Sunday, February 10, 2008


In response to the post on injusticebusters web site.

Give me a break. Look at the Supreme Court of Canada judgement in the Ross, Ross and White case with emphasis on the descending judgement in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. Look at your case Richard and the descending judgement in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Three judges of the Supreme Court of Canada look at the material filed and decide if leave to appeal is granted or denied. They are under no obligation to state their reasons. The Coram was : McLachlin / Fish / Rothstein. The Chief Justice was involved in the Ross, Ross and White Appeal. The other two judges joined the court after and have not been involved in the past judgements of The Supreme Court of Canada involving ritual child abuse, Brian Dueck and its related case R. v. Lucas.

Many people believe, myself included that The Supreme Court of Canada was just as involved in the cover-up of the ritual satanic child abuse cases in Saskatchewan as was Saskatchewan Justice and the judges of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. When McLachlin (R v Lucas) said that John Lucas himself said that the Thompson Papers were unbelievable, freedom of speech as I knew it, ended.

The Marlin Thompson Papers are the written disclosure of the Ross children that resulted in charges against the 16 people in the Baynton judgement. Ross, Ross and White was the first case heard in The Supreme Court of Canada involving the Saskatchewan Government/Justice self created scandal of sex with children.

The Thompson Papers are unbelievable. Detailing ritual child abuse in a manner that was sick, disgusting and not believable by anyone in their right mind. Marlin Thompson believed, Dueck believed, Miazga believed and sadly so did a large percentage of the people in Saskatoon and area. John Lucas did not.

I find the most disgusting details in the Thompson Papers is the rape of two 8 year old twin girls in the Thompson Foster home by their 10 year old Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder brother. The authorities must have been blinded by their flying cum resulting from their sick stories of sex with children. They knowingly left the Ross Twins in the Thompson home of horrors to be raped for four years and then this sick pack of nut cases blamed it all on a ten 10 year old child. The twin's brother was not the only one in need of medical help.

Is The Supreme Court of Canada going to ignore their past judgements? Chief Justice McLachlin will again place the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public if she does not excuse herself from the Dennis Kvello/Miazga appeal.

Miazga has his licence to practice law and has continued to prosecute cases in Saskatchewan with the blessing of Saskatchewan’s new government. The only licence he should have is a fishing licence. He may wish that he changed his defence to the truth, I was only following orders. We need another Sheila Steele.

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