Wednesday, February 16, 2005

You are in a lot of trouble boy

Years ago a lawyer told me that a judge in Saskatchewan who was in the news for removing door knobs from the court house in Prince Albert had nothing to do with the door knobs, he told me that it was because the judge was “not toeing the line”. I dismissed this, who would believe that a justice of The Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatchewan had to “toe the line”. I was wrong to dismiss what this lawyer said, not only do the judges have to “toe the line”, if they, or anyone else including lawyers, newspaper editors and writers or ordinary citizens say anything publicly about injustice in Saskatchewan, they will be pounced on by Saskatchewan Justice, and the Saskatchewan Law Society.

I believe that injustice in the smaller provinces in Canada like Saskatchewan and Newfoundland has resulted in a far greater problem then in the larger populated provinces. Saskatchewan has the added disadvantage of having with the exception of a few years, the same political party in power and for years one newspaper with different names. Canada as a whole has this same weakness of having the same political party in power. Canadians keep electing the same politicians and they continue to ignore the greatest injustice in Canada, a failed justice system. This needs to be an election issue in Canada, not the issues created by politicians just before an election.

The college of law in Saskatchewan has been dispensing a steady yearly supply of incompetent lawyers year after year. This is a documented fact, not only in Saskatchewan, it is all across Canada. Judges put up with them day after day. The result is a Justice of the Court of Appeal in Saskatchewan yelling at one of these incompetence fools, ”sit down and shut up!”. These incompetent fools are being appointed to the bench.

It was not law schools that shaped Canada’s past top judges, it was a volunteer army in two world wars, it was sound judgements that resulted in their being placed on a pinnacle. The young solders did not fight for our future Constitution, Charter Rights or a Maple Leaf Flag, they fought to protect what we already had, Freedom and the Red Ensign. Freedom has been lost in Canada to a morass of case law that is cloaked in the language of law after the signing of the Constitution. This case law is what governs Canadians, not the elected law makers or the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This case law is not the result of judicial error, it is the result of judicial incompetence, political patronage, bias, corruption and in Saskatchewan racism and radical religious views.

Canadians did not only lose brave volunteer solders in a two day battle for our Freedoms at Vimy Ridge, future generations of great Canadian leaders died with them. Compare the written judgements of distinguished Canadian war Veterans federally appointed to the bench to the written judgements of political hacks now being appointed. Compare the distinguished political carers of Veterans to the Canadian who rode a motorcycle with a Nazi Swastika on his helmet in Montreal during the last great war.

The Red Ensign was not only draped over the coffins of our protectors of Freedom, for over forty years it has been draped over the Human Rights of Canadians. There is a growing number of Canadians who are raising and displaying the Red Ensign in protest and as a sign of unity for Freedom, I am one of them.

I received responses to my pleads for help from pass the buck, toe the party line politicians. They stand behind the autonomy of the court system and claim an inability to intervene. This is a sad system we have when elected officials can shrug their shoulders and wash their hands of the plight of common citizens. The corruption and decay characterizing the Saskatchewan justice system (from the police to the judges) has been clearly revealed during the last fifteen years. It is such a sad state of affairs it makes one ashamed to be a part of this province. The police are corrupt, the prosecutors and judges operate in a state of unaccountable vacuum, and the lawyers practise within an old-boys network that makes sure their respective palms are well greased. The crime rates in Saskatoon and Regina are the highest in Canada. These musings are not speculation. Everyone alive in this province knows it. Read the paper. Watch the news. The people of Saskatchewan live in a state that is closer in comparison to the former U.S.S.R. than it is to a supposedly respected nation.

The Attorney General of Saskatchewan, Frank Quennell, had the ability to begin a restoration of public confidence in the justice system by coming clean and admitting the grave mistakes it made with Klassen, John Lucas and his wife, et al. But no, he continues to be dragged, kicking and screaming to the truth. He will appeal and feed the cancer rather than remove it. Instead of beginning a healing process he steadfastly stands in protection of the disease. This is one of the high profile travesties. Countless other low profile legal abominations occur in this province every day.

I was referred to a number of federal administrative tribunals and agencies, rights tribunals, regulatory agencies, government agencies and others with court-like powers that had no power to enforce their own decisions. They were managed by judicial incompetence, political patronage, bias, corruption and in Saskatchewan racism and radical religious views. I was right back where I started.

I was looking for justice, all I found was years of injustice and government corruption that was spreading like a cancer across Canada. I changed my internet search words from injustice, corruption and the like as I could not read another horror story posted by a fellow Canadian. I dredged getting another email from a Canadian desperate for help. I had no way to help them.

The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada is exploiting the trust of Canadians. She is singing the praises of the Canadian Justice System and the importance of an independent judiciary, she does this knowing that what she is saying is not true. There is only one country that has independent judges, they are U.S. Federal Administrative Law Judges. There is not a competent lawyer or judge in Canada that does not know this.

It is not Canadians who have the protection of their Constitution, it is federal appointed judges, they protect this power and money with the Judges Act and by using fear and intimidation in a manner similar to the gangsters of the twenties. Judges who protect the Charter Rights of Canadians are dragged before the Judicial Counsel, lawyers who speak out about our inept administration of justice are dragged before the Law Societies. The law societies are being used to intimidate and silence lawyers.

I discovered that there were many people in Canada who are in a position to make changes, they are speaking out for Canadians. They are not being supported by Canadians mainly because Canadians do not know about them. We hear about the judges dragged before the Judicial Counsel and lawyers dragged before the Law Societies but the news media pays little attention to anything that does not sell newspapers. I am a ex disabled truck driver with a limited education and I can not do anything about what has happened to me and a disabled homeowner in Saskatoon.

I like a lot of other Canadians have found out that I have no Charter Rights. Canadians find this out in a court or before some government administrative tribunal with court-like powers. We did not gain with the signing of the Constitution Act in 1982, we lost our Freedom. I not only found out I have no Charter Rights, I never had them. We have our blog and web pages, it is like a large fragmented hard drive. We could learn a thing or two from the people of the Ukraine who this past Christmas united by the thousands in a peaceful protest for Freedom. Canadians need to unite against government corruption, this corruption is being protected by the Constitution, Judges Act and the Canadian Judicial Council.

About two years ago I pleaded for help on the internet. I was sure that all I had to do was let my fellow Canadians know what had been done to two disabled men in Saskatoon and Canadians would come to our aid like the cavalry in an old western movie. I discovered that I did not live in the times of the old west, I lived in the times of southern US states and “you are in a lot of trouble boy”.

We are ruled by a corrupt judicial establishment. Is anyone else interested in discussing ways to unite and support the many Canadian judges, lawyers, politicians, doctors, Senators, law professors, writers, editors, and other Canadians who are fighting for our Freedoms. Drowning all the politicians and lawyers at birth is not going to work.
James Hunter

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