Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saskatoon: City of Injustice

What started out with the malicious prosecution of innocent people during the satanic child abuse hysteria in Saskatoon has grown to be a festering rot within Saskatchewan Justice. At the start it was just a few people within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services involved. As the hysteria spread through the community fuelled by the media it gained acceptance and there was no stopping it. The parents of the Ross children and their friend were found guilty and as a result, this empowered the people in charge of the Ross children to proceed with other charges against many more innocent people. Some of these people dragged Saskatchewan Justice, Social Services and the Saskatoon Police Service screaming to the truth for over 10 years. Three of them were found guilty of malicious prosecution by Justice Baynton over 10 years later.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal had the opportunity to end the nightmare at the appeal of the children’s parents conviction. By this time the Crown had all the documents that would prove that the greatest injustice in Canadian history similar to the famous Salem witch craft trials had taken place in Saskatoon. It was these same government documents that would have proven that the people were innocent and that the three found guilty of malicious prosecution were guilty.

The same documents are being withheld from John Lucas that were withheld by the Crown at the trial of the children’s parents and at the parents appeal, with the Appellant Courts permission, the Johanna Lucas trial, and appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. The same judges protecting, not just the three found guilty of malice by Justice Baynton, they are protecting corrupt judges, prosecutors and Saskatchewan Justice.

I do not believe there is anyone in Saskatchewan involved who believes a word of the Court of Appeal Judgement in the parents appeal, the Hrabinsky trial and the appeal in the Johanna Lucas case or the Supreme Court of Canada Judgement. To believe would require reasonable thinking people to believe in cults, sacrificing babies and eating eye ball soup. That was the only evidence of guilt presented at the parents trial. The people of Saskatchewan have been deceived for years and it has cost millions and millions to protect these judges and Crown prosecutors.

The documents being posted on are a look at how Saskatchewan Justice deceived the people of Saskatchewan. It took over 16 months for Saskatchewan Justice to cook up the written judgement in the parents appeal. The Baynton Judgement has been appealed and it is taking longer this time. The only ones held accountable are the tax payers in Saskatchewan. They are financing a fraud and deception to protect Saskatchewan’s culture of injustice. The fact that Saskatchewan Justice proceeded to trial resulting in the Baynton Judgement is in itself incredible given the evidence of the guilt in their possession from the beginning.

I would think the Court of Appeal has a bigger problem with the Baynton Judgement. You can only muff the people so many times. It has been just over 36 months from the filing of the appeal of the Baynton Judgement by Saskatchewan Justice. The Crown is withholding documents from John Lucas, the documents will show the involvement of corrupt judges and prosecutors who left 8 year old twin girls to be raped in Saskatoon.

The girls filed a court claim for damages before the Baynton Judgement. Who is going to be sacrificed by Saskatchewan Justice this time around? Are the girls going to receive the same treatment as their parents, Johanna Lucas, the Klassen’s and all the others who have and are being subjected to malice by Saskatchewan Justice.

The Crown again withheld these documents from the Court at Johanna Lucas’s trial, but with a big difference. Justice Hrabinsky the trial judge was fully aware that a fraud was taking place in his court and he did nothing. John Lucas is a little muffed about that. Justice Hrabinsky jailed his wife, she was trying to help two eight year old girls left to be raped by the police officer and the Crown prosecutor (both found guilty of malicious prosecution) who were lying in Justice Hrabinsky court with his full knowledge and withholding the documents to protect themselves.

It was a religious hysteria. The judges, Crown and police involved with the children’s parents case were on a witch hunt. The media and public were not only not allowed to hear the evidence in court, they were not allowed in the court.

Saskatchewan Justice would have been embarrassed if the public found out and the public would have lost confidence in the courts. By this time everyone within Saskatchewan Justice including the Justice Minister, chief justice on down started what has to be the greatest fraud and cover-up in Canadian history.

One has to realise that Saskatchewan is a small province with a judiciary that is a close extended family of inter-marriage and political appointments of relatives to government over the past 60 or so years. Look at the past and one finds the very people involved in judicial wrongs in Saskatchewan have been appointed to the bench, court of appeal or to high office for life. Their involvement in radical religious originations over the years is shocking to say the least. Religious extremists protecting religious extremists within Saskatchewan Justice. It is a judicial, government and opposition political corruption that feeds on itself. If anyone has the misfortune of becoming involved by exposing this family of corruption they will find themselves stuck between a rock and injustice.

