Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Justice Lang knows there is no accountability.

Who picked Robert Lang, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench as the chambers judge in Holgate v. Kari Klassen. Was it Don McKillop, Crown Counsel Civil Law Division, Saskatchewan Justice?

The word is that the Holgate v Kari Klassen matter has been adjourned at the request of Kari Klassen and consented to by Holgate. I did not read anything in Kari Klassen’s letter asking for a adjournment. The motion has not been adjourned, it will have to be reheard by a different judge. Who is going to pick the new judge, Robert Lang?

Kari Klassen clearly asked Robert Lang to step down, after he heard the motion and reserved judgement. Robert Lang has a obligation, a duty to withdrawn from hearing the matter when he has a conflict of interest. Justice Lang did not do this.

Kari Klassen did not just accuse Robert Lang of being biased. She detailed an example of his bias in her letter. It was not the rule of law on Robert Lang’s mind. He was so involved in conducting his corrupt court proceedings that he was unable to see who was in his court. It was not Angie Geworsky, it was Kari Klassen.

Justice Lang is not very good at conducting corrupt court proceedings. It is understandable why he would want to hear the Holgate v Kari Klassen matter after Wilfred Hathway, with help from Richard Klassen and Angie Geworsky made him and Robert Kennedy look like the fools they are at the Hathway hearing.

Robert Lang knows the lawyers will stay silent. The last time that Edward Holgate tried to say that the court was a travesty of justice he was told by a court of appeal judge, “sit down, shut-up, and do not say another word”. This happened during the Johanna Lucas appeal of the judgement of the undisputed master of corrupt court proceeding, common thief and blackmailer, Justice Paul Hrabinsky.

A further complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council would be a waste of time and money. Justice Lang knows there is no accountability.