Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My responce to Red Deer post on injusticebusters Blog

Hello to Red Deer

The court in Red Deer sounds like the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. I helped a friend represent himself when a lawyer placed a false claim of lien on his property under The Builders Lien Act. I reported this lawyer and others to the police and the prosecutors reason for not laying charges was that it was a civil matter. The moment cash sales receipts were copied on to charge invoices and used by a lawyer to file a false Statement of Claim and caveat based on forged documents it became a criminal matter.

His first Notice of Motion filed to obtain an order for documents was heard by a judge who would have put this lawyer in jail if he had known that the lawyer was lying to him. There are excellent lawyers, police officers and judges, they are in the same boat as you and many other Canadians including myself. There is no procedure to deal with corruption within the administration of justice, courts and prosecutors office. He tried to hire a lawyer but all the lawyers he talked to referred him to a Bencher with the Saskatchewan Law Society. He could not afford a $5000.00 retainer and $300.00 per hour.

His second Notice of Motion detailed the scam in his affidavit, the judge ignored its contents and a warning from his doctor, he was rushed to the hospital in serious condition three hours after court..

His wife then tried to hire a lawyer, she was referred to another Bencher with the Saskatchewan Law Society. When she got to his office he told her that the lawyer her husband was referred to was waiting in his office for her. When she parked her car in front of this Bencher’s office building the lawyer who filed the false claim was waiting for her on the sidewalk. There is no question that the Benchers with the Saskatchewan Law Society were protecting a corrupt lawyer. There are many lawyer scams, this one involves employees of a major building supplier, contractors and lawyers who would claim that building materials were not paid for, using false documents the lawyer would place a caveat on a homeowners property and blackmail the homeowner. If the homeowner tries to represent himself one of “The whole judicial system is at issue -- it's worth more than one person” judge will hear the case and along with the prosecutors office and the Law Society they will protect the blackmailers. The homeowner had no choice but to pay up. He would have been put into the hospital again as there is no way that he could have his case heard by one of the many excellent judges in the Court of Queen’s Bench.

When my wife filed for a divorce her lawyer was a former law partner of the lawyer I reported to the police and the judge who heard the case was also a former law partner.

I am disabled with a rare movement disorder that effects my muscles and I have a degenerated spine. I borrowed money for a lawyer and was railroaded to a pre-trial. My lawyer refused to contact my doctors. My lawyer was surprised to find that the divorce file was not in the family court registry, it was in the Queen’s Bench registry. It was the personal property of Justice Hrabinsky. My lawyer filed a pre-trial brief without letting me see it that contained old medical information. When my wife moved out she took all my personal papers including medical documents. He could have only obtained this information from my wife’s lawyer. I told this lawyer that I had a problem with a past employer and my wife’s lawyer claimed that I worked under the table for this employer. They were trying to discredit me by claiming my claimed income was low, not because I am disabled, but because I worked for cash and cheated on my income tax.

The court ignored a letter from my doctor that said that my attending the pre-trial would have a serious effect on my health. Justice Hrabinsky at the pre-trial told me to get a job and was prepared to put me and my disabled mother out on the street. I ended up in the hospital. When I searched for his name on the internet I found a detailed record of his years of stomping on the Charter Rights of people and jailing innocent people. The truth was on the internet detailing his behaviour for the world to see. He could not hide from the truth.

When I received the file from my lawyer he had made reference in his notes to a third Bencher with the Law Society. Lucky me, I had three benchers with the Saskatchewan Law Society overseeing my case. A friend hired another lawyer who made an application to the court to delay the trial date, I was being railroaded to a trial. This lawyer discovered my wife and obtained undertaking for documents. He withdrew before he obtained them. My legal bill was over $6000.00 and he did not file one document on my behalf and again this lawyer did not contact my doctors.

I attended court without a lawyer and ended up on the floor by the family court registry flopping around like a fish out of water. I received a letter from the court a few days later that said if I again decided not to attend in court on the next trial date the trial would proceed without me. A few days before the trial date I receiver a letter from my wife’s lawyer saying the trial had been postponed and based on this information I did not go to court. I then received a court order. The judge was my wife‘s former law partner for five years Justice Dovell. She is also the former law partner of the lawyer I reported to the police. The order again said that if I again failed to attend in court the trial would proceed without me. It also said that the next trial date was final and read like the court would not continue to put up with my not attending court.

I again searched the internet for justice Dovell. What I found sickened me. Not only were these judges destroying lives they were protecting people who stood by and did nothing about the rape and torture of two 8 year old girls for 43 months, between May 29th 1990 & January, 1994. There was a man speaking on behalf of the children. He was jailed and is to this day being persecuted. Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell have been stomping on the Charter Rights of innocent people with gag orders, sealing documents, secret courts, just like one would expect in the former USSR. He has a gag order that prevents him from speaking that clearly has only one purpose, hide the truth.

