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Q.B. No. 616, 2007

Updates June 2007

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
KVELLO V. MIAZGA: A Decision from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal
May 30, 2007

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
I started wondering what the hell the judges were talking about at paragraph 6.

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Globe and Mail

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Paragraph 7 More Crap

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Odd thing about memory, huh?
Lack of recall remarkable. The StarPhoenix editorial
Friday, September 19, 2003

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Paragraph 146 - 239: More Crap

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal: Paragraph 255. Someone, please ask these judges to retire.

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Paragraph 228
“Surely one must ask where were the courts in all of this?”

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Lies and Slander
They did not name the judges involved in the cover-up as Defendants.

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Paragraph 6 - Criminal Code and Canada Evidence Act
Maybe a soft thump on the back of the head with a bible would help

KVELLO V. MIAZGA: Paragraph 8. “ Eventually, the boy was sexually abusing the girls.”
This is BS and the judges know it.

Kvello v. Miazga Appeal
A Canadian war hero.

News: Star-Phoenix July 21, 2007 - Justice system poorly handled case of drunk off-duty officer
This is just more hogwash from the Court of Appeal

Documents: Letter July 23rd, 1992 Matthew Miazga to Murray Brown, Director of Appeals

Documents: Letter September 30, 1992 Matthew Miazga to Richard Quinney

Documents: Letter May 25 1993 Miazga to Murray Brown

Documents: Letter Aug 13, 1992 C. Richard Quinney, Q.C to Matthew K. Miazga

Documents: Letter From Matthew K. Miazga to Sheila Gagne February 25th, 1992

Documents: Letter from David Macknak to Miazga February 24, 1992

Documents: Dr Parker letter to Norma Rivard

Documents: Cpl. Brian Dueck’s list of cult conferences

How to manipulate a child in grade four into lying. The Saskatchewan way.

Satanic Ritual Abuse
Saskatchewan’s Satanic Panic

Documents: Marilyn Thompson Notes Transcript June 22, 2001
Page 41 To Page 43

Transcript of Taped interview of Michael London Ross by Corporal Brian Dueck and Carol Bunko-Ruys October 20, 1990.
I will be writing up a post about how a just turned 11 year old child in grade 4 was manipulated into supplying testimony to agree with the above Thompson notes. This is a sick abuse of the law and a sicker abuse of a child’s trust. Some people may have trouble distinguishing who the adults are. Michael answers to questions are proceeded by the letter A. He is the child. CPL. DUECK and MS. BUNKO-RUYS are the adults.

News: SaskParty candidate suspended from police job says it's political

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