Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sheila Steele - Richard Klassen MLA? - John Lucas Trial

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Excellent post Sheila. What I'd really like to see is you or Mr. Klassen contest the next election as an independent candidate in Frank Quennell's riding. Imho, he has been a complete disappointment as injustice minister.

Go find your own candidates for Frank Quennell’s riding. We need Sheila or Richard Klassen to run in Riversdale. We are not going to put up with this attempt to entice them to run in City Park. I encouraged Mr Klassen to run in the next provincial election in Riversdale in my post on January 16 and I think that he will not take this underhanded dirty politics lightly. All kidding aside I agree with you Jacob, Sheila and Mr Klassen should run in the next election, a guaranteed win. A vote for Mr Quennell, Mr Morgan or Mr Calvert is a vote for injustice.

Frank Quennell’s riding will be an easy win for an independent candidate. One of his supporters in the last election refused to attend his Christmas party saying that he would not attend unless Mr Quennell invited the Sterling family, Klassen Family and John Lucas and his wife. Had Mr Quennell appealed the Judgement of Justice Baynton before the last election he would have been looking for a job like the federal NDP candidates who had the misfortune of being associated with the Saskatchewan NDP. Hopefully, Mr Quennell will see the writing on the wall and resign like his predecessor.

If there was a lawyer in Saskatchewan with morals, integrity and above reproach willing to run in the next provincial election to replace Mr Quennell, their good name would be dishonoured by the letterhead, Saskatchewan Justice.

The Premier of Saskatchewan Lorne Calvert, from the time that Tommy Douglas was voted the Greatest Canadian, has been referring to Mr Douglas at every opportunity in his speeches, making a movie and pointing out that they both have a religious background as church ministers. This is an insult to the memory of Tommy Douglas. The Saskatchewan legacy of Mr Romano and Lorne Calvert’s government is nothing short of a disaster and association with Tommy Douglas will not change that, or get Mr Calvert re-elected. Mr Calvert seems to be hanging on to the coat tail of Tommy Douglas and the Premier of Newfoundland who obtained billions for the people of Newfoundland because of his competence, Mr Calvert may be limited as a result of reaching his level of incompetence.

The movie being made about Tommy Douglas should be about Mr Douglas, not the NDP. The NDP legacy is well documented in Fifth Estate documentary’s, the satanic child abuse case law, Justice Baynton’s Judgement, the separation and removal from the province by social services of two twin girls named Ross, the persuasion of John Lucas and his wife and the lawyers fairytale movie being made about Richard Klassen’s 10 plus year struggle for justice. Mr Calvert’s legacy is overwhelming, Mr Douglas’s legacy is above reproach and enjoyed by all Canadians.

John Lucas is going to trial in October 2005. It is going to be a jury trial. If the crown does not pad the jury, withhold evidence or any of its other known tricks Mr Lucas should receive a fair trial this time. Assuming that Mr Lucas will have the right to question his accusers, the crown may have a dilemma in selecting jury members who have not had access to a computer or newspapers for over 10 years and would be willing to give any credibility to the testimony of Justice Hrabinsky.

The thought of Sheila and Richard Klassen being elected in Saskatchewan results in a smile on my face. Think of the fun they could have, an independent trusted voice of the people is desperately needed. An independent voice is better than no voice. The first order of business could be to find out why two twin girl victims of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services were separated and dumped in BC like they were Saskatchewan damaged goods. That should not have happened, the reason could be the same as why no one was held accountable as a result of Justice Baynton’s Judgement, why John Lucas has a gag order, why the girls former foster parents have disappeared and why it is very unlikely that Justice Hrabinsky will testify and John Lucas will not receive a fair trial, again.

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