He is being discredited because of his way of proceeding is seen as being unacceptable, after over ten years of being persecuted it may not be acceptable, but it is understandable. For over ten years he has being telling the truth. He can not put his story on the internet as he has a court gag order crammed down his throat. His name is John Lucas. I read on the injusticebusters web site that Richard Klassen was at one time so distraught that he was going to drive his car into the front door of the police station. This would not be acceptable, but it would have been understandable. I am glad he did not do that, Mr Klassen exposed the people responsible for destroying his family in spite of the combined efforts by judges, lawyers and the government of Saskatchewan to hide the truth.

My friend has my power of attorney, this is because I can have life treating adverse reactions to small amounts of prescribed medications. I am unable to direct a doctor if I am hospitalised or taken to emergency. I live in a city that is know for its caring people who help the disabled. There is no other city in Canada that is known for its volunteers like Saskatoon is. I have caring medical professional help just a phone call away. I pay 4% of the cost of my medications. I have a friendly volunteer deliver a hot meal for myself and my mother, she is completely dependant on me for her care. If I end up in the hospital a health care professional checks on my mother and sees that she is cared for. For over 20 years I have managed to keep myself off welfare by taking odd jobs. A car accident left me unable to work for five years and I sold my house and used the money to live on. I lived on peanut butter sandwiches and mended my false teeth by using glue and a patch of cloth. Without the help of volunteers and having my medical needs taken care of I would have lost my independence years ago. I bought my house with the money I received from the court judgement and my mother paid one third of its cost. I found out the hard way that lonely medicated disabled men with assets that are paid for are easy pray for women.

My friend had my doctors write letters for the court and he attached them to his affidavit and filed them before the trial. I told him that he needed to help me to get out of the court if the judge started in on me again like Justice Hrabinsky did. Justice Dovell ignored my doctors letters and it was a repeat of the pre-trial. Without his help to get me into my wheelchair and out of the court and home I would have ended up back in the hospital.

My mother found me unconscious on the bathroom floor that night, I was laying in a pool of yellow slime that I had vomited up, I was unable to move my head, my neck muscles were seized from my shoulder to the base of my skull with my head twisted up and to the left, I could not straighten out my legs as my calf muscles would seize up, my left foot was twisted in at 90 degrees and 100mg of morphine was having little effect except to sicken and leave me nauseated. I was reduced to a barnyard animal. I was unable to get into my wheelchair. I was unable to find my shoe phone and I knocked my computer key board on the floor and I sent an email for help. There was no point in my going to the hospital, there is no cure for Dystonia, all they could do would be to give me an injection of morphine and send me home again. I needed food placed in the bottom of the fridge for my mother where I could reach it and the telephone on the floor and a mattress on the living room floor. I crawled for three days in pain unable to get into my wheelchair or eat and vomiting up a yellow slime.

I read a speech by Senator Anne C. Cools about the “suicide of a 34 year old man from British Columbia named Darrin Bruce White. He had been, as had his ex-wife, a railroad locomotive engineer. He was on disability with a disposable income of about $1,000 per month. On March 1, 2000, the court ordered him to pay his ex-wife a total of $2, 071 per month, being $1,07l in child support plus $1,000.00 for spousal support for herself, with the first payment due immediately. He was ordered to pay twice his real income on disability. He disappeared a few days later and was found dead in the woods shortly thereafter. He had hanged himself. --- This man’s feelings, like many men’s feelings, were not received by the system, as money they do not have is extracted and gouged out of them. His voice is silent.” I came very close to being just another dead disabled victim of injustice that night on the bathroom floor. My voice is not silent.
My friend wrote a letter to Justice Dovell, I was very concerned when he did this as I knew what she was capable of. Her order was expected, she ordered me to continue making payments on my camping trailer until spring and then it was to be sold and half of the money given to my wife, if not for a registered caveat protecting my mothers right to live in her house it would have been ordered sold and my mother and I would have been out on the street. She ordered my house to be listed for sale within one month of the passing of my mother. She went on at great length how I did not bother to appear for court and made reference to the letter from the court saying that the trial would proceed if I failed to attend. She included the court order and made it sound like some other judge had ordered this as I had failed to attend at trial. She made no mention that she was the judge that made the order or that I did not attend because I was told the trial was postponed by her former law partner. She dismissed my doctors letters as hearsay. She went on about how I worked for cash under the table and took every opportunity to discredit me. There was not one word about my being in a wheelchair, disabled or the reasons for my disability that my doctors listed in their letters.

I started being harassed by the sheriff shortly after court. There was nothing in the order that I was required to pay until the spring when the trailer was ordered sold. This left me on the floor again. My friend arranged for a bank loan and he is making the monthly payments. He hired another lawyer paying $6000.00 and the lawyer got the sheriff off my back and filed an appeal. This lawyer has again failed to contact my doctors. This is understandable because if he proceeds with the appeal he will beaten him into the ground, he has said that he does not want Justice Dovell after him.

