Monday, February 07, 2005

Michell's child is apprehended.

This is Michell and Kathleen Ross's post to the injusticerbustersblog.

Injustice has been done here in BC. On Feb 3rd 2005 michell mimi ross was set up by the deparment of social services . they told her they were pickin her up for a metting and 2 hrs later 2 cops and a bodygurad and the worker showed up to take they baby. they came and took her less then one month son from her claimin her sisters house kathleen Ross is a unsafe house to be in .They told her she is not allowed to live with her sister but could vist. now they sayin she not allowed to vist. she goes to court on this thurs feb 10/005. she has seen her child one since they took him and gets to see him again on monday. this is injustice and has to be stopped. we have pictures of them takin the baby if anyone wants them please feel free to email us at or any help would be apperiated. thanks michell and kathleen ross