Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heterophobia, radical feminist anger, radical religious fundamentalist stupidly.

Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs

Friday, May 24, 2002

Superintendent Brian Dueck (Human Resources, Saskatoon City Police)

"I'm distressed by the lack of infrastructure for drug treatment and drug rehab, especially here in Saskatchewan. We have no facilities for young people that are dedicated solely to young people. We have a private group now that has obtained some land just north of Saskatoon on the riverbank. It's a Christian or religious-based organization, a group of churches in the city, that is trying to get something started. Again, it takes a million dollars, and that's hard to raise privately. I think our governments at all levels have really let down the people in this province."

It is shocking to read that in 2002 Superintendent Brian Dueck was actively engaged in organizing a drug treatment facility dedicated solely to young people. “We have a private group”. Is this the same group of religious fundamentalist feminist social workers who lead Brian Dueck around by the nose looking for children who they claimed were victims of a ritual satanic cult.

A mixture of Heterophobia, radical feminist anger and radical religious fundamentalist stupidly resulted in the Saskatchewan Satanic child abuse hysteria. Take the control and power away from these women and they would be mentally unstable.

This would explain why no women’s origination’s came to the aid of Johanna Lucas. There is only one site on the web that is speaking for real women in Canada.

The fact that these sick women were able to gain the support of radical religious fundamentalist police officers, judges and prosecutors to do their dirty work for them comes as no surprise when one looks at Saskatchewan’s political and judicial history of appointing incompetent religious fools to the courts. Take the control and power away from these insecure police officers, judges and prosecutors and they would all start stuttering again.

One need to look at the motives of these do good people after what happened to the Ross children and Johanna Lucas. Without a inquiry into the Satanic child abuse cover-up and the jailing of Johanna Lucas it is no longer a question of it happening again, it has happened again to the Vopni family and the judges of The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal have again abused the trust of the people by protecting a corrupt administration of justice.

The very idea that children who are wards of the court would be placed into the complete control of these religious sexual perverts calling themselves a “Christian or religious-based organization” needs to end in Saskatchewan. Remove these women from social service and the radical religious fundamentalist judges from Saskatchewan courts. Child wards of the courts are still at risk in Saskatchewan. It is not “our governments at all levels have really let down the people in this province” it is the silent honest judges who watched and did nothing.

As for the “Non-Medical Use of Drugs”, the internet is looking more like a law enforcement and organized crime turf war.

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