Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Charter Rights Stomp

I have started a new blog about the ongoing persecution of John Lucas by Saskatchewan Justice. Mr Lucas has another gag order crammed down his throat by Justice Kyle. This gag order prevents Mr Lucas from doing what all Canadians take for granted, like contacting family, going into town and he can “not communicate in any way on a website or e-mail with anyone regarding his Court case.”

Canadian singer Stompin' Tom Connors is known for his homespun and fiercely patriotic brand of music and his usual foot-stomping while he sings. Saskatchewan has selected the wrong song to celebrate the Saskatchewan centennial at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon this summer. Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell, Justice Kyle and Stompin' Tom could get up on the overpriced stage with a square of plywood each and give the Queen a true revelation of Saskatchewan with a rambunctious foot stomping version of “The Charter Rights Stomp“.
Link to: The Persecution of John Lucas 1993 - 2005

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