Thursday, March 31, 2005

Saskatchewan Justice Corruption

I reported two Saskatoon lawyer’s and the manager of a building supply company to the Saskatoon Police for filing a false claim of lien. The police were unable to obtain a search warrant to search a lawyers office as the law prevented this. I then discovered that Canada has strengthened laws on money laundering and a lawyers trust accounts were exempted. I realised that lawyers are above the law in Saskatoon when the prosecutors office dismissed the police investigation and a recommendation to lay charges claiming it was a civil matter.

Every time the homeowners tried to hire a lawyer they were referred to a Bencher with the Saskatchewan Law Society. On one occasion the homeowner found a lawyer to take the case. When she arrived at his office she was referred again to the Bencher and was told he was waiting for her. The lawyer who filed the false claim was waiting for her on the sidewalk in front of the Benchers office building. I was amazed at how well organized this was.

When the homeowner filed a motion and affidavit detailing the lawyers illegal actives a judge in chambers engaged along with the lawyers in slandering and discrediting the homeowners. When I searched the internet this judge was involved in many cases where the government of Saskatchewan and City of Saskatoon were accused of improper conduct in the satanic child abuse cases and other civil cases involving the abuse of Native children. The outcome was always in favour of the Government of Saskatchewan. I was amazed at how well organized this was.

After being railroaded to a pre-trial conference I searched the internet for the judge. Same thing, he was openly protecting the government of Saskatchewan in the satanic child abuse cases. The fact that he engaged in a improper pre-trial is indisputable, I was amazed that he was allowed to sit as a judge with the amount of information, also true and indisputable detailed on the internet. He was also jailing and persecuting innocent people because they had the guts to speak out about his court, government agencies and employees including officers of the court who were later found guilty of deplorable acts. This judge needs to explain why he conducted the pre-trial in the manner that he did and at who’s requested he did this. My wife’s lawyer is probably responsible, or the judge who heard my case. This judge was a former law partner of my wife’s lawyer and one of the lawyers I reported to the police. I was amazed at how well organised this was.

Just before the trial I received a letter from my wife’s lawyer informing me the trial had been postponed. About a week later I received a cooked up court order. I again looked up this judge on the internet. Same thing, not only was she involved with the satanic child abuse cases she was dismissing the claims of the child victims and the claims of innocent people sent to jail as a result of the brake down of the rule of law in Saskatchewan. She was also doing it openly as if the rule of law did not apply to her judgements. She was appointed to the bench the same day as the judge who heard the chambers Motion of the homeowner. It was clear that the two of them were political hacks, I think the government of Saskatchewan got more that they bargained for in appointing these two. The fact that she cooked up a court order is indisputable. I had no questions about the lawyer who filed the false claim, he is crooked. When I asked about my wife’s lawyer, everybody I asked said, crooked, and she gets away with it. Its no wonder, as she has judges in her back pocket that are just as crooked. I was amazed at how well organised this was and at their ability to keep the cases away from the other judges in the court.

2002 Report of the Auditor General of Canada - April - Chapter 4 - The Criminal Justice System: Significant Challenges, reported the following:

4.49 Preliminary data indicate that there are 64 large-scale organized crime groups in Canada. Most have national and international links that are used to exchange goods, services, expertise, skills, personnel, and facilities. Most use legitimate businesses to launder money. About half are involved in the corruption of politics, the media, public administration, judicial authorities, or the economy.

Canada has strengthened laws on money laundering, this left drug dealers with their car trunks full of large bills. It was after that lawyers trust accounts were exempted and laws passed that prevented police from obtaining a search warrant to search a lawyers office. Combine this with lawyer client privilege and the end result is that lawyers are above the law.

The well organised charade involving judges, prosecutors office, lawyers and the Saskatchewan Law Society to protect a corrupt lawyer who was blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner was not organised over a $9000.00 builders lien scam, it was already in place. It was in place to protect the administration of justice in the satanic child abuse trials, the ongoing persecution of John Lucas and is now being used to protect corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatchewan.

I think that it is time that the RCMP organised crime unit and commercial crime had a look at these lawyers and judges, along with their trust accounts and the Saskatchewan Law Society.

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