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A History

John Lucas was involved in prisoner rights when he was asked to help the Kvello and Klassen families who had their charges stayed by Saskatchewan Justice on the eve of their trial. These families and their children were living in a nightmare. The infighting and deals made by some family members with the Crown prosecutors left them blaming each other instead of working together and seeing that they had the end of their nightmare in their hands, the Crown documents and tapes of the police interviews.

John Lucas did not want to become involved with a child abuse case. He resisted for a year until he was contacted by Ms Maraleena Repo in June, 1993. She requested that he talk to them as some had traveled to Saskatoon from Red Deer, Alberta.

Mr Lucas meet with them in June, 1993 and after returning home he received thousands of pages of documents from the Kvello’s. Transcripts, reports from Social Services, documents from their lawyer and several hours of police interview tapes.

Mr Lucas still did not want to become involved. After he and his wife Johanna spent days reviewing the documents they both reached the same conclusion. The Ross children could still be in danger in the Thompson Special Care Foster Home.

Social Services had advertised for a foster home for Michael London Ross and believe it or not, this child was though to be a victim of satanic child abuse because of his history of unusual sexual behaviour. He was separated from his twin sisters because he was abusing them and other children in his former foster home run by members of the Klassen family.

He was soon under the supervision of a child therapist, Carol Bunko-Ruys, and policeman, Brian George Dueck. His twin sisters were moved into the Thompson foster home where their brother was allowed to rape, sodomize and torture his twin sisters for four years. Michael London Ross was a child in desperate need of medical help for FASD and the authorities knowingly allowed him to rape and sodomize his sisters in the Thompson foster home until he was over 14 years old. Welcome to Saskatchewan in the 80’s and early 1990’s.

The Ross children’s parents and a friend were also charged at the same time as the Kvello and Klassen families and were committed to trial at a preliminary inquiry conducted by Mr Justice Albert Lavoie. The investigating police officer was Brian George Dueck.

Madam Justice Batten found all three guilty on December 18, 1992. The Ross Ross & White (R. R. & W.) travesty of justice was the start of the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse cases in Saskatchewan. The court ordered bans concerning this case left a hole in the story deep enough to bury Saskatchewan Justice. The public and media were banned from Justice Batten’s court room.

The conviction in the R. R. & W. case was the fuel for religious extremes within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services to continue charging innocent people in the Saskatoon Area. The Martinsville Nightmare was the next travesty of justice on the radar of these religious extremes. The real travesty of justice is the cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice, Social Services and the Saskatoon Police Service about what happened to their victims and the Ross Children. Saskatchewan‘s Shame.

Mr Justice Albert Lavoie conducted the trial of a youth charged in the Martinsville nightmare. The news media was again banned from the court room. CANADIAN BROADCASTING COPR. V. SASKATCHEWAN (ATTORNEY GENERAL) Judgement by Chief Justice Bayda, Mr. Justice Tallis and Mr. Justice Sherstobitoff March 11, 1993.

Johanna and John packaged a few hundred pages of the thousands he received, 12 sets of police video tapes and contacted the Saskatoon Police, Social Services and Crown prosecutors and requested they investigate. They were dismissed by all three of Saskatoon’s agencies that Canadians would expect would have placed the protection of children above all else.

They then dropped off copies of the police tapes and documents at the offices of MLA’s and MP’s. MP, Mr Chris Axworthy sent the copies he received from Mr Lucas to Crown prosecutor Terry Hinz on August 23, 1993.

After receiving no response, Mr Lucas distributed material around Saskatoon and area to bring the publics attention to the danger the children were in. The names of the children were not in the distributed documents and the nature of the documents, the shocking photo copies soon had the Saskatoon Police interested.

Mr Lucas continued to distribute posters in downtown Saskatoon. He developed a strategy and replace the 300 posters destroyed every day only in the area around the court house after observing how many people were reading the posters and using different coloured paper so people would recognize any new posters. By the end of August 1993 he had placed over 10,000 posters in downtown Saskatoon. There was still no help for the Ross children.

