Friday, December 17, 2004

What about the home owners?

I emailed Don Morgan the Saskatchewan Party Justice critic about a Builders Lien scam. He responded 6 months later after being pressured by Federal MP's in part with: "Our party supports the provisions of The Builder's Lien Act. It enables building material suppliers and tradespeople a remedy that is timely and affordable (at least in so far as registering the lien)." Mr Morgan and the Saskatchewan Party may have the support of building suppliers and trades people, but it is not just building suppliers and trades people that voted for them. It is also homeowners being blackmailed by the provisions of The Builders Lien Act in Saskatchewan that denies them a "timely and affordable" remedy to protect their legal rights in small claims court. Mr Morgan and his Saskatchewan Party have forgotten who they represent, the Saskatchewan Party does not just have the responsibility of "support of building suppliers and trades people", they have a responsibility to all Saskatchewan home owners who voted for them or not, they pay them to do it. If a builders lien that is "timely and affordable (at least in so far as registering the lien)" is placed on a Saskatchewan home owners property it will cost the home owner up to $15,000.00 in legal fees to have it removed, the home owners mortgage funds will be held in trust in a lawyers bank account collecting interest for the Saskatchewan Law Society. The homeowner will be referred to a $300.00 an hour lawyer, and the stress involved could put the home owner in the hospital. Mr Morgan and the Saskatchewan Political Party support thieves and blackmailers, what about the home owners?
James Hunter

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