Monday, November 13, 2006

Bring Our Soldiers Home

The first world war was the end of world wars. The second world war was the end of world wars. Both wars left siblings and family to morn the loss of young soldiers. This war leaves Canadian children to morn the loss of their mothers and fathers.

The people of the USA are coming back to their moral values that so many have died for in past wars. This is a religious war that will further divide the world. One does not make friends and influence people by killing their children.

What happened to the United Nations? What happened to the dream for world peace? Fix the problems with the UN or all the blood of Canadians soaked into the fields of Europe and Asia was for nothing.

Religious leaders lacking empathy and morals have others do their dirty work for them. Killing in the name of ones God is a cul-de-sac with no exit. One only has to look at Saskatchewan to see the devastating results of leaving the courts in the control of religious extremists. Children left to be raped, innocent people jailed and lives destroyed all to protect a few religious extremists within Saskatchewan justice who forgot that it is the constitution and the rule of law they swore to protect.

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