I do not think it fair to the owner of an internet site to include names in my posts but there is nothing that I could say about Justice Hrabinsky or Madam Justice Dovell that has not already been said. Nothing that I could say could be any worse then what is detailed about them on the internet. They are a disgrace to their profession and not only have they disgraced themselves and the court they drag the names of honest honourable lawyers and judges through the muck with them. I have included the names on my blog as there is one thing that they will never stop me from doing, telling the truth.

Red Deer could not come close to the corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatchewan. There are many people who have had their lives destroyed in Saskatchewan by corruption, dishonest lawyers and judges. I picketed the Court of Queen’s Bench the winter before last, once I got past the first hour of feeling like a goof and people stopped to talk and ask questions it became a lot easer. Justice Baynton said about Richard Klassen picketing the court that it was not wise for him to be picketing. I agree with him, not only does it show a deserving disrespect for Justice Hrabinsky’s and Dovell’s court, it is disrespectful of Justice Baynton’s court. If Justice Baynton accepts the international disgrace of his court detailed on the internet as a result of the actions of Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell then he is deserving of any disrespect for his court without my help.

My doctors have been asking for a letter from a lawyer directing them about what to include in a legal medical report. They now know the reason that a lawyer has not contacted them for over three years. They also know that I can be left crawling on the floor in pain with no way to defend myself and hospitalised again without their help. My family doctor has told my friend that I have a rare movement disorder and it is unlikely that there is anyone else in Saskatoon with a similar movement disorder or a doctor qualified to write the medical report. He said that it is difficult to have the health care pay for an out of province doctor qualified to write a report. I have been diagnosed with a movement disorder that is likely Torsion Dystonia and because it is rare the only doctor who could properly diagnose the disorder would be in the USA or Vancouver.

Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell have the power to obscure and obfuscate the truth. They have the power to dismiss my doctors letters, fabricate court orders and put me into the hospital. The one thing they can not do is hide from the truth. If this Albert Redecop and judge Crowe have done as you say then write up the truth, support it with documents and evidence and post it on the internet with your name on it. Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell have a 10 year history of hiding the truth that is detailed on the internet. Justice Dovell was appointed to the bench after people started serving Statements of Claim in regards to the Satanic child abuse cases. Her appointment to the bench is an affront to the ancient standard of honour, integrity and ethics. Her order that a conversation between a police officer and a prosecutor was subject to client lawyer privilege was a continuation of hide the truth. It was unlikely that any of the cases would make it to trial and with the sealing of documents, secret court orders, publication bans and gag orders the truth would be hidden forever. Their tunnel vision view prevented them from seeing the truth on the internet. The Baynton Judgement did not only uncovered the truth, it clearly showed the way of exposing injustice and corruption is not in a court room, it is posting the truth on the internet.

To my knowledge only one member of the legal community in Saskatoon has spoken out, he is a law professor, he said about a judgement by Justice Dovell that it was “unusual”. That was the understatement of the year. Canadians need a timely, credible and affordable way to expose these judges, lawyers and end the process of political patronage appointments to the bench.

If there was a credibly body to take complaints about Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell they would have been shown the door years ago and they would not have been allowed to abuse their power and continue to destroy lives. The Canadian Justice Review Board has asked Sheila Fraser, Auditor General of Canada to take a hard look at how the Canadian Judicial Counsel conducts its business. I have a complaint about Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell and like so many other Canadians I have found out they are the untouchable elite. A suggestion to take my complaint to the Canadian Judicial Counsel is an insult as is a suggestion to take a complaint to the Law Society.

The Canadian Justice Review Board’s letter to Sheila Fraser could be the start of a timely and affordable way for Canadians to have corrupt judges removed from the bench. Judges hearing complaints about judges and lawyers hearing complaints about lawyers is no different than gangsters hearing complaints about gangsters. Until there is a credible way for Canadians to have their complaints heard about corrupt judges and lawyers the best way to proceed is by posting the truth on the internet. The Red Deer justice system can not possibly be worse then the detailed atrocities of corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatchewan and Saskatoon. Your post about justice Crowe may be true but without your name on your post it has no credibility. With any luck the Canadian Justice Review Board and Sheila Fraser, Auditor General of Canada will expose the Canadian Judicial Counsel for what it is, useless.

You are not dealing with overly intelligent people. They openly abuse their power in a complete vacuum of any accountability. This has been shown to be true, not one of the people found to be responsible for destroying Richard Klassen’s family are being held accountable. You are dealing with grade six bullies who are accountable to no one.

The injusticebusters web site details the injustice of wrongful convictions, Sheila Steele and Richard Klassen have shown the way, there are now web and blog pages detailing injustice and corruption from Newfoundland to Vancouver island. The power of stating the truth and putting a signature on it on the web can be seen in Justice Baynton’s Judgement. They can not hide from the truth.

James Hunter

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