John Lucas was charged with defaming Justice Hrabinsky. The same corrupt Crown and judges with the help of members of the undisputed leader of police corruption in Canada, the Saskatoon Police Service have been persecuting Mr Lucas for over two years.

Saskatchewan needs a newspaper that does not rely on its bread and butter from the government of Saskatchewan. The Crown will do as it pleases in Saskatoon with the full support of Saskatchewan Justice. If Crown corruption is exposed by a women picketing to help children they can count on judges and appellant court judges for protection. They are answerable to no one.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Court of Queen’s Bench is a Sick Joke

Everyone is equal before the Law. What a load of crap. John Lucas has withdrawn his Motion to have been heard February 16, 2006. Mr Lucas has been unable to obtain disclosure from the Crown. There is no point in asking when the recommendations of million dollar inquires into wrongful convictions will be implemented in Canada. The inquires are nothing more then another method to deceive the public. Nothing will change as long as corrupt judges and prosecutors are in charge of the courts and allowed to get their hands into the public purse to finance the high costs of protecting themselves.

In Saskatoon if there is a withholding of documentation by the Crown there is nothing that can be done. It would be pointless to file a motion requesting an order for disclosure of documents in a Saskatchewan court. The documentation would show the jury members the corruption within Saskatchewan Justice. The judges and prosecutors involved in the malicious prosecution of Johanna Lucas are not going to allow a prosecutor to disclose documents to Mr Lucas that would expose justice Hrabinsky for what he is, a corrupt judge.

There is no one in charge of the administration of justice in Saskatchewan. Brent Gough, a bencher with the Saskatchewan Law Society protected a corrupt lawyer, Nicolas Stooshinoff. Madam Justice G A Smith, Justice Dovell and Justice Hrabinsky abused the process of the court by protecting Nicholas Stooshinoff and conspired to retaliate against me for reporting Nicholas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon Police. Court of Appeal Judges Nicholas Sherstobitoff, Justice Vancise and Justice Richard protect corrupt lower court judges.

Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff, Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Vancise have a lot of experience over the past 15 years protecting a corrupt administration of justice in Saskatchewan. Doctored up case law by Justice Sherstobitoff with respect to section 173 of the rules of court and Justice Vancise and Justice Hrabinsky doctored up case law with respect to section 300 of the criminal code was not done to protect a prosecutor, social worker and police officer found guilty of malicious prosecution by Justice Baynton. These judges are protecting lawyers and judges in a corrupt court with a history of malicious prosecution and persecuting innocent people who expose them for what they are, corrupt, blackmailers and thieves.

Mr Lucas has been charged with defaming justice Paul Hrabinsky, the wrong person has been charged, it is justice Hrabinsky and Brian Dueck who should have been charged. Mr Lucas has been offered a deal with no jail time. Mr Lucas is being blackmailed, shut-up about Justice Hrabinsky or you will go to jail. Mr Lucas has a gag order that has silenced him for over two years. He is being maliciously prosecuted by Saskatchewan Justice, Justice Hrabinsky and his higher and lower court gang of corrupt friends.

Mr Lucas is receiving special treatment by Saskatchewan Justice. He is denied a full disclosure from the Crown as required by law. He has a gag order that protects Justice Hrabinsky, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Justice Ted Malone removed himself as the trial judge after the exposure of circumstances that would have been seen as being corrupt by anyone with a belief in fairness and justice. The rules of court do not apply to John Lucas. Justice Malone provided Mr Lucas with a memorandum of Special Rules on how his “Trial By Judge & Jury”, will be conducted in Queen’s Bench. Justice Malone and his Court of Queen’s Bench Special Rules are an affront to justice as was the request to have a Court of Appeal Justice appointed as the lower court trial judge. Mr Lucas can not receive a fair trial in a corrupt court.

One of Justice Malone’s “special rules” was that Crown counsel will subpoena any witness Mr Lucas wished to call. Mr Lucas has been requesting the Crown subpoena witness’s and now its, no documents, + no witness’s, + no accuser, = no justice. Its not hard to do the math, this is another malicious prosecution.

Mr Lucas has notified the court that he will attend court from this point on, only when he is notified. The Crown has been a playing a two year + game of hide the documents and now hide the witnesses and corrupt trial judges removing themselves there is nothing to be gained by Mr Lucas continuing to request witnesses be subpoenaed and a disclosure of documents or attempting to protect himself from corrupt judges and prosecutors in a kangaroo court.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Get Out and Vote Today

I received some hate mail from the Reverend Marcel Bourassa on Sunday. He is the Christian Heritage Party candidate for Saskatoon - Rosetown - Biggar. Another member of the Coalition Church at Work Party.

