Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News about the Ross Twins

July 26th

There is news about the Ross Twins at

Depraved Indifference

My lawyer is still holding my money in his trust account. He claims he needs permission from Greenhorn before he can release my money. The only reason he is holding my money is because he has been told to. Sadly he will do as he is told. When are lawyers going to start standing up to this pack of corrupt judges and lawyers. Are you so called lawyers all going to sit on your asses and watch this pack of religious nutcase judges and Saskatchewan Justice destroy Robert Borden and Ed Holgate. Edward Holgate may not be the best lawyer in town but he has more balls then the lot of you.

The Ross twins settled their Claim, they would not have had to endured their nightmare for four years if Saskatchewan Justice did not cover-up what happened to their parents (R v Ross Ross & White) and what happened to the Ross children in the Thompson Special Foster Home for child victims of Saskatchewan Justice and its religious nutcase judges.

The John Lucas case must be stayed. The nutcase radical judges no longer have a case. The Ross twins have been used and abused again.

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J. Lucas said...


You forgot to mention that Gregory Walen obtained his Q.C. from Saskatchewan Justice, for pulling off the scam of the decade in the 90’s. He represented both the Ross children & Dueck at the same time… Understanding why the province’s Director of Public Prosecutions & his henchmen (plus women), would allow and then become part of the cover-up, is one thing, but that doesn’t explain why a handful of compliant justices, would go along with it. They all knew that Dueck & Bunko-Ruys, had allowed Kathleen Jessica Ross & Michell(e) Mimi Ross, to be raped and sodomized for a period of 43 months, by Michael London Ross. Why was Dueck not charged?

Mr. Kalmakoff, a senior Saskatchewan prosecutor and good friend of Matthew Miaga, openly admitted this to both the writer and her husband during a meeting. And let’s face it, while I agree with Mr. Kalmakoff, he is certainly not a friend.

Anonymous said...

"Why was Dueck not charged?"

I have not forgotten. How can anyone properly document a fourteen year nightmare so that people would be able to understand?

If Dueck was charged the evidence at trial would raise the question. Why were all the others not charged? Including a small hand full of politicians, Queen’s Bench judges, Court of Appeal judges, prosecutors, social workers, officers of the court etc who covered-up what happened to all three children in the Thompson Special Foster Home.

I do not understand why an apology was accepted from the Ross children. I can understand why the Fifth Estate program that was about the Klassen/Kvello families and their malicious prosecution would like to add some spice to the program. I can understand why the apologies were accepted, but that does not make it right. Everyone involved knew that the children had this crap they were apologizing for put into their 8 year old heads by radical religious nut cases. The media needs to start printing the truth about what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan and the malicious prosecution of John and Johanna Lucas. Blaming the Ross children started with the CBC documentary, The Scandal of The Century.

The cover-up is on going. The KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal is part of the cover-up. Same judges protecting their asses.

Who negotiated the Ross Twins settlement on behalf of Saskatchewan? Was it the same people responsible for the cover-up, the same people who left the children in the Thompson foster home? Saskatchewan Justice has been very clear about non-lawyers representing Hathway. Who signed the agreement on behalf of the Ross Twins? Was some lawyer given $50.00 to put his signature on the agreement to add some credibility to it?

What about the Ross Twins children. They have been apprehended. Saskatchewan Justice is responsible for the Ross Twins not being able to properly care for their children.

What about their brother, read what happened to him, read what has been printed about this seriously dysfunction FASD 10 year old child. Read what Justice Dovell had to say to him in her written judgement when he attempted to sue the Government of Saskatchewan. A written judgement in Saskatchewan has been reduced by corrupt judges to nothing more then a means to slander innocent people.

The settlement will keep the people of Saskatchewan from finding out the truth about what happened to all three Ross children. I am happy that the Ross Twins have received some money, who could blame them for accepting this money. Only a very few people wrongfully charged received fair treatment from the government of Saskatchewan. Those that did have taken the money and are silent. I hope that this money is not pissed away like a morning erection.

True to form the Ross Twins lawyers are now being slandered in the press. So were the lawyers representing others who were starved into a settlement. The Lucas’s were jailed in Saskatchewan for saying what the government and Saskatchewan Justice are admitting fourteen years after Johanna Lucas and John Lucas were jailed in corrupt court proceedings. Where is the federal justice department?