Sunday, July 31, 2005

Appointment of Madam Justice Gene Anne Smith to the Court of Appeal

The appointment of Madam Justice Gene Anne Smith, of Saskatoon as a judge of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal should be raising eyebrows in Saskatchewan. Justice Smith was appointed to the Court of Queen’s Bench the same day as Madam Justice Dovell. These two engaged in the ten year satanic child abuse cover-up with the help of Justice Hrabinsky. Political hacks appointed to the bench to protect an administration of justice and social services overcome by a religious hysteria that destroyed the lives of innocent people. Bury the truth in the Ross, Ross and White case, the Kvello/Klassen case and the R v. Lucas case. She was party to protecting the illegal actions of Saskatoon lawyer Nicolas Stooshinoff along with the prosecutors office and Brent Gough the president of the Saskatchewan Law Society. She protected corruption within the legal community in Saskatchewan. She protected blackmailers and common thieves.

The “fix” was in at the Ross, Ross and White appeal. The “fix” was in at the R v Lucas appeal. The “fix” was in and discovered resulting in the Crown requesting that Justice Malone remove himself as the trial judge in the new R v Lucas case. If Justice G A Smith hears the Klassen appeal the judgement has been pre-decided. Saskatchewan Justice in the past has a history of proceeding with two major cases at the same time to divert the publics attention and to stretch media resources. We can expect the attorney general to announce the date for the Klassen appeal at the same time as the Hathway case.

Yelling for justice - Wilfred Hathway

If Wilfred Hathway keeps making all that noise in court it will be the Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Kyle, Madam Justice Dovell and G A Smith gang to the rescue. The political puppets, hearsay, gag orders, publishing bans, secret court judges of the Court of Queens Bench are not going to put up with Hathway demanding justice in a Saskatchewan court room.

There is only one reason for gag orders and publishing bans in Saskatchewan, ask Milgaard, the Klassen’s, the Kvello’s, John Lucas, Johanna Lucas, Donald Ross, Helen Ross, Donald White, Sheila Steele, the Sterling’s, Popowich, Peter Klassen, Travis Sterling and how many others we don‘t know about as a result of Saskatchewan injustice.We the tax payers paid $25,000.00 to the RCMP in the Hathway case, we have a right to know how our money was spent. If all of the above people had made as much noise as Wilfred Hathway is making at their preliminary hearings, we the tax payers would not have had to pay for the 10 year milt-million dollar court proceedings, and the million dollar payouts as a result of publishing bans and gag orders to keep the public from knowing how corrupt the administration of justice is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I live in the south part of the city, I can not hear you Wilfred Hathway, yell louder please, the louder you yell for justice the more people will hear you, and join you. If you get yourself a bullhorn, maybe Don Morgan and Frank Quennell will hear you in Regina.

"Cough 'em up Klause. Cough 'em up,"

Wilfred Gordon Hathway’s lawyer, Robert Borden, was outraged to learn Crown prosecutor Brent Klause had not made a full disclosure to him. No one was outraged when the Crown failed to make a full disclosure in any of the satanic child abuse proceedings, R v. Lucas or the Klassen/Kvello civil case. The law requires a full disclosure from the Crown. Mr Klause knows that he does not need to make a full disclosure. The law may require a full disclosure but this is common practice in Saskatchewan for the Crown to ignore the law, and the appellant court has a history of protecting the Crowns dirty tricks. The issue at the appeal level is not whether the accused received a fair trial or not, it is, would the judge or jury have reached a different verdict had there been a full disclosure by the crown. Mr Hathway is yelling in court, "Cough 'em up Klause. Cough 'em up", referring to the Crown’s failure to make a full disclosure. The time to address the issue of full disclosure is before the preliminary hearing, not at the trial or appellant court. How can a judge make a judgement about whether there is enough evidence to proceed to trial, without all the evidence?

Mr Borden is asking for a fair and open hearing for his client, Mr Hathway is asking the court to let the media report on the evidence and the questionable RCMP sting operation that was the subject of the CBC News program, Disclosure. CBC News: Widely used police interrogation technique can result in false confession.

The Crown has the support of the federal Justice Department and the full resources of Saskatchewan Justice. Mr Hathway has Robert Borden. Mr Borden not only has the charge to deal with, he has the gag orders and full disclosure issues. Mr Klause opposed Mr Borden’s request to have Angie Geworsky help him and he requested that Richard Klassen, be banned from the proceedings. It is clear Mr Klause is not interest in justice and the truth. To expect Mr Borden to do all this by himself is an injustice. If there is not a full disclosure and the gag order removed we will never know if Mr Hathway is innocent, or another victim of Saskatchewan Justice.