Fundamentalists of different religions, who share the same extremist attitudes and beliefs, belonging to different political parties, religious originations, are respected members of society from all walks of life have united. They are collectively forging ahead knocking on doors with a book in their hand. The issues have been debated for years, abortion, homosexuality, science versus religion and the latest hot topic, same sex marriage, the same issue as homosexuality, with a different name.

A government that enacts a law that infringes on the right of the church, the minority, to divert attention away from government corruption and gain re-election, is no different then a government that infringes the rights of the majority of Canadians by enacting laws that support the views of the minority.

Before the last election the Liberal Government diverted attention away from the government corruption by enacting C-38. Mr Harper and outspoken fundamentalists were harping on about same sex marriage when Canadians were concerned about the corruption within government and the lack of any accountability.

Canadians have good reason to be concerned about Christian extremists members of the Progressive Conservative Party. Mr Harper is not going to have a repeat of these idiots mouthing off like the last election. He has successfully kept them away from the media this time around.

Is the good Reverend Bourassa a Liberal? There are posters with this crap they are peddling on poles throughout the area and in everyone’s mail box. The Liberal’s have been telling Canadians to be careful about the Progressive Conservative Party and its hidden agenda.

Trying to talk to Mr Bourassa about women’s rights and human rights would be like trying to talk to Brian Dueck about brood mares and cults sacrificing babies. Why has Marcel Bourassa and the other well known and financially supported Christian organizations sprouting this hatred not been charged? One only has to look at Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Justice, and the millions of dollars paid out in damages as a result of having fundamentalists with their extremist views appointed to the bench and elected to the legislature in Saskatchewan.

Large sums of money are supporting the election of candidates and political parties with special interests, lobbyists protecting the rich at the expense of the poor. The courts and governments are becoming more and more secretive, slanted news reporting and inaccurate information. Laws enacted after 9/11 are trampling on Charter of Rights and Freedoms, civil liberties and personal privacy. Individual news reporters, writers and ordinary citizens are destroyed financially if they dare to disagree and exercise their rights to freedom of speech.

Years ago a former Prime Minister of Canada refused to join other countries, they were forcing their will on a country by stopping shipments of wheat and food. Children came first, Canadian values came first. Canada increased shipments of wheat, you do not influence change and gain support and friendship by starving their children to death. Influential fundamentalists within church and government are changing Canada’s moral commitments to the world as peace keepers, and debating to avoid war. Call it what you want, religious war, oil, whatever. One thing is clear. Canadians need to stop voting for these nut cases before Canadians start arriving home in body bags from religious war zones that have been declared “axis of evil”.

Support for nut cases is limited to other nut cases. This may be the most important election in Canadian history. Our choices are limited. I would encourage everyone to get out and vote. - Acts of stupidly

Saskatchewan's Shame

The documents being posted on the web site are a look at how Saskatchewan Justice lied and deceived the public. Over 12 years ago Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services were confident that the documents and the truth would be buried forever. It is a story of absurd acts of stupidly by judges and officers of the court who knowingly abused the process of the court, violated the independence of the court and suckered into their web of deceit honourable judges and lawyers.

The memorandum from Terrence Hinz to Wilfrid Tucker, dated July 19/93 is still being practiced to this day by Saskatchewan Justice.

“We should not announce publicly that that is our position.”

Sunday, January 15, 2006 - Note to prosecutor (Confidential)

I am speechless, this is the most corrupt bunch of judges and courts in Canada.

- John Lucas picketed and was arrested the second time in September, 2003.

- Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Chief Justice Gerein were named by Mr Lucas on his signs and posters.

- The prosecutor tells Justice Kyle that the Crown does not require any conditions of release other then the standard requirement to keep the peace.

- Justice Kyle considers that Mr Lucas’s words are dangerous and that his words are some way a danger to the public.

- Justice Kyle ignores the prosecutor and imposes a gag order on Mr Lucas that is with out question outrageous and unsupported.

- Justice Kyle is heard stating that, “he is a friend of mine”. He was referring to none other then Justice Hrabinsky. One corrupt judge protecting another corrupt judge.

- Chief Justice Gerein appoints Justice Malone as the trial Judge.

- At a pre-trial, Justice Malone tells Mr Lucas that the prosecutor is going to drop some of the charges against him.

- Mr Lucas and the prosecutor are looking at each other in stunned silence.