Crown prosecutor, Terry Hinz, wrote a letter dated July 19, 1993 to Wilfrid K Tucker who had been away to bring him up to date. He was concerned about the media attention and wrote up a strategy of deception letter that Saskatchewan Justice used for years to discredit Johanna and John Lucas and the others who were desperately trying to help the Ross Twins. His concern that “if charged they could subpoena prosecutors, police etc. as “defence” witnesses in an attempt to prove that their allegations are true“ is just what Mr Lucas has done, 14 years later.

When the news media started to agree with Saskatchewan Justice that John and Johanna Lucas were just kooks, Mr Lucas contacted Mr. Richard Quinney, Director of Public Prosecutions, Saskatchewan Justice.

Mr. Quinney did not agree with what Mr Lucas was doing but he contacted Mr. Wilfrid Tucker and asked Mr Tucker to make himself available to Mr Lucas to discuss the case as Mr Quinney considered it to be a serious matter.

Saskatchewan Justice gave Mr Lucas access to senior management in Saskatoon and Regina and this arrangement continued with occasional discussions with Terry Hinz and Ross MacNab after Mr Quinney was taken ill.

About mid September 1993, Mrs Kvello arranged a meeting between Mr Lucas, and a women who had information that the Ross twins in the Thompson Special Foster Home and other children were still being abused by Michael London Ross. She had information about the Ross children in school and the location of a upcoming meeting of therapists and other professionals about Michael Ross. Just as Johanna Lucas was very worried this women was very concerned about the Ross Twins knowingly being left by the authorities in a seriously dangerous situation for such a extended length of time.

This would have been a devastating confirmation of Johanna Lucas worst fears. Johanna and John then picketed the Saskatoon Police Station. Their signs were in the form of a question directed at the citizens of Saskatoon. Notwithstanding that it was a fellow police officers name that was on the signs they were asking for help from the very people who are the protectors of children in Canada, police officers.

Johanna Lucas was arrested. John Lucas was arrested the following day. The R v. Johanna and John Lucas preliminary inquiry was conducted by Mr Justice Albert Lavoie February 7, 1994 and he committed them to stand trial on a charge of defamatory libel against Sergeant Brian Dueck of the Saskatoon Police Service.

The law says that anyone who aids or abets a criminal act is as guilty as the person who commits the criminal act. Allowing the rape, sodomy & torture of eight year old girls is a criminal act, be it by a police officer or anyone else.

Manufacturing a case and charging the Lucas to protect the integrity of the administration of justice to prevent public scrutiny and embarrassment over the satanic ritual child abuse cases and leaving the Ross twins to be raped is sick. Proceeding with a malicious prosecution is a section 465. (1) (b) criminal code offence, be it by a judge, prosecutor, police officer or anyone else.

Michael London Ross was not guilty of raping, sodomizing and torturing his twin sisters. He was a 10 year old child in need of help that was not provided to him by the people entrusted with his care. All three children had told the people in charge of them that they were not sexually abused by anyone. The children told the people in charge of them that they had lied in court. This is all documented in disclosure withheld from the court and buried by gag orders and media publication bans. Does anyone in Canada not understand what the children were required to do? They were required to lie in a Canadian court room with the full knowledge of the Crown.

The children were manipulated and used not only by the people in charge of them. The CBC news program the Fifth Estate, Scandal of the Century, originally broadcast on January 23, 2002. The program was not about what happened to these children, it was a documentary about the Kvello and Klassen families. The CBC were at the home of John Lucas preparing the documentary and when Mr Lucas heard they were going to have a segment where the children were apologizing to Richard Klassen. John Lucas asked them all to get out of his house. The warning by Mr Holgate about people ending up hating each other came true.

