Monday, December 27, 2004

Don Morgan, MLA

Don Morgan, MLA

Thank you for your response Mr Morgan and your efforts on my behalf. You say that complaints to the Judicial Council or the Law Society about lawyers will clearly be met "with the predictable response that your remedy is in the courts or through the appellate process." The Judicial Council of Canada deals with complaints about federally appointed judges. A remedy is not in the courts Mr Morgan, the only remedy is the Judicial Council. There has never been a judge removed from office in Canada. The following is taken from the CanLaw web site:

Complaining about Judges is futile but you can always try at the CanadianJudicial Council a self serving incestuous little do nothing organization ifthere ever was one. They treat ordinary citizens with contemp andcondescension.

The response to a complaint to the Judicial Council is "predictable" A complaint to The Law Society of Saskatchewan about a lawyer is also "predictable". The editorial in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix on February 13, 2003 was titled "Law society abuses power." Have a read at, the court of Queen's Bench and the Law Society of Saskatchewan have no credibility.

Illegal actions by judges and lawyers is an issue that should be dealt with at all levels of Government. The court is the foundation for a democratic country. The Chief Justice of Canada travels the country singing the phrases of the Canadian legal system and the importance of a independent judicial system based on the Constitution. She says that there is no difference between health care and education for all and legal representation for all. The Builders lien act allows the placing of a caveat on the property of a homeowner without due process. I had no trouble understanding the Act. It was written by lawyers and is being used by dishonest lawyers to blackmail homeowners who can not afford huge legal costs. The homeowner has a degree in English and he could not understand it. The Act denied him due process by not allowing him to proceed in small claims court. A 173 motion to dismiss the false claim would have cost him no more then $1000.00 but he was referred to Brent Gough and forced to pay $5000.00. The blackmail started when the caveat was placed on his property. The homeowner was defrauded, Mr Stooshinoff was protected by Mr Gough, the Law Society and Justice Smith. The court is corrupt Mr Morgan. A homeowner was put into the hospital for three weeks because he dared to tell a judge that he was being blackmailed by a lawyer. The police officer understood the difference between a civil matter and a criminal matter, you seem to have trouble understanding this.

James Rugg failed to protect me and Justice Hrabinsky ignored hundreds of years of common law and denied me due process at the pre-trial. He insulted and threatened me. Their actions resulted in my being taken to emergency. Anyone who takes the time to look at the documents can see that I was set up and assaulted by Justice Dovell in her court room. I am in a wheelchair as a result. I have been denied due process in a manner that is illegal. Homeowners are being put into the hospital by lawyers and judges, I am a disabled man and I have been assaulted by lawyers and judges and put into a wheelchair. I am not the only citizen of Saskatchewan who has had their life destroyed by the Government of Saskatchewan and a corrupt court. Millions have been paid in damages and many more millions have been wasted on protecting this court. What is the cost for medical care for people who have had their health ruined by this court? Justice Hrabinsky, Smith and Dovell have abused their power, it is a clear abuse of the process of the court and you know it. It does not take 5 years of law school to see that. Any grade 8 student in this country who has read the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms will tell you the same thing. Retaliation by the court for reporting an officer of the court to the police for illegal acts belongs in the old USSR. You have avoided the issues Mr Morgan. Your silence is understandable, you need to stand up in the house and demand a public inquiry into the administration of justice in Saskatchewan. Your response was predicable, the message that I get from your silence is that you will not be re-elected and if your party wins an election the corruption within the administration of justice will continue in Saskatoon.
James Hunter

Mr. Hunter
Thank you for your comments. I agree that work is needed to restore confidence in the justice syste. I do not agree with your comments regarding specific lawyers or judges. We have many hardworking lawyers, judges, prosecutors and police officers who should be recognized and commended for their achievements. We have to work to overcome some of the past issues and restore the sheen that we once had on our judicial system. There is no "conspiracy" or great plan to defraud the public. It is regrettable that your experiences have not been to your liking. I hope your future dealings are better.
Don Morgan, MLA

Mr Morgan

You are playing games Mr Morgan. What world are you living in? Of course there are many police officers and lawyers who should be recognised for their hard work and dedication. I have documented the hard work of a police officer who stood up for a homeowner being blackmailed by a lawyer. He also investigated for other homeowners who were being blackmailed with liens on their property. It was all for nothing. Go to Do you think what is being said about Saskatchewan Justice, including Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell is some kind of, in your words not mine, a "conspiracy"?

What I do not understand is the silence from you and the other hardworking lawyers, judges, prosecutors and police officers. Do you always ignore the issues, the people who write to you, and when pressured into responding engage in games with them about a "conspiracy" about great plan to defraud the public.

I said in my email to you that your response was predicable. I was wrong Mr Morgan. Your responses are insulting. Not only to me, but to the people who have offered to help me and suggested that I write to you again and ask for a response from you.

James Hunter

Friday, December 17, 2004

What about the home owners?

I emailed Don Morgan the Saskatchewan Party Justice critic about a Builders Lien scam. He responded 6 months later after being pressured by Federal MP's in part with: "Our party supports the provisions of The Builder's Lien Act. It enables building material suppliers and tradespeople a remedy that is timely and affordable (at least in so far as registering the lien)." Mr Morgan and the Saskatchewan Party may have the support of building suppliers and trades people, but it is not just building suppliers and trades people that voted for them. It is also homeowners being blackmailed by the provisions of The Builders Lien Act in Saskatchewan that denies them a "timely and affordable" remedy to protect their legal rights in small claims court. Mr Morgan and his Saskatchewan Party have forgotten who they represent, the Saskatchewan Party does not just have the responsibility of "support of building suppliers and trades people", they have a responsibility to all Saskatchewan home owners who voted for them or not, they pay them to do it. If a builders lien that is "timely and affordable (at least in so far as registering the lien)" is placed on a Saskatchewan home owners property it will cost the home owner up to $15,000.00 in legal fees to have it removed, the home owners mortgage funds will be held in trust in a lawyers bank account collecting interest for the Saskatchewan Law Society. The homeowner will be referred to a $300.00 an hour lawyer, and the stress involved could put the home owner in the hospital. Mr Morgan and the Saskatchewan Political Party support thieves and blackmailers, what about the home owners?
James Hunter