- It was later discovered that Justice Malone received this information from Chief Justice Gerein. I think that one of these two judges forgot to inform the prosecutor. I am beginning to wonder what the prosecutor was needed for, show only.

- The prosecutor asks Mr Lucas to request the removal of Justice Malone as the trial judge. Mr Lucas tells the prosecutor to do his own dirty work.

- The prosecutor requests that Justice Malone remove himself as the trial judge.

- It was discovered that justice Hrabinsky and justice Malone conspired and filed a false police report in 2002 regarding Mr Lucas.

- Justice Malone contacted the police.

- Justice Hrabinsky informed the police that he feared for the safety of his wife Johanna Hrabinsky. Justice Kyle protected the public from the words of John Lucas and Justice Hrabinsky feared that some how the words of John Lucas were a danger to his wife Johanna Hrabinsky.

- Justice Hrabinsky advised the police that he would and could not get involved by leaving any sort of statement.

- There was a concern by other judges that Mr Lucas would not receive a fair trial as Justice Malone and Chief Justice Gerein were clearly fixing the outcome of Mr Lucas’s jury trial.

- There are honourable judges in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. If one of them was appointed as the trial judge the judgement would be as predictable as the Baynton Judgement. There would be public outrage, demanding a public inquiry into the rape, sodomy and torture of two 8 year old girls and the corruption within Saskatchewan Justice.

- The request to appoint a Court of Appeal Judge as the trial judge was denied.

- Chief Justice Gerein appointed Justice Ball as the trial judge.

- If there was a concern that Mr Lucas would not receive a fair trial then nothing has changed. If anything there would be a greater concern, not because of the appointment of Justice Ball, but because of who appointed Justice Ball.

The corruption within Saskatchewan Justice can not be allowed to continue, a public inquiry is long over due. I would have input as would many others, the publics image of the court demands an inquiry. The administration of justice will not come crashing down with the removal of known corrupt judges from the court. Justice Hrabinsky , Dovell, G A Smith are corrupt judges. If they are allowed to continue to sit in the courts the publics distrust and respect for the court will increase. This will place the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public and bring into question why they were not removed and who was responsible.
Note to prosecutor (Confidential)- The misled follower
Saskatchewan’s Judiciary

Friday, January 13, 2006 - Saskatchewan’s Shame

Johanna Lucas after receiving no help for 8 year old children in extreme danger picketed the Saskatoon Police Station in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in September, 1993. A police officer in charge of children was ignoring and violating the most treasured value of Canadians. The police officer was not helping three children who he knew were being harmed in a manner that would sicken and outrage Canadians. It is understandable why Johanna Lucas picketed the police station. The trust of Canadians that police officers would protect our most treasured value, children. Notwithstanding that it was one of their own officers, Johanna Lucas was informing his fellow police officers that children were in need of their help. The protection of children would always, without exception, come first.

Johanna Lucas was arrested, gagged by a court order and jailed by Justice Paul Hrabinsky. The protection of fundamentalists would always, without exception, come first, before the children in Saskatchewan?

Fundamentalists were charging and jailing innocent people in the Saskatoon area who were alleged to be members of a cult that involved group and ritualistic sex with satanic overtones, the sexual abuse and killing of babies and animals, the ingestion of human flesh, feces, urine, blood and other horrible, perverted and incredible acts. Anything that did not conform to their way of thinking, and their interruption of the “book“, was the work of the devil.

Johanna Lucas was again arrested, charged and jailed by the Saskatoon Police in September, 2003. No explanation was given when the charges were withdrawn a few days later.

From the web site:

“Saskatchewan Justice is still protecting those responsible, for either allowing or covering up the facts surrounding the sexual abuse of Kathleen Jessica Ross & Michell(e) Mimi Ross.”

Saskatchewan Justice has used the law to protect fundamentalists within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services who knowing left two twin 8 year old girls to be sodomized, raped and tortured for 43 months. When the hell did Canadian values change to, put the fundamentalists in the life boat and leave the children to be raped?

Saskatchewan’s Shame.

If you have a web site or blog please place a link to Put the children first.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

VOICES Against Elder Abuse

VOICES Against Elder Abuse Please have a look and sign the petitions. She has helped me get through the last few weeks. Lesley went to bat for an elderly lady being assaulted in a seniors home in Ontario that was seen on W5. A link to her web page is on Star Chamber Proceedings under “What’s New”. A link to the story is on the W5 site and forum under the headings “Forums Canada” and CTV - W Five. The forum post is “Help Me”.

