Saturday, June 24, 2006

BLACKMAIL, pure and simple!

I am being blackmailed by corrupt lawyers and judges and will not be posting.

I changed my mind, screw them.


Anonymous said...

So much for free speech. What kind of country has Canada become? I've sometimes thought some of Mr. Hunter's posts were overstated because of the emotions involved. However, Lawyer Lynne Greenhorn has now had the audacity to put in writing exactly what Mr Hunter has been saying all along. They are included in a collection of individuals in Saskatchewan Justice who are corrupt. It's obvious the Brent / Greenhorn duo are confident they are untouchable as to the consequences of their corruption. They have openly revealed themselves for what they are, ethically bankrupt blackmailers and a disgrace to Canadian Justice. Lynne Greenhorn, B.Ed., LL.B., stoops so low as to suggest that the failure for a quick resolution may result in the death of Mr. Hunter: "If he chooses not so to instruct you [Rod Gall], I will have to proceed as outlined in this correspondence ['I will be proceeding to instruct the Sheriff to remove Mr Hunter from the trailer. . . '] ". . . even though I know that your client is in very poor health and this will likely be the final straw."
At stake in the dispute? $1,500.00 (that's right, one thousand five hundred dollars) equity in a camper trailer Mr Hunter now lives in with everything he owns in the world. Greenhorn and Brent obviously will not be happy until Mr Hunter is reduced to fending for himself from garbage bins behind restaurants. On the bright side, the garbage bins are probably cleaner than Brent/Greenhorn's reputation.

Jared Mysko said...

lawyers used to have power... back before the Internet was born...