Saturday, November 27, 2010

R v John Kelly - Rubber Stamp Justice?

Who is in charge of justice in Alberta? Calgary City Police officers and corrupt Crown prosecutors? Who swore the information resulting in the defamatory libel charges against John Kelly and how many times has this person perjured themselves in the past? Rubber stamp justice.

It looks like the Crown has received some advice from someone with some legal training as Mr Kelly has been informed that the charges are going to be withdrawn and replaced with charges that have nothing to do with defamatory libel. Is the same person going to sign the new information and be guilty of swearing falsely again? Will the Crown have to go on another fishing trip to the City of Lethbridge?

This has cleared up the reason for the gag order and the slander directed at John Kelly. Its about the missing money and a corrupt Calgary Police Service that Mr Kelly has been posting about. This is a case of shut Mr Kelly up.

If the Crown proceeded with the defamatory libel charges the information on Mr Kelly's websites would have been an issue at trial. The trial could have exposed who the thieves are. Could it be that the Calgary Police know who stole the money and have screwed up the investigation and a murder investigation. The R v John Kelly case is another screw-up and someone needs to stop these justice idiots from continuing with their unlawful persecution of John Kelly.

I am assuming that a judge heard the Crown say they were going to withdraw the defamatory libel charges and replace the charges with some other charges where the stolen money and police officer corruption exposed by Mr Kelly on his web sites would not be an issue. I think this judge has placed the administration of justice into disrepute in the eyes of the public. I forgot, the court has gagged the press and Mr Kelly so the public has no way of knowing what the court, police and Crown is doing. I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Mr. John Kelly is a very, very bad man in my personal opinion. He needs to be put in his place and I wish the RCMP all the best in their pursuit.

He operates an unregistered legal & collection agency out of his basement apartment.

Send him back to England.

James Hunter said...

Mike: If you have an issue with Mr Kelly why post anonymously. Be a man Mike and email Mr Kelly about your concerns about his being "a very, very bad man".

Thousands of Canadians are making a living for themselves with a home-based business.

A link to a judgement from a pissed off judge out to protect the public image of the legal profession is one of the reasons that the United Kingdom and Wales have ended the practice of lawyers policing lawyers. Why not a link to the judgement where Mr Kelly put $5000.00 in his pocket?

"Send him back to England."?? Grow up Mike.

Mr. Kelly was informed on or about the 22nd of November, 2010 that all seven charges against him would be withdrawn.

What do you have to say about that Mike?

Mike Moralis said...

James: Thanks for the response, I will email Kelly in about 20 years when he's out of jail. Part of his bail conditions are he is not to use a computer per the CBC article; I don't think he'll be replying anytime soon.

Maybe he should move back to England where they ended the practice of lawyers policing lawyers, if it's better there - move there. I'll chip in for his one-way ticket; you should go with him.

Please post where the charges have been dropped, he's going to be in jail for a very, very, long time.

I'll meet Kelly anytime and tell him what I think of him. Problem is he'll call the Police and claim harassment if I tell him how it is.

He operates an unregistered law firm and collection agency in his basement. Why wouldn't he legally register his business if he is such a model citizen? I wonder if he's paying any taxes???

James Hunter said...

Hi Mike

I do not know anything about a CBC article. This could be a result of the gag order preventing Mr Kelly and the CBC from publishing any details of the case. Your anger prevents you from seeing what you have said. If what you have said about the bail conditions is true, that should never happen in Canada.

It would be nice to go to England. If I were to request you go somewhere it would not be England.

Is all this anger you have about John Kelly because of what he does in his basement?