Treading on the edge of insanity

I do not see how anyone can expect John Lucas to receive a fair trial in Saskatchewan.

The Chief Justice, Justice Malone and Hrabinsky were fixing the outcome of Mr Lucas’s jury trial. This will be the first defamatory libel trial in Canada, where the crown has refused to call any complainant.

Both Chief Justices were asked to appoint a court of appeal judge to here the Queen’s Bench jury trial. This was refused. The Chief Justice appointed a new Queen’s Bench judge to hear the trial. Mr Lucas is expected to just forget that corrupt judges were abusing their power and got caught red handed. What has changed? The same judge that appointed Justice Malone has appointed Justice Ball. Is anyone going to believe that Mr Lucas will receive a fair trial because Justice Ball does not have a past known social involvement with injustice Hrabinsky?

The Ross, Ross and White case was a malicious prosecution. The KVELLO V. MIAZGA case was the result of a malicious prosecution. The jailing of Johanna Lucas and John Lucas was a malicious prosecution. The 12 year persecution of John Lucas by Saskatchewan Justice is malicious and bordering on insanity.

Johanna and John Lucas are being persecuted because they exposed religious extremists within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services who left two eight year old girls to be raped. One only has to look at the past political and religious history of the judges and lawyers involved and Saskatchewan’s elite culture of injustice and religious intolerance to see the root cause of racism and injustice in Saskatchewan.

“The Salem of the 1690s is not so far from us as we would like to think.”
Paul Johnson

In Saskatchewan in 1929, a government that was supported by the minority KKK was elected. The Klan in Saskatchewan was a political organization with more members then in any agricultural organization except the Wheat Pool. Shortly after being elected anti-Catholic and anti-French legislation was enacted. French was abolished as a language of instruction in Saskatchewan schools and religious symbols were outlawed in public schools. Children don't learn about Saskatchewan’s past history in Saskatchewan schools.

The Saskatchewan of the 1920s is not so far from us as we would like to think.

Unprecedented government and judicial corruption in Saskatchewan where lawyers and judges are above the law and not held accountable for illegal malicious actions. People with questionable pasts and ethics involved in past Saskatchewan court cases have been the ones to be promoted and appointed to the bench.

The people of Saskatchewan can not ignore Justice Baynton’s Judgement. A finding of malicious prosecution based on the same government and police documents and tapes viewed by injustice Hrabinsky. The documents and tapes distributed by Johanna Lucas were not manufactured by her, they were the same documents obtained from Saskatchewan Justice, Saskatoon Police and Social Services. What if what Mr Lucas is saying about Justice Hrabinsky is true? It is no longer a question of “what if“. The administration of Justice in Saskatchewan is corrupt.

The separation of church and state prevents the minority views of religious extremists from being forced on to the moderate majority of Canadians. The separation of church and state is not a two way street, it is a dead end cul de sac with no exit.

When a environmentalist was told the story of a tree, he said if he had know the story before, he may not have cut the tree down. He cut down K‘iid K‘iyaas, “The Tree Of Life”.

The Council of the Haida Nation announced to the people of the world. “We declare to the world that the Haida Nation takes full ownership of the remains of K‘iid K‘iyaas, and that it is declared off limits to everyone. The Haida will conduct a private ceremony at the site to reconcile the loss”.

The memorial ceremony to mourn the loss of a tree, to “mourn one of our ancestors”, had not been performed in Canada since the arrival of Christians. A reporter asked, “do you really believe that a little boy could turn into at tree”? A member of the Haida Nation answered, “do you believe a women could turn into a block of salt”?

The man that cut down the tree down was an environmental extremist, the people who left two 8 year old girls to be raped in Saskatoon, were religious extremists on a witch hunt. Both treading on the edge of insanity.

Cross posted to The Persecution of John Lucas 1993 - 2005

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Taking a Break

I will be back to posting in about a week. My mother is in hospital.

There is a new web site with information about what happened to the Ross twins and Robert Borden in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan’s Shame. Have a read of the Ross twins Statement of Claim against the Government of Saskatchewan and others.


One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey. He invited all his neighbours to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well.

At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer's neighbours continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:
1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive.
2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happen.
3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less

NOW --------

Enough of that crap . . .

The donkey later came back and bit the shit out of the farmer who had tried to bury him. The gash from the bite got infected, and the farmer eventually died in agony from septic shock.

When you do something wrong and try to cover your ass, it always comes back to bite you.