The web site was then used to discredit Johanna and John Lucas. It is understandable why the Kvello and Klassen families agreed to this segment. Their nightmare had to be broadcast and the CBC were the first to ignore the threats of law suits from Saskatchewan Justice if they broadcast the story. This is when blame the children started. A disgusting post about John Lucas posted on was removed within one hour after receiving an email from Mr Lucas. The fact that this web site would be used to discredit Johanna and John Lucas in a manner that was underhanded and untruthful is a discredit to the sacrifices made by Richard Klassen and his supporters.

Saskatchewan Justice is now blaming the children? FASD children in a Saskatchewan Court are referred to as “sexually perverted“. It was not only the people in charge of them that knew they were not telling the truth in court. Anyone, including people with half a brain would not have believed the children’s stories involving group and ritualistic sex with satanic overtones, the sexual abuse and killing of babies and animals, the ingestion of human flesh, feces, urine, blood and other horrible, perverted and incredible acts except for the religious extremists within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

All the files and documents that prove what Mr Lucas was saying was true beyond any question were ordered by Richard Quinney, Director of Public Prosecutions, in February 1994 to be gathered up and sent to Mr. Don McKillop, Crown Prosecutor, Saskatchewan Justice, Civil Division. There is nothing civil about this department. Mr McKillop made no disclosure that two full wards of the court were being raped and sodomized while all along claiming that what Mr Lucas was saying was scandalous, frivolous & vexatious. Mr McKillop seems to think that he can buy silence with million dollar payoffs but when it comes to the Ross twins they are manipulated into accepting a pittance for their silence by the very people that gained millions by their recanting on national television.

Johanna and John Lucas read the material and viewed the video tapes. Thousands of pages and hours of tapes. Sadly they may have been the only people who bothered to completely read the documents and view the tapes.

A police officer who describes the rape and sodomy of 8 year old children as a “touching problem’ to keep his case from falling apart is sick. During the police officers interrogation of the adults alleged to have committed terrible criminal acts against the Ross children he told them that he could get them help with their “touching problem”. No one else in authority dared to questioned the actions of radical religious police officers within the Saskatoon Police Service grade 6 bully squad for fear of reprisals.

Mr Lucas was asked to write down his reasons that the charges against the Kvello family was a malicious prosecution. This document was given to Saskatoon lawyer, Mr Robert Borden, in July 1993 by Mrs. Kvello. Mr Lucas had meetings with Saskatoon lawyer Mr Edward Holgate in September 1993 and Mr Lucas introduced Mr Holgate to two members of the Klassen family. When he was leaving Mr Holgate asked him to stay. Mr Holgate told them about long drawn out cases and that the people involved would likely end up hating each other. The civil case claiming malicious prosecution and 10 million in damages, KVELLO V. MIAZGA, Q.B. 271 of 1994 was filed by Edward Holgate.

The civil case claiming damages on behalf of the Ross Twins was filed in March 2001 by Mr Edward Holgate. Q.B. No. 504 of 2001.

Mr Lucas after reading the material and viewing the evidence warned the authorities that the Ross twins were in danger and concluded that the Kvello’s and Klassen families had a chance of proving they had been malicious prosecuted and the Ross twins also had a good chance of winning a separate case against the people in charge of their care. This would have been clear and obvious to anyone who bothered to read the documents and view the tapes as Justice Baynton did over 15 years later.

The R v. Johanna and John Lucas preliminary inquiry was conducted by Mr Justice Albert Lavoie February 7, 1994 and he committed them to stand trial on a charge of defamatory libel against Sergeant Brian Dueck of the Saskatoon Police Service.

Mr Lucas made an application to have Justice Lavoie’s order quashed and certain conditions of a recognizance imposed by Justice Nutting at his bail hearing. The first of many court gag orders. This one disguised as conditions of recognizance prevented Mr Lucas from helping the Ross twins. The application was heard by Justice Barclay on April 14, 1994. W. K. Tucker, Q.C. for the Crown. LUCAS V. SASKATCHEWAN (MINISTER OF JUSTICE)

To be continued

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