Sunday, January 22, 2006

Get Out and Vote Today

I received some hate mail from the Reverend Marcel Bourassa on Sunday. He is the Christian Heritage Party candidate for Saskatoon - Rosetown - Biggar. Another member of the Coalition Church at Work Party.

Fundamentalists of different religions, who share the same extremist attitudes and beliefs, belonging to different political parties, religious originations, are respected members of society from all walks of life have united. They are collectively forging ahead knocking on doors with a book in their hand. The issues have been debated for years, abortion, homosexuality, science versus religion and the latest hot topic, same sex marriage, the same issue as homosexuality, with a different name.

A government that enacts a law that infringes on the right of the church, the minority, to divert attention away from government corruption and gain re-election, is no different then a government that infringes the rights of the majority of Canadians by enacting laws that support the views of the minority.

Before the last election the Liberal Government diverted attention away from the government corruption by enacting C-38. Mr Harper and outspoken fundamentalists were harping on about same sex marriage when Canadians were concerned about the corruption within government and the lack of any accountability.

Canadians have good reason to be concerned about Christian extremists members of the Progressive Conservative Party. Mr Harper is not going to have a repeat of these idiots mouthing off like the last election. He has successfully kept them away from the media this time around.

Is the good Reverend Bourassa a Liberal? There are posters with this crap they are peddling on poles throughout the area and in everyone’s mail box. The Liberal’s have been telling Canadians to be careful about the Progressive Conservative Party and its hidden agenda.

Trying to talk to Mr Bourassa about women’s rights and human rights would be like trying to talk to Brian Dueck about brood mares and cults sacrificing babies. Why has Marcel Bourassa and the other well known and financially supported Christian organizations sprouting this hatred not been charged? One only has to look at Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Justice, and the millions of dollars paid out in damages as a result of having fundamentalists with their extremist views appointed to the bench and elected to the legislature in Saskatchewan.

Large sums of money are supporting the election of candidates and political parties with special interests, lobbyists protecting the rich at the expense of the poor. The courts and governments are becoming more and more secretive, slanted news reporting and inaccurate information. Laws enacted after 9/11 are trampling on Charter of Rights and Freedoms, civil liberties and personal privacy. Individual news reporters, writers and ordinary citizens are destroyed financially if they dare to disagree and exercise their rights to freedom of speech.

Years ago a former Prime Minister of Canada refused to join other countries, they were forcing their will on a country by stopping shipments of wheat and food. Children came first, Canadian values came first. Canada increased shipments of wheat, you do not influence change and gain support and friendship by starving their children to death. Influential fundamentalists within church and government are changing Canada’s moral commitments to the world as peace keepers, and debating to avoid war. Call it what you want, religious war, oil, whatever. One thing is clear. Canadians need to stop voting for these nut cases before Canadians start arriving home in body bags from religious war zones that have been declared “axis of evil”.

Support for nut cases is limited to other nut cases. This may be the most important election in Canadian history. Our choices are limited. I would encourage everyone to get out and vote.

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