Friday, January 28, 2005

The Red Ensign, a symbol of unity and Freedom.

When the United States President visited Ottawa I witnessed a young protester on the TV news preparing to burn the American Flag. A man came up to the young protester, he stuck his finger in the protesters face, I could read the mans lips, he was saying, NO! I would like to think that this man was a Canadian protester. It was a class act.

There is another Canadian protester, the Premier of Newfoundland, he had the Canadian Flag lowered in Newfoundland. He let thousands of naked flag poles embarrass the Government of Canada. An equally class act.

This one young protester would have discredited all protesters everywhere if he burned the flag, chucked a bottle at a police officer or a window or any other act of vandalism.

Careful thought must be given to the misuse of any flag by protesters as one never knows who’s coffin it was draped over. The Government of Canada is failing, not only the people of Newfoundland, it is failing all Canadians. There is a flag that was draped over the coffins of Canadians who died for our Charter Rights and Freedoms. Raise the Red Ensign, the flag that reflects our history and our hopes, stick it on your car bumper, display it on your web and blogspot pages and in your windows if you do not have a flag pole. Let it be a symbol of unity and Freedom for all Canadians fighting for justice. Remember those who died for our Charter Rights and Freedoms and also honour the ever growing number of Canadians like the young father in Prince George who after court walked into the bush and blew the top of his head off.
James Hunter

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