Sunday, July 31, 2005

Appointment of Madam Justice Gene Anne Smith to the Court of Appeal

The appointment of Madam Justice Gene Anne Smith, of Saskatoon as a judge of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal should be raising eyebrows in Saskatchewan. Justice Smith was appointed to the Court of Queen’s Bench the same day as Madam Justice Dovell. These two engaged in the ten year satanic child abuse cover-up with the help of Justice Hrabinsky. Political hacks appointed to the bench to protect an administration of justice and social services overcome by a religious hysteria that destroyed the lives of innocent people. Bury the truth in the Ross, Ross and White case, the Kvello/Klassen case and the R v. Lucas case. She was party to protecting the illegal actions of Saskatoon lawyer Nicolas Stooshinoff along with the prosecutors office and Brent Gough the president of the Saskatchewan Law Society. She protected corruption within the legal community in Saskatchewan. She protected blackmailers and common thieves.

The “fix” was in at the Ross, Ross and White appeal. The “fix” was in at the R v Lucas appeal. The “fix” was in and discovered resulting in the Crown requesting that Justice Malone remove himself as the trial judge in the new R v Lucas case. If Justice G A Smith hears the Klassen appeal the judgement has been pre-decided. Saskatchewan Justice in the past has a history of proceeding with two major cases at the same time to divert the publics attention and to stretch media resources. We can expect the attorney general to announce the date for the Klassen appeal at the same time as the Hathway case.

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