges to the courts and prosecutors office they engaged in the ongoing 12 year persecution of John and Johanna Lucas. This was done to protect the illegal actions of the Saskatchewan coalition church at work party who supported and protected Christen extremists who went on a witch hunt for cults who were supposedly engaging in the satanic ritual abuse of children.

As I have said before, this had nothing to do with religion, theses extremists are empowered and excited by engaging in a sick hysteria about the devil and adult sex with children. Canada has a history of robed pedophiles within the Christian churches engaging in sex with children and people in authority protecting them.

The 8 year old Ross twins were left to be raped by their older brother in Saskatoon for four years so the extremists in charge of them could manipulate the children into making false actuations of satanic ritual child abuse. Three of the extremists responsible were found guilty in Saskatoon of malicious prosecution after a 15 year attempt by former political patronage excuses for judges and the administration of justice in Saskatchewan trying to bury the truth. The appeal of the Klassen judgement by Saskatchewan Justice is just a continuation of this cover-up that is now intending to place all the blame on to 8 year old girls and a Saskatoon police officer.

This corruption could also not be any clearer then in the case of my reporting Nicholas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon Police. It was not by accident that the same corrupt judges involved in protecting jackasses that left two 8 year old girls to be raped in Saskatoon would also protect a corrupt former president of the Progressive Conservative Party.

Between the Saskatchewan Judicial Doukhobor Mafia, the leftovers from the Progressive Conservative Party Church at Work gang, this corrupt former Progressive Conservative Party president will likely go on to a prominent place in Saskatchewan’s Doukhobor Mafia culture of injustice.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Kathleen Ross: Update

I have received an email from Kathleen Ross. She asked that I let everyone know what happened in court in BC on September 28, 2005. For those of you who do not know who Kathleen Ross is I will give you a short background.

She was apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services in 1987 along with her twin 5 year old sister and 8 year old brother. The best way to describe their lives up until this time could be best described as horrendous. What happened to the girls and their brother in Saskatchewan after they were apprehended is best described as sick and perverted.

Their parents were alcoholics. The girls brother when just seven years old, was given to some unusual inappropriate sexual behaviour. The children were apprehended at the height of the Christian satanic child abuse hysteria in Saskatchewan. Christian extremists were out to convince everyone that there were satanic cults operating in Saskatchewan that were skinning babies and eating their eye balls in some sort of ritual child sex abuse.

The children because of the unusual sexual behaviour were thought to be victims of satanic child abusers. Social Services employees caught up in this hysteria advertised for a special foster home. The twins brother was the first to be moved in to a foster home hand picked by Social Services and run by foster parents who without question were so caught up in the satanic hysteria that they were unable to think for themselves. They were joined by a social worker, police officer and Crown prosecutor equally caught up in the hysteria and under great pressure from their bosses to find and prosecute the people responsible. By the time the twins brother left school in June of 1989, his behaviour was so abnormal the school system was unable to cope with him. He was permitted to attend school on a half-time basis, but only on condition he be continuously accompanied by a foster parent. At school he had to be supervised at all times and could not be left alone with small children. He was caught sexually assaulting a three-year old in January 1990.

The twin girls were moved into the foster home with their brother in May of 1990. It was not long before the children were making accusations of satanic rural abuse similar to the teaching of the churches and books being published at the time. The same thing happened in Martinsville Saskatchewan just a short time later. All the people involved with the children knew that the girls were being raped and assaulted by their brother and they were left to be raped and assaulted for four years.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Grant Devine was in power in Saskatchewan at the time. The party was a mixture of former members of Justice Ted Malone’s Liberal Party who had previously lost 15 seats in the legislature.

The Attorney General when the Ross twins were moved to the Thompson foster home was John Gary Lane. The Social Services Minister when the twin girls were moved to the Thompson foster home was William Z. Neudorf. Mr Neudorf was a member of the Hague Mennonite Conference Church. The police officer was also a strong Mennonite.

This had nothing to do with religion. These extremists are no different then extremists that fly airplanes into tall buildings. This stupidly resulted in the parents of the children and their friend being found guilty in the Court of Queens Bench by a group of politically appointed idiots who would have had a hard time finding gainful employment.

Kathleen’s child was placed in an adoption home. Her husbands younger brother is trying to get custody and this case is to be heard on January 20, 2006. Legal aid turned her request for a lawyer down saying that they did not see any reason to interfere in the judges decision. Kathleen’s x husband has a full time job and with help from his family they have hired a lawyer. Kathleen goes back to court on December 23, 2005. Social Services in BC is still trying to have her sisters child placed into an adoption home.

The twin girls were separated, one moved to a BC foster home and the other to a Manitoba foster home when people started filing court actions for damages in Saskatoon. The girls were used, abused, raped and discarded in British Columbia and Manitoba by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Progressive Conservative Party and The Doukhobor Mafia

The more I research the more it becomes clear that Saskatchewan Justice is in the control of a pack of gangsters. The political appointments to The Court of Queen’s Bench and Court of Appeal during the time the Progressive Conservative Party was in power was a safe way to protect corrupt politicians from being investigated and charged along with the 14 Conservative members of the legislature and two caucus workers who were convicted of fraud and breach of trust.

When I reported Nicholas Stooshinoff, his law partner and David Hilash, manager of Windsor Plywood to the Saskatoon police I would never have believed that a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench was corrupt. I would never have believed that his political pals within the administration of justice would abuse their power and retaliate against me for reporting this corrupt lawyer and past president of the Progressive Conservative Party to the Saskatoon Police.

I am a little sick of these robed Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia jackasses putting me into the hospital. I am going to restrict my future postings to the Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia , the Progressive Conservative Party, the Ross children and Johanna and John Lucas.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Grant Devine was a mixture of former members of Justice Ted Malone’s Liberal Party who had previously lost 15 liberal seats in the legislature.

All the people involved with my case are also involved with the old Progressive Conservative Party. Nicholas Stooshinoff, Justice Dovell, Audrey Brent, Justice G A Smith, Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff, Justice Vancise, Justice Hrabinsky, Brent Gough, Shelley Sutherland, Sheryl Hilash, Don Morgan and Terrance S. Chinn.

Shelley Sutherland is just another example of a corrupt employee of the City of Saskatoon lying and perjuring themselves. Hilash and Chinn are just lying and perjuring themselves for the good of the Progressive Conservative Party. I will have a few future posts about these jackasses.

Justice Hrabinsky is the only one that that I can not figure out. He walked into a pre-trial and started insulting me, he was prepared to put an eighty six year old out of her own house because I reported his Doukhobor Mafia friend to the police. This was a favour for Nicholas Stooshinoff, or his former law partner, Audrey Brent, or Stooshinoff’s other former law partner, the sick man hating middle sexed (Ms) misfit, Justice Dovell.

Justice Hrabinsky is a disgrace. This fool left two eight year old girls to be raped for four year and his sick Progressive Conservative Party jackass judicial friends only had to pull his strings. He does favours for his sick friends who blackmailed a disabled Saskatoon homeowner and put him into the hospital. He steals money from a disabled man. He steals money from a eighty eight year old stroke victim and forced her to live like an animal. This jackass and his friends can put me into the hospital anytime they want. This last time was by far the worst yet. As long as I am able I am going to post about this sick bunch of judicial misfits.

The government of Saskatchewan is corrupt, it has lost control of Saskatchewan Justice to idiots who leave children to be raped.