Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A great day for Freedom of Speech in Canada

The 14 year persecution of Johanna and John David Lucas is over. A stay of proceedings has been filed by the Crown in the Court of Queen’s Bench, Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
Details at saskatchewanjustice.ca.

The sting carries the stay of proceedings in full.

The submission that was entered in Queen’s Bench that made this inevitable can be found on the page dealing with corruption.


J. Lucas said...

I don’t want anyone to misunderstand the stay of proceedings that was entered by the Crown. The words that were used by the authorities as an excuse to maliciously prosecute both my wife and myself, involving Mr. Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Mr. Rod Donlevy, Q.C. and the former Saskatoon City Police Superintendent, Brian George Dueck, will continue to appear on www.saskatchewanjustice.ca … We made NO deal !

Anonymous said...

We made NO deal !
John David Lucas

This is the most embarrassing statement for all the people involved with the Ross Children. Everyone unjustly enriched themselves at the expense of the Children.

For John and Johanna Lucas, it was not about the money, it was about the children.

Anonymous said...


Tell the people what you said to Saskatchewan Justice when you were offered a deal just before your appeal was denied in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal?

J. Lucas said...

Now that the “stay of proceedings” is entered, I have taken on the responsibility for anything that is published on www.saskatchewanjustice.ca ...