Saturday, July 05, 2008

News July 5, 2008: Morgentaler Lucien Larre

My congratulations to Dr Morgentaler. A member of the Order of Canada can be removed if they have been subjected to an official sanction by an adjudicating body, professional association, or other organization. Official sanctions can include fines, reprimands, or disbarment.
Dr. Lucien Larre v. College of Psychologists of British Columbia

“Counsel for the College noted that the powers of section 35(1) must be used sparingly and rarely exercised where the result would be to effectively deprive a person of the ability to carry on his or her profession, but that it is a power that should be used when it is demonstrably necessary to provide maximum protection to the public. He argued that there was sufficient material before the panel establishing a strong prima facie case and that also established that there is a real and serious threat to the safety of clients entrusted to the respondent's care if he continues to practice.”

Dr. Larre’s clients are children. He has returned his order of Canada before it is taken from him. The Governor General of Canada should not accept it, take it from him.

My concern is for the children of Coquitlam BC and that the Archdiocese of Vancouver will move this disgraced priest to another unsuspecting community in Canada, or back to Saskatchewan.

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Unknown said...

When the controversy erupted about Dr. Henry Morgentaler receiving the Order of Canada, I became curious. First of all, who cares? Even if you're vehemently anti-abortion, what difference does it make to your life if Morgentaler becomes a member of the Order of Canada? Really - who cares? What IS the Order of Canada anyway? From what I understand, it's Canada's Hall Of Fame.