Monday, November 13, 2006

A fair trial for Wilfred Hathway.

The Hathway case in Saskatoon is another example of injustice in Canada. I have no idea if Mr Hathway is guilty or innocent. I have one interest only. A fair trial for Mr Hathway.

When justice takes a wrong turn in Canada it is not the responsibility of non-lawyers paid by Mr Hathway’s family and supporters to represent Mr Hathway in court proceedings. It is the responsibility of the federal justice department.

The administration of justice is corrupt in Saskatchewan. That disturbing statement is not disputed by judges of the Court of Queen’s Bench. If the information posted on injusticebusters about the undercover RCMP officer is true the federal justice department must intervene in the Hathway case.

When high ranking RCMP officers protect the illegal activates of RCMP officers under their command, and this information is known to the pre-trial judges there must be a stay of proceedings or the appointment of a trial judge to hear any further proceedings.

Proceeding will place the administration of justice into disrepute and further damage the creditably of the Court of Queen’s Bench, the RCMP and Saskatchewan justice.

Any investigation must include the publication bans and the actions of the Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Saskatchewan Law Society’s failed attempt to rule by fiat.

The fact that one does not have Charter Rights in Saskatchewan can not be disputed. The practice directives issued by the former Chief Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal during the nineteen eighties were justified by the Chief justice because without his practise directives there would be a flood of non-lawyers wanting into the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, and he did not have the judges or the financial resources to handle the number of Saskatchewan citizens demanding their Charter Right of access to his court. It was an honest statement. It is not just Saskatchewan health and education employees that suffer under a corrupt civil service that is under funded and mismanaged in Saskatchewan.

Mr Hathway’s family should not have to pay thousands to non-lawyers to protect Mr Hathway’s Charter Rights to a fair trial.

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