Some comments on the Wilfred Hathway case.

From The CBC News, July 27, 2005

“It's a legal rarity. ­ a Saskatoon man accused of murdering his landlord wants the evidence against him made public before his case goes to trial.”

This would not come as a surprise to anyone who has a past knowledge of Saskatchewan Justice. Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench has a documented history of wrongful convictions, secret courts and cooked up court orders. The list of injustice in Saskatoon is longer then the arm of any criminals record who had the misfortune to find themselves in a Saskatchewan court room Is it any wonder that Wilfred Gordon Hathway would be demanding to have the public informed in a democratic country that the media be allowed to protect freedom of speech by reporting on his court proceeding. Mr Hathway has a right to have his court proceeding conducted in an open court, there is no justification for his preliminary hearing to be held in a secret court. Mr Hathway is asking the court to protect his charter rights, he does not want to be the next victim of Saskatchewan justice. An innocent man demanding justice and the protection of his Charter Rights should not be a legal rarity in Canada. No one, considered to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law should ever find themselves in a Canadian court room yelling "Everyone's here because of me and I can't say a damn thing. Nothing," or demanding his Charter Rights like Mr Hathway is having to do.

Mr Hathway asking for the evidence against him to be made public is not the only rarity in the proceedings. His lawyer, Robert Borden, has been very vocal in his efforts to protect Mr Hathway’s rights to a fair trial. Mr Borden’s remarks as reported in the StarPhoenix: "There seems to be an order here, there and everywhere prohibiting the media and prohibiting the accused and others from disseminating any information. I can't tell you very much, other than what you've read in the newspaper (Tuesday) morning," he said. "This is a situation where we have to be tight lipped about everything," Borden added. "We live in a democratic society, a constitutional society, and we like to see information disseminated as much as possible so that people can talk about the case, witnesses can come forth and we can all get a better understanding in the sense of what's right and just”. "We just cannot have secrecy. We cannot have a situation where we're afraid to talk to each other about cases. My God, didn't that happen in the Klassen-Kvello case? Didn't it happen in the Martensville case? Didn't it happen in Milgaard?" Borden added. "This has got to stop and I hope it stops with this case, because it certainly didn't stop with those others." "If the police had evidence against my client in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, or 2002, why didn't they charge him then?" said Borden. "What was it that happened in 2003 and 2004 that led to these charges?". "When you don't have any evidence against somebody what do you do? You try to extort a confession, force a confession, use coercion and threats. I'm not sure that's what we should do in a democratic society,"
If a lawyer had the balls to speak up as Mr Borden is doing the victims of the satanic child abuse cases would not have been left to have their cases heard only by puppet judges out to cover-up and protect the court and Saskatchewan Justice from embarrassment and public scrutiny.

These people were left to be represented only by lawyers who saw an opportunity to make some money and advance their careers because other lawyers were afraid of reprisals from the likes of Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell, G. A. Smith and Saskatchewan justice if they dared to question or expose the political and judicial cover-up in the Ross, Ross and White and the Klassen/Kvello cases and the resulting continuation of destroying the lives of innocent people to protect the actions of Christian extremists and the NDP coalition church at work gang. Watch your back Mr Borden, remember what happened to John and Johanna Lucas.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Idiopathic Torsion Dystonia

I have returned from the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre at the UBC Hospital in Vancouver. First thing, if you are in a wheelchair and have had trouble flying in the past you have to give West Jet a call. You will be treated with dignity and respect by a friendly staff that enjoy their employment, a sure sign that West Jet looks after their employees, this is reflected in the service they extend to their customers, disabled or not.

I have been diagnosed with Idiopathic Torsion Dystonia. Historically, early-onset generalized dystonia has also been referred to as idiopathic torsion dystonia and dystonia musculorum deformans.

I am now waiting for genetic testing and have been told I may have to return to Vancouver. I told the doctor that I can peddle a bike when I can’t walk and for the first time in my life I did not get a dumb look from the doctor. He told me he has seen people with dystonia that can not walk, they can run like the wind, can not walk forward but walk backwards, with arms and hands crippled and twisted that can manoeuvre and manually push their wheelchair. There are many resources to help disabled people. There is very little help to keep the disabled off of welfare and the resulting life without dignity and self-respect.