Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Miazga/Klassen Appeal: Lies and cover-up continue from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Reported by James Wood of The StarPhoenix

“There were 16 people charged in 1991 with more than 70 counts of sexual assault involving foster children. In 1993, all the charges were stayed just before criminal trials were set to begin when Peter Klassen pleaded guilty to four sexual assault charges. Peter Klassen was the father of several of the accused, including the most high-profile, Richard Klassen.”

The above is not true. This so called newspaper has been lying and deceiving the public for over 15 years in Saskatchewan. This is not true, “all the charges were stayed just before criminal trials were set to begin“.

Three of the 16 people charged were jailed in Saskatchewan based on nothing more then the ranting of sick religious nut case judges and officers of the court.

From the Baynton Judgement.
[32] As I noted previously, the criminal proceedings involved four individuals who are not plaintiffs in this civil action. These four individuals were also charged in connection with alleged assaults on some of the same children who had made false allegations against the plaintiffs. Three of these individuals are the natural father and mother and a boyfriend of the mother of the [R.] children (the three children who testified in the case before me). These three individuals were prosecuted by means of a separate preliminary inquiry and trial. They were convicted and sentenced at trial, their convictions were upheld by a majority decision of the Court of Appeal but those convictions were overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada. The boyfriend was acquitted and a new trial was directed respecting the father and mother. The Crown did not proceed with the new trial or take any further action against these three individuals. I will refer to the criminal proceedings involving them as the "[R.], [R.] and White" proceedings.

The "[R.], [R.] and White" proceedings in Saskatchewan have been sealed, gagged and otherwise buried by Saskatchewan Justice and Saskatchewan’s religious extremist judges.

From the Baynton Judgement paragraph [1]:

[1] In July 1991, 16 individuals were arrested and charged with over 70 counts of sexual assault against eight foster children. Many of the children's allegations of sexual abuse were bizarre and revolting because they involved group and ritualistic sex with satanic overtones, the sexual abuse and killing of babies and animals, the ingestion of human flesh, feces, urine, blood and other horrible, perverted and incredible acts.

The above was the evidence at the "[R.], [R.] and White" trial. Don’t bother looking for the case law. It has been gagged and sealed.

The Saskatchewan Appeal was heard by The Honourable Mr. Justice Cameron, The Honourable Mr. Justice Vancise and The Honourable Madame Justice Gerwing.

The Appeal was nothing more then a way to further gag and seal by Saskatchewan Justice. The descending judgement by Justice Cameron was to open the door to the Supreme Court of Canada and have the case returned to the Court of Queen’s Bench where Saskatchewan Justice could stay the proceedings and continue to gag and seal the truth.

This sealing and gagging continued with the Lucas case by justice Hrabinsky. The Lucas’s were jailed by Justice Hrabinsky because they were telling the truth about what happened to the Ross children. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal judges who heard the Lucas Appeal were: The Honourable Mr. Justice Tallis, The Honourable Mr. Justice Vancise and The Honourable Mr. Justice Lane.

The StarPhoenix reported: “Holgate said Bunko-Ruys was involved with the case from the very start, but he came under sharp questioning from Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff over where the evidence was to support that contention. “

What is this judge talking about. The evidence that Bunko-Ruys was involved with the case from the very start can not be disputed. The evidence was gagged and sealed by a succession of corrupt Saskatchewan Judges including Justice Sherstobitoff.

How many times are judges in this sick court going to take advantage of Edwards Holgate’s disability. Mr Holgate will start stuttering when he is treated like a piece of garbage to be verbally abused by sick angry idiot judges. It was done to Mr Holgate at the Lucas Appeal. He was told to “sit down, shut up, and do not say another word.” It is done deliberately by angry judges who for over 15 years have been lying and slandering anyone that tells the truth about Saskatchewan’s Christian religious nut cases judges, the Ross, Ross & White case or what happened to the Ross children.

Justice Gary Lane, Justice Vancise and Nicholas Sherstobitoff will be cooking up another corrupt judgement from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. What are they protecting? Keep the public from finding out about the Ross, Ross & White case, the jailing of Johanna and John Lucas by a corrupt justice Hrabinsky and the rape of two 8 year old girls. This is sick justice.

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